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Reach for Greatness

Personalizable Education for All Children

Yong Zhao



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Corwin Press Inc
08 February 2018
Based on current understanding of human abilities, every child can be great. This book brings research from different disciplines to show where children's strengths and passions can be found and argues that in order to teach for greatness, we need to make education personalizable. The author uses examples and stories throughout the book to describe practices that have gone awry and, more importantly, ones that have worked, especially with disadvantaged children.
By:   Yong Zhao
Imprint:   Corwin Press Inc
Country of Publication:   United States
Dimensions:   Height: 215mm,  Width: 139mm, 
Weight:   180g
ISBN:   9781506316093
ISBN 10:   1506316093
Series:   Corwin Impact Leadership Series
Publication Date:   08 February 2018
Audience:   Professional and scholarly ,  Undergraduate
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active
AcknowledgmentsAbout the AuthorIntroduction: Stop Looking at My Bad LegChapter 1: The Ambitious Pursuit of Mediocrity: How Education Curtails Children's Potential for GreatnessChapter 2: All Children Are Above the Average: The Potential for GreatnessChapter 3: A Musician Must Make Music: The Need to Be GreatChapter 4: Take Control: Personalizable Education for GreatnessChapter 5: Trust Me: Realizing Personalizable EducationReferencesIndex

Reviews for Reach for Greatness: Personalizable Education for All Children

In Reach for Greatness, Yong Zhao makes the urgent case for empowering every young person to recognize their strengths, realize their talents, and follow their passions. Furthermore, his idea of empowerment is centered on the young person taking control of their own learning - a critical shift from the dominant model in which education is done to the student. Clear, compelling, evidence-based, and practical, this is an important book.--Ross Hall, Director of Education; Founder Yong Zhao pulls us from our narrow view of what education is and reminds us what it needs to be. Personalized education (as opposed to the ubiquitous and limited notion of personalized learning) is essential for recognizing and cultivating the diverse strengths of our students for their own good and the good of society. Poignant stories from Yong's global travels to schools make the research in this call to action relatable and accessible for all educational stakeholders. This is an important read! --Emily McCarren, Academy Principal Yong Zhao, ever the engaging education contrarian, delivers a compelling read that systematically outlines how to break away from educational systems that narrow, dictate, and sort learners, and readjust to focus on students' unique skills, needs, and passions. It brings the role of education - in society and for the individual - to the forefront and, in doing so, has the reader reappraise its purpose. Moving beyond just a recommendation of personalization, Yong promotes the idea of education personalized by, not for, the leaner.--Sean Slade, Senior Director of Global Outreach Reading a book by Yong Zhao is always an educational awakening! In Reach for Greatness, Zhao makes it clear that students are the potential for greatness within schools, not a problem our educational system needs to fix. This book challenges educators to re-examine the true purpose of education and commit to supporting students' passions and cultivating their strengths. Personalizable education occurs when students are in the driver's seat--their voices need to be heard, valued, and acted upon. Thanks to Yong, I am more determined than ever to ensure that students are not just along for the ride. --Russell J. Quaglia, Author Are you keen for the real depth and substance of an education that helps all students to reach their full potential but tired of empty promises for personalized learning ? If so, Yong Zhao's Reaching for Greatness is the book for you! With vivid examples and carefully scaffolded argumentation, Zhao shows how what he calls personalizable education offers an exciting and practical future for all of our students truly to become great. Zhao's writing is so full of whimsy and humor that you can't wait to see what this wonderful alchemist of educational change is going to say next. Best of all, this gem of a book is one that not only all teachers, but also a rising generation of students, will cherish.--Dennis Shirley, Professor Reach for Greatness is a must-read for the truly professional educator today. Common sense and expert practice are hard to find. Yong Zhao brings insight and intelligence in arguing for a dramatic shift of thinking about schooling that is fit for today's world. This book helps give shape to a robust narrative sorely needed for every student.--Greg Whitby, Executive Director of Schools A bold and compelling call for a wholesale shift in our education priorities. With powerful stories and examples, Dr. Zhao lays out an aspirational goal for our schools: empower each child to create a distinctive path to greatness by reinforcing strengths and unleashing passions. Read this, and you'll be inspired!--Ted Dintersmith, Executive Producer Yong Zhao again provokes and challenges our thinking by sounding a call to immediate action. Our education system must fundamentally change to meet the needs of our children. With insightful personal stories and penetrating analysis of our current education system, Zhao, at once challenging, provocative, and optimistic, shows us that personalizable education models are the way to transform our education system from one that supports mediocrity to one which magnifies the passions and talents of each student.--Rod Allen, Superintendent

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