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Authors at Abbey's

Australian Fiction
Australian Non-Fiction
Overseas Fiction
Overseas Non-Fiction
A Special Gift
Paul Tilley
Changing Fortunes
Sara Foster
You Don't Know Me
Therese Spruhan
The Memory Pool
Bri Lee
Dr. Nikki Stamp
Pretty Unhealthy
Emily Maguire
This is What a Feminist Looks Like
Clare Bowditch
Your Own Kind of Girl
Paul Byrnes
The Lost Boys
Cathy Perkins
The Shelf Life of Zora Cross
Tom Carment
Womerah Lane
Charlotte Wood
The Weekend
Darryl Jones
Feeding the Birds at Your Table
Katherine Johnson
Paris Savages
Elliot Perlman
Maybe the Horse Will Talk
Favel Parrett
There Was Still Love
Lucy Treloar
Wolfe Island
Scott Patterson
The Oarsmen
Michelle Balogh
Her Kind of Luck
Michael Molkentin
ANZAC and Aviator
Eddie Woo
Eddie Woo's Magical Maths
Matt Okine
Being Black 'n Chicken, and Chips
Ian McPhedran
Where Soldiers Lie
Christian White
The Wife and the Widow
Neal Drinnan
The Devil's Grip
Joy Rhoades
The Burnt Country
Mike Munro
The Last Bushrangers
Tim Slee
Taking Tom Murray Home
Imre Salusinszky
The Hilton Bombing
James Dunk
Bedlam at Botany Bay
Michael Nicholson
This Imaginary Feeling of Being Australian
Amanda Niehaus
The Breeding Season
Alex McClintock
On the Chin