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Authors at Abbey's

Australian Fiction
Australian Non-Fiction
Overseas Fiction
Overseas Non-Fiction
A Special Gift
Nat's What I Reckon
UN-cook Yourself
Sofie Laguna
Infinite Splendours
Anni Finsterer
Radical Rock and Roll Resilience
Gary Deirmendjian
A Prevailing Sense of Disquiet
Kailas Wild
The 99th Koala
Dominic Knight
The 2020 Dictionary
Ceridwen Dovey
Life After Truth
Geoff Raby
China's Grand Strategy
Petronella McGovern
The Good Teacher
Paul Kelly, Troy Bramston
The Truth of the Palace Letters
Forsyth & Murrell
Searching for Charlotte
Sam Coley
State Highway One
Gabrielle Carey
Only Happiness Here
Maggie Dent
From Boys to Men
Annabet Ousback
Red Herrings for Breakfast
John Baker
Stalin's Wine Cellar
Ashley Gray
The Unforgiven
Ronni Kahn
A Repurposed Life
Oliver Phommavanh
Brain Freeze
Paddy Manning
Body Count
Bill Phippen
The Timber Truss Railway Bridges of New South Wales
Ewa Ramsey
The Morbids
Michael Pembroke
Play by the Rules
Jess Scully
Glimpses of Utopia
Greg Woodland
The Night Whistler
Chris Geraghty
Virgins & Jezebels
Anna Downes
The Safe Place
Jeremy Szal
Andrew Bragg
Bad Egg: How to Fix Super
Suzanne Leal
The Deceptions
Stephanie Convery
After the Count
Rob Sturrock
Man Raises Boy
Robert Tickner
Ten Doors Down
Dervla McTiernan
The Good Turn
Karina Kilmore
Where the Truth Lies
Susan Francis
The Love that Remains
Rachel Givney
Jane in Love
Therese Spruhan
The Memory Pool
Emily Maguire
This is What a Feminist Looks Like
Cathy Perkins
The Shelf Life of Zora Cross
Charlotte Wood
The Weekend
Darryl Jones
Feeding the Birds at Your Table
Elliot Perlman
Maybe the Horse Will Talk
Favel Parrett
There Was Still Love
Lucy Treloar
Wolfe Island
Eddie Woo
Eddie Woo's Magical Maths
Matt Okine
Being Black 'n Chicken, and Chips