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Authors at Abbey's


Local talent Alicia Jasinska really wowed us with her debut YA fantasy, The Dark Tide and is stunning us again with another sapphic tale, The Midnight Girls. This is the book that Bronte-Marie was unable to keep under wraps on TikTok because she was so excited to share it with everyone.

Our friend Annie from Read3r'z Re-Vu is joining Alicia in conversation live in Galaxy (yes, actual, real people in the store again!) to launch a story Bronte-Marie describes as "Monster girls here to rip out your hearts with their teeth unapologetically and have complex, interesting queer relationships and rivalries. I am ~*obsessed*~"

(For everyone's safety, the law requires proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test.)

Event link shown below.

To view the book, click the book image below.


WATCH THE EVENT VIDEO ----- Alan Carter's latest novel skilfully blends the police procedural with the espionage thriller, and in a year when most of us haven't been going anywhere, this story takes you afar, from Hobart to Perth, from Bunbury to Darwin, from Fremantle to Dili in Timor-Leste.

As part of the A Shot in the Dark series of chats with the authors of the latest crime writing from Fremantle Press, Craig from Abbey's spoke with Alan about his book.

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