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Authors at Abbey's

Australian Fiction
Australian Non-Fiction
Overseas Fiction
Overseas Non-Fiction
A Special Gift
Suzanne Smith
The Altar Boys
Lisa Emanuel
The Covered Wife
Pamela Hart
Digging Up Dirt
Meredith Jaffé
The Dressmakers of Yarrandarrah
B M Carroll
You Had it Coming
Linda Jaivin
The Shortest History of China
Anita Heiss
Bila Yarrudhanggalangdhuray
Christine Sykes
Gough and Me
Marta Madison
Girl Can Draw
Emily Spurr
A Million Things
Steve Killelea
Peace in the Age of Chaos
Stan Grant
On Thomas Keneally
Jessica Townsend
Hollowpox #3 Nevermoor
Barry Divola
Driving Stevie Fracasso
Sandi Scaunich
Chasing the McCubbin
Emma Batchelor
Now That I See You
Sam van Zweden
Eating with My Mouth Open
Helen McCabe
Untold Resilience
Rob Brooks
Artificial Intimacy
Zoe Holman
Where the Water Ends
Nick Wasiliev
When Men Cry
Susan Johnson
From Where I Fell
Alice Zaslavsky
In Praise of Veg
Michael Smith
The Last Correspondent
Nikki Gemmell
The Ripping Tree
Lech Blaine
Car Crash
John Pickrell
Flames of Extinction
Stan Grant
With the Falling of the Dusk
Alexa Moses
Michaela Mason's Big List
Mike Dumbleton
Dandy and Dazza
Debra Oswald
The Family Doctor
Irma Gold
The Breaking
Thomas Mitchell
Today I F****d Up
Dr Jodie Lowinger
The Mind Strength Method
Will Davies
Secret & Special
Tori Haschka
Grace Under Pressure
Jonica Newby
Beyond Climate Grief
Yumiko Kadota
Emotional Female
Fiona McGregor
Buried Not Dead
Loraine Peck
The Second Son
Wai Chim
Freedom Swimmer
Nat's What I Reckon
UN-cook Yourself
Saffron Howden
Kid Reporter
Craig Munro
Literary Lion Tamers
Will Kostakis
Rebel Gods / Monuments
Barry Leithhead
A Vision for Australia's Health
Jenna Guillaume
You Were Made for Me
Sofie Laguna
Infinite Splendours
Anni Finsterer
Radical Rock and Roll Resilience
Gary Deirmendjian
A Prevailing Sense of Disquiet
Kailas Wild
The 99th Koala
Dominic Knight
The 2020 Dictionary
Ceridwen Dovey
Life After Truth
Geoff Raby
China's Grand Strategy
Petronella McGovern
The Good Teacher
Paul Kelly, Troy Bramston
The Truth of the Palace Letters