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Song of the Lioness Quartet (Boxed Set)

Alanna; In the Hand of the Goddess; The Woman Who Rides Like a Man; Lioness Rampant

Tamora Pierce Yuta Onoda



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26 September 2023
A girl disguises herself as a boy to train as a knight and changes her destiny in Tamora Pierce's Margaret A. Edwards Award-winning young adult series--all four books now available with a new look in this paperback boxed set! Fearless, bold, athletic, magical. Young Alanna of Trebond is all these things, and more than anything else, she has always craved the adventure and daring allowed only to boys. So she and her twin brother, Thom, switch places: Thom heads for the convent to become a sorcerer, and Alanna--pretending to be a boy--goes to the castle of King Roald to begin her journey to knighthood.

Her choice leads to more dangerous exploits and intrigue than she could have ever imagined as she befriends royalty, travels the kingdom, and battles evil.

This epic paperback boxed set includes:


In the Hand of the Goddess

The Woman Who Rides Like a Man

Lioness Rampant

Illustrated by:   Yuta Onoda
Imprint:   Miscellaneous
Edition:   Boxed Set ed.
Dimensions:   Height: 213mm,  Width: 142mm,  Spine: 79mm
Weight:   975g
ISBN:   9781665937450
ISBN 10:   1665937459
Series:   Song of the Lioness
Pages:   1216
Publication Date:  
Recommended Age:   From 12 years
Audience:   Young adult ,  Preschool (0-5)
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active

Beloved author Tamora Pierce has written a great number of books, including the Song of the Lioness quartet, The Immortals quartet, the Circle of Magic quartet, the Protector of the Small quartet, The Circle Opens quartet, the Trickster series, The Will of the Empress, Melting Stones, the Beka Cooper series, and The Numair Chronicles. She lives in upstate New York with various cats, other four-legged animals, and birds who feed in her yard, and can be e-visited at

Reviews for Song of the Lioness Quartet (Boxed Set): Alanna; In the Hand of the Goddess; The Woman Who Rides Like a Man; Lioness Rampant

"""Tamora Pierce is a trailblazer for so many fantasy writers, hacking through the old tropes with her narrative machete and showing us that girl-centered adventures are not just possible but amazing.""--Rachel Hartman, New York Times bestselling author ""Few authors can slay so effectively with a single sentence--I mean fist-in-the-air, shouting-at-my-book slay--as Tamora Pierce. All these years later, I still draw strength from her words.""--Marie Lu, #1 New York Times bestselling author ""It's impossible to overstate Tamora Pierce's impact on children's literature. Her tough, wise, and wonderful heroines have inspired generations of readers.""--Rae Carson, New York Times bestselling author ""Tamora Pierce creates epic worlds populated by girls and women of bravery, heart, and strength. Her work inspired a generation of writers and continues to inspire us.""--Holly Black, #1 New York Times bestselling author ""Tamora Pierce didn't just blaze a trail. Her heroines cut a swath through the fantasy world with wit, strength, and savvy. Her stories still lead the vanguard today. Pierce is the real lioness, and we're all just running to keep pace.""--Leigh Bardugo, #1 New York Times bestselling author ""Tamora Pierce is gloriously unafraid to give her readers joy and laughter along with adventure and struggle, to let us love her characters wholeheartedly and find the best of ourselves in them.""--Naomi Novik, New York Times bestselling author ""Tamora Pierce's books shaped me not only as a young writer but also as a young woman. She is a pillar, an icon, and an inspiration.""--Sarah J. Maas, #1 New York Times bestselling author ""Tamora Pierce's writing is like water from the swiftest, most refreshingly clear, invigorating, and revitalizing river.""--Garth Nix, New York Times bestselling author *Margaret A. Edwards Award Winner*"

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