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Pepper Masalah and the Temple of Cats

Pepper Masalah

Rosanne Hawke Jasmine Berry



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01 July 2023
Pepper Masalah lives with Zamir and his family on an olive farm in Australia. Zam’s grandmother is from the old country (Kashmir) and she brought with her an ancient carpet. She is the only one who believes the carpet can fly and will try to find its previous master in Kashmir. It hasn’t flown for hundreds of years so it is shaky at first and can’t find its bearings. Thus, it lands in many countries on the way to Kashmir where Pepper Masalah, the cat and Zamir have dangerous but exciting adventures. In the 2nd book, Pepper Masalah and the Temple of Cats the flying carpet lands in the River Nile in Ancient Egypt. They have a clash with a crocodile and the carpet floats away on the Nile. Pepper and Zam are taken to a temple full of cats by a girl called Tabir. Pepper is in danger again as she is so special people want to make her into a mummy. Pepper tries her best to escape and Zam manages to climb the wall of the temple to help her. Sebu, the temple attendant wants the carpet and Pepper for himself. Pepper wants to save the cats and herd them to the granaries where there is a plague of mice. Readers who loved the magic and playfulness of the Tashi series, would also love Pepper and her friend Zamir. The concept has broad appeal: mystery, adventure, travel, exotica, and three very memorable characters: Pepper Masalah, Zamir and the Flying Carpet.

Illustrated by:   Jasmine Berry
Country of Publication:   Australia
Dimensions:   Height: 198mm,  Width: 129mm, 
ISBN:   9781761111143
ISBN 10:   1761111140
Pages:   72
Publication Date:  
Recommended Age:   From 6 to 10 years
Audience:   Children/juvenile ,  English as a second language
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active

Rosanne Hawke is an award-winning Australian author of over 30 books for children and YA. She has been a teacher, an aid worker in Pakistan & the UAE for 10 years, and a lecturer in Creative Writing. Her novels have been set in Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Australia and Cornwall. She loves cats.

Reviews for Pepper Masalah and the Temple of Cats: Pepper Masalah

“Pepper Masalah and the Temple of Cats is perfect for children just developing confidence in reading, the chapters are short, the print is big and there are lots of black and white illustrations in a short novel of 126 pages.” -- Story Links “What a great way to introduce young children to history and other cultures.” * Blue Wolf Reviews *

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