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Information Technology: Proceedings of the 2014 International Symposium on Information Technology (ISIT...
— —
Yi Wan Liangshan Shao (Liaoning Technical University, China)
Information Technology: Proceedings of the 2014 International Symposium on Information Technology (ISIT 2014), Dalian, China, 14-16 October 2014 by Yi Wan at Abbey's Bookshop,

Information Technology: Proceedings of the 2014 International Symposium on Information Technology (ISIT 2014), Dalian, China, 14-16 October 2014

Yi Wan Liangshan Shao (Liaoning Technical University, China) Lipo Wang Jinguang Sun (Liaoning Technical University, China)


CRC Press

Computing: general;
Network management


474 pages

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These proceedings of the symposium ISIT 2014 aim to be a platform for international exchange of the state-of-the-art research and practice in information technology. The contributions cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from theoretical and analytical studies to various applications.

Edited by:   Yi Wan, Liangshan Shao (Liaoning Technical University, China), Lipo Wang, Jinguang Sun (Liaoning Technical University, China), Xiaowei Hui
Imprint:   CRC Press
Country of Publication:   United Kingdom
Dimensions:   Height: 248mm,  Width: 171mm,  Spine: 30mm
Weight:   1.043kg
ISBN:   9781138027855
ISBN 10:   1138027855
Pages:   474
Publication Date:   September 2015
Audience:   College/higher education ,  Further / Higher Education
Format:   Hardback
Publisher's Status:   Active

Preface xiii Committee xv 3D Reconstruction Technology and Target Strength Calculation based on Multi-Photographs of Target 1 Xue-gang Zhang, Gui-juan Li, Ning Wang A 4-bit array multiplier design by reversible logic 5 Junzhou Qian A Comparative Research of Color Feature Extraction for Image Retrieval 8 He Zhang, Xiuhua Jiang A Design of Service-oriented Gateway Layer for Middleware of IOT 14 Jiandong Yang A Fast Algorithm for the 4x4 Discrete Krawtchouk Transform 19 Jiasong Wu, Lu Wang, Chunfeng Yang, Lotfi Senhadji, Huazhong Shu A Fast BEMD Algorithm based on Multi-Scale Extrema 25 Da Yang, Xiaotong Wang, Guanlei Xu A Fixed-point Algorithm for Independent Component Analysis Using AR Source Model 29 Yumin Yang A Hybrid System for Skin Lesion Detection: Based on Gabor Wavelet and Support Vector Machine 34 Mohamed Khaled Abu Mahmoud, Adel Al-jumaily A New Effecive Method Of Image Enhancement For License Plate Location 40 Zhen Jiang, Yong Zhao, Yule Yuan A New Method For HRRP Motion Compensation Based On Twice Velocity Estimating 46 Shuguang Jian, Tao Sun A new species identification method of freshwater fish based on machine vision 51 Jing Zhang, Qihua Wang A No-Reference Image Blur Metric Based On Artificial Neural Network 56 Xiaoyu Ma, Xiuhua Jiang A Novel Cell Model to Detect the Carcinogenic Potential of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons 61 Shuang Wu, Ping Gong, Youxi Zhao, Dan Jiang, Bailing Liu A Novel Wavelet-based Lossy Compression Technique using Image Restoration and Coefficient Fusion 67 Zhiyong Zuo, Xia Lan, Jing Hu, Xiaoping Wang, Zhao Cheng A Novel Zero-watermarking Algorithm Using Fractional Fourier Transform 72 Zhen-yu Jiang, Jun Lang, Zhen-ding Shi A Qt Platform-based Automatic Train Diagram Computerization Tool 77 Yan Li, Xing Zhao A semi-supervised local linear embedding method in kernel space 81 Cuiping Jing A Star Crude Extraction Algorithm Based on Shearlets and Top-hat transform 85 Jie Li, Pan Guo, Chunzhe Wang A Video Communication Platform Based on Service-Oriented Architecture 91 Zhongbo Li Acute toxicity of zinc oxide nanoparticles and bulk ZnCl2 to rats 95 Huijuan Kuang, Lin Yang, Wanyi Zhang, Pengfei Yang, Hengyi Xu Adaptive Radar STC Based on RBF Neural Network Prediction Sea Clutter 100 Yunfeng Liu, Jidong Suo, Xiaoming Liu Adaptive Truncation Coding for CTimages 104 Zhenzhen Zhai, Huiqin Jiang, Liping Lu, Yumin Liu An Acquisition Algorithm of Multipath BOC Signals Based on Rake Receiver 108 Yajuan Zhang, Tianqi Zhang, Wangjun Wu, Yu Liu An Effective Evaluation Metric of LPI Radar Waveform 114 Fei Wang An Efficient Computer-aided Hyperspectral Imaging System and Its Biomedical Application 118 Yang Zhang, Qingli Li, Hongying Liu, Yiting Wang, Jianzhong Zhu An Ultra-Low and Adjustable High-Pass Corner Frequency VGA Using T-Type Pseudo-Resistor 123 Yuliang Qin, Weilin Xu, Gongli Xiao, Dongyu Deng, Fadi Gui AugECE-A Framework for Audio Signal Extraction, Classification, and Enhancement 128 Hongfei Wang Automatic Facial Image Standardization Based on Active Appearance Model 134 Qiaoliang Li, Zhengxi Cheng, Suwen Qi, Huisheng Zhang, Xinyu Liu Change Detection Method Design and Analysis Based on Geographical National Conditions Monitoring 138 Janping Pan, Chunhua Yang, Li Li Chaotic Attractor of the Image 143 Wanbo Yu Chinese handwritten writer classification based on affine sparse matrix factorization 147 Jun Tan, Wei-shi Zheng Construction of a Cloud Computing Platform for Medical Logistics Service 153 Fang-zhong Qi, Jun-feng Wang Construction of Product Name Dynamic Management System for Different Classification Criteria 159 Huali Cai, Fang Wu, Jian Kang, Yawei Jiang Corn Drying Moisture Content Forecast Based on SVM 162 Ke Hongdi Corn Drying Moisture Content Forecast Based on Wavelet Neural Network 167 Ke Hongdi Data Transformation Network Performance Analysis 172 Yanping Chen, Yulong Gao Design and Implementation of Knowledge Management System for Research Teams Based on Content Based Image Retrieval 178 Jing Liu, Fang Meng, Yuhang Yao Dynamic simulation analysis of engine valve train based on ADAMS 183 Hongmei Xu, Jinhua Yang, Xinbo Ma Electronic Counter Measures against Reconnaissance Satellites 187 Xiongjun Fu, Ting Li, Shengqi Qian, Jiayun Chang, Min Xie Electrostatic potential properties along the ionic pathway of ClC-ec1 protein 192 Tao Yu, Xu Guo, Xuan Ke, Jian-ping Sang Expression of HIF Prolyl Hydroxylases in the Ovary during the Follicular Development of Adult Sprague-Dawley Rats 196 Fan Wang, Liyun Chen, Zonghao Tang, Zhenghong Zhang, Zhengchao Wang Face Detection and Facial Feature Points Localization in Complex Background 202 Li Ke, Mo Yang GIS for healthy Georgia communities 206 Rui Zheng GPU based Grabcut for Fast Object Segmentation 211 Qiaoliang Li, Yongchun Deng, Suwen Qi, Huisheng Zhang, Zhengxi Cheng Image Threshold Segmentation In The Colonies Based On Difference Method Of Statistical Curve 215 Sixiang Zhang, Xuefeng Wu, Wei Zhou, Pengpeng Wang, Zheng Wang Investigation for the dates of polysomnography from obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea 220 Yajun Hou Iris region extraction method based on a new combined method 224 Xiangyan Meng Modeling of the bioelectrical impedance of cell suspension by state space method 228 Sergey Akulov, Sergey Akulov, Alexandr Fedotov Motility evaluation of amputation rehabilitation patients through simulated abnormal gait analysis 232 Dong Jun Moon, Ju Young Kim, Hyun Du Jung, Mi Seon Kim, Heung Ho Choi Multi-scale binary robust independent feature descriptor 236 Changqing Yang, Xiaotong Wang New adaptive capacity of audio steganography based on the wavelet transform 241 Feng Pan, Junwei Shen, Yan Zhang New Chaotic Image Encryption algorithm based on Rossler 246 Shihui Liu, Runhe Qiu Numerical study of heat transfer in bone tumor during radiofrequency ablation therapy 251 Xiaohui Nie, Qun Nan Parameter Estimation for High Dimensional Ordinary Differential Equation Systems with Block Coordinate Descent Algorithms 254 Hongqi Xue, Patrice Linel, Jinhai Chen, Ya-xiang Yuan, Hulin Wu Performance Analysis of Partial-Band Jamming Resistance in Cognitive Frequency Hopping Communications 260 Fei Guo Predictive analysis of outpatient visits to a Grade 3, Class A general hospital using an ARIMA model 264 Yunming Li, Fan Wu, Chi Zheng, Kaiwen Hou, Kuiying Wang Purification and Research of Fish Oil 268 Hua Liu, Li Zhao Recent Advances in Camera Tracking and Virtual Reality 273 Wenju Zhou, Peter Smith, Huosheng Hu Research on a Method for the Towed Line Array Sonar's Port-Side/Starboard-Side Discrimination 279 Zhaoopeng Xu, Weiliang Zhu, Bo Li, Bin Li Research on comprehensive early warning system of coal and gas outburst 282 He Qing Research on signal processing technology in fault diagnosis 287 Rui Gao, Xiao Yu Screening and Identification of Osteosarcoma cell Aptamers Screening and Identification of Osteosarcoma cell Aptamers 292 Hua Wang, Na Sun, Qila Wang, Yuan Gao, Wei Xia Self Quotient Image Based On Facial Symmetry 297 Liqiao Hu, Runhe Qiu Simplified Classification in Multimodal Affect Detection Using Vocal and Facial Information 302 Yunyun Wei, Xiangran Sun Simulation and analysis of the in-pipe robot based on the software of Pro/E and ADAMS 307 Hongmei Xu, Qinghong Liu, Jinhua Yang, Xinbo Ma SLM-Companding algorithm for reducing the peak-to-average power ratio of OFDM systems 312 Ying Lin, Haiyan Chen, Xijun Zhang, Jianbin Xue Spectrum sensing method via signal denoising based on sparse representation 318 Yulong Gao, Youxiang Zhu, Yongkui Ma Study of Cardiac Hemodynamics Based on Collecting ECG signal 323 Li Ke, Yue Zhao, Qiang Du Study on Noise Reduction in Indirect-Conduct Electrocardiograph Detection Implements by Electric Potential Integrated Circuit Sensor 327 Hao Sun, Wenjing Hu, Wei Chen Study on the Land Use Change in Haikou City Based on RS and GIS 331 Wang Feng-xia, Liu Wei-hong TD-LTE-based E-government IOT Access Network Design 336 Yang Jiandong Texture Feature Extraction and Classification for CT Image of Xinjiang Local Liver Hydatid Based on Support Vector Machine 342 Fang Yang, Murat Hamit, Chuan Bo Yan, Abdugheni Kutluk, Asat Matmusa The Blind Recognition of Systematic Convolutional Code Based on Digital Signal Processor 347 Chenglin Miao The Input Samples Selection Based On A Filter Design Method 351 Gaojian Zhang, Gang Yang The Method Exploration to Improve the Frame Rate of Digital Ultrasound Imaging System 356 Rui Yang, Zhexu Li The Query By Humming Method Based On Cluster Analysis And Dynamic Time Warping 361 Menglu Li, Zhijun Zhao, Ping Shi The Recovery of Sheared Papers with regular boundaries based on the picture pixel 367 Longwei Chen, Mei Xiong, Heng Wang The resource scheduling system of performance theaters based on optimal path 373 Jiang Wei, Yuanyuan Huo, Yujiang Jiang, Jingjing Zhang The situation analysis of biological students self-regulated learning in network 378 Kai Deng The Studies and Implementation for Conversion of Image File Format 382 Yu Zhang The two-level analysis of disclosure of profit forecasts-empirical evidence from IPO companies 387 Hui-yun Li, Qiu-bo Zhao, Hua-chao Qu Track and Recognize Unresolved Target and Decoy with Monopulse Radar 392 Jian Su, Zhi-yong Song, Qiang Fu Uncertain Multiple Attribute Decision Making Method Based on TOPSIS with Four-point Interval Number 398 Lei Zhong, Yue-jin Lv, Yan-hua Yang Using Imputation Method to Improve Whole Exome Sequencing analysis with reference panel reconstruction 403 Zhiyong Pei, Xiuenan Li, Jiapeng Zhou, Xiaoke Gui, Yubao Chen Vehicle Identification Based On Feature Point Matching and Epipolar Geometry Constraint 406 Sai Liu, Mingtao Pei Author index

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