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HeroClix Australia

The HeroClix collectible miniatures game...

The HeroClix collectible miniatures game is supported in-store at GALAXY!

It's a table-top game played on a gridded map, a bit like chess-on-steroids with pieces that have a unique set of powers and abilities on a gridded map, printed with terrain. Pieces are drawn from the spectrum of Marvel and DC comics as well as seminal pop-culture themes, like the Justice League Unlimited animated TV series, Star Trek or The Orville!

For the uninitiated (that's virtually everyone), HeroClix RULES and RESOURCES are available as FREE downloads from the official HeroClix website. Moreover, the rules have recently been revised so it's a great time to learn. Whether you're a devotee or just mildly intrigued - stay tuned for more!

With Covid-19 impacting our in-store events through 2020, we resumed our fortnightly Sunday afternoon social games from February 2021 with the Spider-Man & Venom, X-Men: House of X and Fantastic Four: Future Foundation sets all available early in the year. The Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary set released in May with a brand-new new rules set that makes the game more intuitive and easier to learn for new players. The Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary set and starter/game with the new rules sold out quickly but the rules and all-important PAC (Powers and Abilities Card) are downloadable here: Wizkids HeroClix Rules. New Comprehensive rules are also now available to cater for all the game elements and changes over the past 20 odd years of HeroClix releases. This year, we hope to run in-store learn-to-play games on Monday's after work hours, in-store and will pass on photocopies of the rules/PAC, figures or even the core pieces for a Themed Team (Avengers, Secret Six, Teen Titans... etc...) you might want to learn at home with, maps and we want to pass on limited edition pieces to Clix adepts through to Spring so look out in-store or on the Galaxy Bookshop - HeroClix and HeroClix Australia Facebook pages (or shoot us an email) for details as we try to schedule events based on interest. Hope to see you in-store!

For our HeroClix events, other Australian venues plus news, gossip and more from the local community, please join the HeroClix Australia Facebook Group

Check out Galaxy's HeroClix Facebook Page to stay informed of in-store Clix shenanigans:

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