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Works 2000 Made Simple

P. K. McBride



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Made Simple
11 September 2000
Microsoft Works
The book provides an introduction to Works 2000 for new users, with the assumption that the new Works user probably has little prior experience of computers. It starts with the basics of screen control and file management, then looks at each of the main components in turn. The focus is on what is being processed - text, numbers, etc - rather than the application being used, as the same techniques recur in different applications.
By:   P. K. McBride
Imprint:   Made Simple
Country of Publication:   United Kingdom
Dimensions:   Height: 248mm,  Width: 191mm,  Spine: 246mm
Weight:   454g
ISBN:   9780750649858
ISBN 10:   0750649852
Pages:   160
Publication Date:   11 September 2000
Audience:   Professional and scholarly ,  Undergraduate
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active
Preface; Starting work - The task launcher; Using taskwizards; The desktop; The menu system; Customising the toolbar; Saving files; Opening files; Templates; File finder; Summary; Getting help - Office assistant; The help panel; The help index; Help contents; Summary; Working with text - Starting a new document; Selecting text; Fonts and styles; Find and replace; Easy text; Spelling; Thesaurus; Summary; Working on layout - Page setup; Easy formats; Indents and alignment; Breaks and spacing; Setting tabs; Borders and shading; Headers and footers; Columns; Printing; Summary; Working with numbers - Cells and contents; Selecting cells and ranges; Fonts and formats; Alignment; Borders and shading; Autoformats; Writing formulae; Using names; Functions; Lookup functions; Summary; Working with tables - Copying and filling; Cut and paste copying; Heights and widths; Hidden rows & columns; Adjusting the layout; Sorting; Charts from tables; Tailor-made charts; Summary; Working with data; What is a database?; Creating a database; List and Form views; Designing the form; Adjusting the layout; Presentation; Searching for records; Working with filters; Reporting out; Improved outputs; Summary; Working together; Inserting objects; Calendar; ClipArt; MS-Draw; WordArt; Note-It; Linked objects; Spreadsheets; Charts; Mail merge; Summary; Working on-line; Outlook express; Sending messages; Address book; Handling your mail; Attaching files; Summary; Index.

Mac's first steps into computing came 19 years ago when he taught himself Basic on a ZX81. He started his first book shortly afterwards, when he realised that (a) programming was fun, and (b) no-one was writing simple books on it. Since then he has programmed in, taught and/or written about 9 varieties of Basic, 3 Pascals, 2 Cs, Assembler, Cobol and Java, 5 spreadsheets, 3 databases, 4 word-processors, and 6 operating systems. He is looking forward to the time when developers stop producing new software and books don't go out of date in a couple of years. Mac can usually be found either in the kitchen or running a taxi service for his family. He lives in Southampton with 4 children, 2 cats and 40 fishes. Web page: Mac is the author of the following Made Simple books: The Internet for Windows 95 (Second Edition) The Internet for Windows 3.1 (First Edition) The Internet for Windows 95 (First Edition) The Internet for Windows 98 The Internet (Colour Edition) First Edition the Internet (Colour Edition) Second Edition Office 95 Office 97 Office 2000 Works for Windows 3.1 Works for Windows 95 Windows 3.1 Windows 95 Windows 98 Internet Resources Microsoft Networking Explorer 3.0 Explorer 4.0 Explorer 5.0 Netscape Navigator Searching the Internet Java JavaScript Pascal UNIX Outlook 2000 Sage Accounts HTML 4.0 Mac is also the series advisor/editor.

Reviews for Works 2000 Made Simple

What the 21st century really needs is a brand new buzzword, and the folk at Butterworth-Heinemann have created the prefect one. Their 'Made Simple' range sounds as if it could knock the socks off any 'Made Easy' title. This book, as you'd expect, has the ultimate goal of explaining everything Works 2000 has to offer, and how to put it to good use. The first thing you'll notice about the design of this book when you turn the cover is that it's printed using a fairly large font, with equally large spacing. Obviously, Works 2000 Made Simple is really only for those who already own, or are about to buy Microsoft Works 2000. If you fall in to one of these two categories you may well find it to be a hoghly useful companion. PC Home - March 2001

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