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Wooden Puzzle - Dice Box



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Using the dots of the dice you can execute a sequence of sliding moves that will open this puzzle box.  But it does take 29 steps to open this box and they must be done in exactly the right order so it's not going to be easy.

Designed by Mr Benno for Zoyo puzzles in China.  He says "I made this box in the first year of my study Industrial design engineering at the TU Delft. The very first assignment of this study was “make a wooden container”. I quite excelled at  this assignment since I’ve been making puzzle boxes since I was 10 years old. The only problem was the very limited amount of time for the assignment. Because of this I didn’t make any design drawings for this box, I just started cutting wood right away.  Surprisingly  enough The box turned out quite alright. I later made a redesign which was a lot smaller because the original version had bigger margins (which was necessary without design drawings), which made the box bigger." This puzzle box is that design.

Once opened there's quite a lot of space inside this box (65mm cube), and it's ok to put something inisde without interfering with the mechanism. BUT Beware.  This is a very complex puzzle box to open and just as difficult to close.  There are no shortcuts to the solution.

The puzzle box is made from layers of laser cut plywood and unpainted.
Size: 100mm x 100mm x 98mm
Space inside: 65mm x 65mm x 65mm
Packaged in a kraft gift box with window face to show the product.



By:   Puzzle
ISBN:   RYL013
Format:   Other merchandise
Publisher's Status:   Out of Print

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