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White People and Black Lives Matter

Ignorance, Empathy, and Justice

Johanna C. Luttrell



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Springer Nature Switzerland AG
12 June 2020
This book interrogates white responses to black-led movements for racial justice. It is a philosophical self-reflection on the ways in which 'white' reactions to Black Lives Matter stand in the way of the movement's important work. It probes reactions which often prevent white people from according to black activists the full range of human emotion and expression, including joy, anger, mourning, and political action. Johanna C. Luttrell encourages different conceptions of empathy and impartiality specific to social movements for racial justice, and addresses objections to identity politics.
By:   Johanna C. Luttrell
Imprint:   Springer Nature Switzerland AG
Country of Publication:   Switzerland
Edition:   1st ed. 2019
Dimensions:   Height: 210mm,  Width: 148mm, 
Weight:   208g
ISBN:   9783030224912
ISBN 10:   3030224910
Pages:   141
Publication Date:   12 June 2020
Audience:   Professional and scholarly ,  Undergraduate
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active
Chapter 1: Getting my People 1.1 Whiteness and Self-Reflection 1.2 We White People: On the Possibility of Collective Identity 1.3 The Hate that we see Might be our Own: Distinguishing Black Anger from White Hate Chapter 2: Empathy and Racial Justice: Redefining Impartiality in Response to Social Movements 2.1 White Empathy and Black Lives Matter 2.2 Perspectives Against 'Just Empathy' 2.3 Managing Empathy Through Colorblindness 2.4 Empathy and Racial Justice: A Different Idea of Impartiality Chapter 3: How White People Refuse to Understand Black Mourning 3.1 White Responses to Black-led Political Mourning 3.2 Conservative Responses to Black Mourning: Militarization, Gas-lighting, Tone-policing 3.3 Liberal Responses to Black Mourning: Voyeurism and Appropriation 3.4 Recognizing Agency, Giving up the Idealized Victim 3.5 Mourning's Potential: Undoing the Political Order in Antigone and the Book of Jeremiah Chapter 4: Respecting Black Lives Matter as Arendtian Political Action 4.1 How Political Action is Different from Scientific Inquiry 4.2 Political Action as Unprecedented 4.3 Political Action as Revelatory 4.4 Political Action as Knowledge-Creating 4.5 Arendt's Failure to Respect Black-Led Social Movements as Political Action Chapter 5: Conclusion 5.1 Interrogating Allyship 5.2 Answering Objections to Identity Politics 5.3 White Feminism and Allyship 5.4 A Positive Prescription for Empathy?

Johanna C. Luttrell is Instructional Assistant Professor in the Hobby School of Public Affairs at the University of Houston, USA.

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