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Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Richard Stokes Perry Marshall



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Entrepreneur Press
03 April 2014
Series: Ultimate
Millions compete for exposure on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, but 99% of them fail to get results. As the founder of leading digital intelligence firm AdGooroo, search advertising authority Richard Stokes is in a unique position to reveal what's going wrong and provide solutions to fix it. Since the previous edition, there have been a number of revolutionary changes in paid search. With this insider insight, paid search advertisers will discover how to drive significantly more traffic to their site, dramatically increase click-through rates, steal impressions from competitors, boost their conversions, and increase their sales by unbelievable amounts.
By:   Richard Stokes
Foreword by:   Perry Marshall
Imprint:   Entrepreneur Press
Country of Publication:   United States
Edition:   Second Edition
Dimensions:   Height: 254mm,  Width: 204mm,  Spine: 20mm
Weight:   596g
ISBN:   9781599185347
ISBN 10:   1599185342
Series:   Ultimate
Pages:   240
Publication Date:   03 April 2014
Audience:   General/trade ,  ELT Advanced
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active
The Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising 1 Book Summary 2 Praise for The Ultimate Guide To Pay-Per-Click Advertising 3 About the Author 5 About AdGooroo 5 Legal Notes 5 Best Practices in Paid Search 6 Foreword To The Second Edition By Perry Marshall 19 Preface To The Second Edition 22 Acknowledgements 26 Chapter 1. 99% of Advertisers Are Failing At Paid Search 27 A Few Advertisers In Every Country Dominate Paid Search 27 Virtually Every Business Category Is Owned By A Few Advertisers 29 Chapter 2. The Foundation of Successful Paid Search Campaigns 33 Chapter 3. Your Marketing Will Fail without Tracking 36 What Website Analytics Will Tell You 37 Learning More About Analytics 38 Chapter 4. The First Requirement For A Profitable Paid Search Campaign 39 A Better Way to Measure Website Profitability 40 Sometimes Conversion Optimization Isn't Critical 43 Chapter 5. Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising Right For You? 44 PPC Works for Direct Response Marketers and Online Retailers 44 PPC Works for Brand Advertisers 45 Why PPC May Not Work For You 46 When Google AdWords is the least effective way to reach your target customer 48 Chapter 6. What If You Already Have a Great SEO Campaign? 54 PPC Visitors Come From A Different Demographic 54 PPC Campaigns Get Faster Results 54 PPC Provides You With Traffic Diversification 55 Chapter 7. The Water Is Always Rising in Search 57 Paranoia Is Justified: Your Competitors Are Really Out to Get You 58 Chapter 8. The $100 Bidding Myth 60 The $100 Bidding Myth 64 Almost Every AdWords Advertiser Is Being Throttled 65 Chapter 9. The Little-Known Metric That Can Increase Your Search Traffic 400% 66 Low Coverage = Lost Opportunities 67 Low Coverage Means You Are Overpaying for Traffic 69 Win the Battle at the Bottom of the Page Before You Fight For the Top 71 Coverage Problems Alert You to Campaign Problems 72 Troubleshooting Coverage Problems 73 How to Monitor Coverage 76 Impression Share 77 Chapter 10. Clickthrough Rates Explained 80 Why Is Clickthrough Rate So Important? 80 The Difficulty in Estimating Clickthrough Rate 81 Branded and Navigational Terms 83 The Position of Your Ads 84 Similarity Between Ad Copy and Keyword Phrase 87 Overall Competitiveness of the Keyword Phrase 89 Other Quality Score Issues 92 Chapter 11. The Ever Changing CPC Formula 93 The Evolution of Pay-Per-Click 93 Advertisers Go Gaga for Google 97 Today's AdWords Pricing Algorithm 98 Budget and Average CPC Prices 100 Simulating CPC Using Computer Models 101 Key Concept: Avoid Gladiator Bidding 108 Summary Of Key Concepts 112 Chapter 12. How Quality Score Works in 2014 114 What Are Quality Scores? 115 Why Is Quality Score Important? 115 History of the Quality Score Algorithm 115 The Official Explanation of the AdWords Quality Score 118 Landing Page CTR 120 Do Landing Page Quality Score Factors Matter Anymore? 121 Best Practice: Managing Quality Scores 123 How to Check Your Quality Scores 124 Limitations of AdWords Quality Score Reporting 124 Best Practice: Monitor For Missing Keywords 126 Quality Score On Bing Ads 126 Bing Quality Score Components 127 How Bing Ads Brings It Together To Calculate Quality Score 128 Recommendations For Managing Quality Score On Bing 129 Absolute vs. Relative Quality Score 130 Chapter 13. How Do Shoppers Shop? 131 The Six Types of Online Buyers 133 What These Groups Have In Common 135 Takeaways For Paid Search Marketers 136 Chapter 14. How Do Searchers Search? 138 The Visitor Intention Model 138 Identifying Your Visitors' Purchase Intention 143 The Brand Ladder 144 Chapter 15. How To Increase Your Clickthrough Rate By Nearly 50% With Search Refinements 150 Multiple Impressions Leads To Higher Clickthrough Rate 151 A Real-World Example 152 Think About Search Refinements When Creating Your Campaign 156 Chapter 16. Building Your Keyword List 158 H2 The Four Most Common Keyword Research Mistakes 158 H3 Quantity Is Important ... to a Point 160 Start With Broad Keywords, Then Expand Into Niche Terms 162 To Come Up With Keywords, Think Like Your Customers 162 A Step-By-Step Guide to Keyword Generation 163 Summary 180 Chapter 17. How to Plan A Paid Search Campaign 182 Two Common Campaign Setup Mistakes 182 Start by Categorizing Your Keywords 183 The Advantages of Planning Ahead 186 Don't Create Arbitrary Ad Groups 189 Chapter 18. Cut Campaign Waste with Keyword Matching 190 Google and Bing Match Types 190 H2 Advanced Negative Matching 193 Which Match Types Should You Use? 195 A Simple Refinement to your Spreadsheet That Will Save You Hours of Work 196 Chapter 19. Create Your Ad Groups 198 What About Ad Copy? 199 Use A Desktop Editor To Manage Your Campaigns 199 Your Campaign Will Continue to Evolve Over Time 200 The Peel & Stick Technique Explained 200 Chapter 20. The Art and Science of Setting Bids 207 What About Bidding Tools? 207 Figuring out how much to bid 208 Upward Sloping CPC Curves 211 Downward Sloping CPC Curve 213 Irregular CPC Curves 221 Average Position and Conversion Rates 228 Summary 232 Chapter 21. Drag Visitors to Your Site with Killer Ad Copy 233 Write Your Ads to Mirror Your Visitors' Intention 234 Write Ads Which Mirror The Organic Search Results 236 Ten Quick Techniques To Increase Your Clickthrough Rates 236 Seven Approaches To Writing Better Ads 242 Nine Ways to Write Terrible Ads 245 A Note About Dynamic Keyword Insertion 246 Paint a Bulls Eye on Your Ads 249 Borrow the Best Ads 254 Split-testing 263 Chapter 22. Landing Page Design 266 Optimization Goals 266 The Eight-Fold Path to Conversion Nirvana 267 A Real-World Conversion Optimization Example 303 Chapter 23. Monitoring Your Campaign Performance 310 Why it's Important to Stay on Top of Your Campaign Data 310 Key Statistics to Watch 311 How to Use Impression Share 314 Don't Blow It Off! 320 Chapter 24. Put the Competition to Work for You 323 Prioritize Otimization Efforts 323 Peek Into Competitors' Business Models 324 Benchmark Against The Competition 325 Plan New Campaigns 327 A Good Estimate Is Hard To Find 328 Estimating Search Volume 331 Estimating Impressions 332 Estimating Clickthrough Rate (CTR) 333 Estimating Cost-Per-Click (CPC) 333 Estimating Conversion Rate and Order Size 334 Estimating Competitors' Traffic 335 Other Uses 335 Third-Party Tools 335 Limitations of panel data 340 Summary 341 Chapter 25. Don't Starve Your Campaign 342 How to Set Your Maximum Daily Budget 342 How the Maximum Daily Budget Feature Works 343 Would You Let a Stranger Run Your Marketing? 343 Missing Out on High-Traffic Periods 345 Diverting Your Budget to Low-Profit Keywords 346 Summary 348 Chapter 26. Don't Blindly Trust the Search Engines 349 Chapter 27. Open All Night (Day Parting) 352 The Demographic Marketers 352 The Cost Cutters 353 Dayparting Ignores Assists 354 Dayparting Doesn't Cut Costs As Much As You Think 354 Dayparting Helps Your Competitors 355 Dayparting Adds Management Overhead 355 But Sometimes Dayparting Works... 356 Summary 357 Chapter 28. Product Listing Ads 358 A History of PLAs 359 Who Should Use PLAs? 360 Targeting Options For PLAs 363 Why manually target specific keywords for PLAs? 364 Anecdotal Research 365 Chapter 29. Mobile Search and Enhanced Campaigns 367 Does Mobile Search Really Matter? 367 Will Mobile Search Overtake Desktop Search? 373 So Should You Care About Mobile Search? 377 Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns 378 Enhanced Campaign Settings 379 How Bid Modifiers Work 383 The Downside of Bid Modifiers 384 Mobile Ads on Bing 385 Comparing Mobile Ads on Google And Bing 386 Mobile Advertising Recommendations 387

Richard Stokes is the founder and CEO of AdGooroo, a Kantar Media company and leading provider of digital marketing intelligence. One of the industry's foremost authorities on search engine marketing, Richard is a regular speaker on search topics and a certified expert in both email marketing and conversion optimization. He lives in Glenview, IL.

Reviews for Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Wherever you are in your pay-per-click journey and your evolution as an entrepreneur or marketing professional, I wish you the very best of success. You've already done more than most people will do: You've picked up an excellent book by a world-class expert. So you deserve it. Now, sit at Richard's feet and hear what wisdom he has to share. -Perry Marshall, author of Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords and 80/20 Sales and Marketing This book reveals the inner workings of the search ad networks without using tea leaves and crystal balls. Instead, it focuses on the few strategic metrics that make a difference, and backs them up with valid data from real campaigns. It's the first book I've read that made me feel I could take data-driven action to improve my search advertising campaigns. Most importantly, I now know something that other search marketers don't. --Brian Massey, author of Your Customer Creation Equation This is required reading for any online marketer who wants to be in the 1% of successful search engine marketers. What Richard says is right on the money and has led my own clients to realize 3X to 5X sales growth in a matter of months on mature campaigns that had been 'optimized' and managed previously by other agencies. --Kevin Milani, VP of Digital Marketing, Virtual Marketing Staff LLC Brilliant insights. Advanced material. Don't think, just buy it. Rich is one of those guys that makes you sit up and listen closely. His knowledge of the data behind AdWords is quite literally unparalleled (outside a few people in Google. Maybe.). He digs in deep and makes you smirk in awe at the clever ways all that data can help you improve your account. A must read. --Mike Rhodes, CEO, This book guides you to build a quality campaign from the ground up to compete on the highest level. --Ping Jen, Product Manager, Bing Ads The title of this book isn't pulling any punches; it really is the ultimate guide to pay-per-click advertising. Whether you're just getting started with PPC or if you're an old Pro, this book is not only ultimate but it is also essential. Each chapter is filled with timeless information that can serve as the bedrock of your PPC campaign foundation. The strategies in this book will improve your PPC performance and ultimately grow your business. This content will deliver value for years to come. Your ROI on buying this book is off the charts! --Joseph Kerschbaum, Midwest Account Director, 3Q Digital Just buy this one. Stokes writes the one PPC book to own in 2014. Great for beginners, required reading for those in the know. Up-to-the-moment fresh for 2014. --Rob Sieracki, Co-founder, Ox Optimal PPC Consultancy If you or anyone on your team needs to learn or get refreshed with the fundamentals of paid search marketing, this is the book for you. Clean, simple, and very actionable. --Rob Griffin, EVP, Havas Media

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