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Tutto Bene 1

Italian Course for Beginners

Guarnuccio, Elio & Iacovacci, Annamaria & Lavagna, Francesca



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01 January 2020
Series: Tutto Bene
Learn Italian by listening, speaking and laughing.

Tutto bene! by Lingopont is not just a new course but a whole new way to learn – fun, addictive and highly entertaining, it is a comprehensive multi-level Italian language course for beginners, uniquely designed for both the classroom and a high degree of independent learning.
Based on a communicative approach, the course comprises a series of books, a sitcom and an app.

Book 1 is for beginners. In this level you will learn the survival language you need to get by in Italy. Learn to greet people and introduce yourself. Get to know someone by discussing where they’re from and exchanging contact details. Be able to describe yourself and others. Order food like an Italian and express your likes and dislikes. Arrange an outing or a dinner. Book a hotel room and make sure it has what you need at the right price.

Tutto bene! Book 1 provides the perfect balance, enabling you to enjoy the language while developing an understanding of the grammar. It will give you a strong foundation and the confidence to further develop your Italian.

The book presents the Tutto bene! course in a format designed primarily for the classroom but accessible to the independent learner and complementary to the app. Each level of the course comprises a book with ten self-contained yet progressively linked lessons. Each lesson is carefully structured to introduce new language via an episode of the sitcom series followed by graduated conversation practise, ranging from limited to more open-ended dialogues where students apply the language they’ve acquired. Listening and responding activities are integral to each lesson, as are the simple explanations and deductive activities enabling students to understand the grammar. Writing activities are given at the end of every lesson and may be completed in class or later.

Imprint:   Lingopont
ISBN:   9780648763406
ISBN 10:   0648763404
Series:   Tutto Bene
Publication Date:  
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active

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