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Turkoman Bokhara Coaster Rug Set of Four

MouseRugs by FiberLok


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The Turkoman is among the most popular oriental rug designs in the world. It is recognized by the stylized ivory blossoms woven in an overall pattern on a luscious red field. The field is surrounded by several borders containing more stylized flowers. Fanciful myths have evolved to describe the origin of the pattern-some say they are stylized elephant feet. Most experts agree, however, that original Turkoman weavers drew their inspiration from the flowerbeds of a formal garden. This stunning design is reproduced by license from Arthur T. Gregorian Oriental Rugs located "A little part of Persia in Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts".


Made in the USA

Coaster Rug dimensions - approximate finished size: 8.9 x 14 cm (including fringe) and 0.4 cm thick.


By:   MouseRugs by FiberLok
ISBN:   680638500037
Format:   Other merchandise
Publisher's Status:   Active

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