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Jigsaw Puzzle 33 Piece Animal Shapes

Jigsaw Puzzle

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Hobbies, quizzes & games; Jigsaw Puzzles

The parrot makes itself comfortable on the crocodile snout, the owl hides between the legs of the dromedary, the bear touches the fish without eating it!

33 animals magically intertwine in this wonderful, unique jigsaw puzzle featuring ink and watercolor artwork drawn in 1972 by F K Waechter. Each of the 33 pieces is a different animal. Yes, only 33 pieces, but this puzzle is a lot harder than it looks!


Presented in the well-known, laconic, lovingly-illustrated style of the well-known Frankfurt all-rounder, who became famous with the New Frankfurt School. The drawing has been kept together with the artist's legacy since 2008 in the German Museum for Caricature and Critical Graphics - Wilhelm Busch in Hanover.




By:   Jigsaw Puzzle
ISBN:   MM01
Format:   Other merchandise
Publisher's Status:   Out of Print

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