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Thermodynamics and Energy Systems Analysis: Volume 2, Solved Problems and Exercises

Lucien Borel Daniel Favrat Dinh Lan Nguyen Magdi Batato



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Taylor & Francis Inc
02 February 2012
Applied mathematics; Energy technology & engineering
This book illustrates the basic concepts of phenomenological thermodynamics and how to move from theory to practice by considering problems in the fields of thermodynamics and energy-systems analysis. Many subjects are handled from an energetics or exergetics angle: calorimeters, evaporators, condensers, flow meters, sub or supersonic nozzles, ejectors, compressors, pumps, turbines, combustion processes, heaters, smoke stacks, cooling towers, motors, turbo-reactors, heat pumps, air conditioning, thermo-electrical generators, energy storage, and more.
By:   Lucien Borel, Daniel Favrat, Dinh Lan Nguyen, Magdi Batato
Imprint:   Taylor & Francis Inc
Country of Publication:   United States
Dimensions:   Height: 234mm,  Width: 156mm,  Spine: 33mm
Weight:   907g
ISBN:   9781439894705
ISBN 10:   1439894701
Pages:   500
Publication Date:   02 February 2012
Audience:   Professional and scholarly ,  Undergraduate
Format:   Hardback
Publisher's Status:   Active
Preface Tribute to a great thermodynamicist Professor Lucien Borel Generalities and fundamental laws Cooling of a copper piece Shock of a container against a wall Work transfer relative to a closed system Mechanical power of a steam turbine Water power brake Irreversibility in a cooled compressor Irreversibility in a heat transmitter (heat exchanger) Cooling at constant pressure Oxidation of glucose Work and heat transfer relative to a closed system Car battery Slowing down of a car Irreversibility during heating Closed systems and general thermodynamic relations Polytropic compression Thermal factors Polytropic factor Isochoric speci_c heat Entropy change of a gas Enthalpy and entropy changes of a liquid Shock of a sphere in freefall Fundamental relations between state functions Compression of oxygen according to di_erent paths Compression of air under di_erent conditions Filling of a bottle Expansion without dissipation Experiment of Torricelli Relations of Maxwell Isothermal compression Balances of extensive entities Water dispenser Weighing of a receiver with ows Mixture of two liquid jets Emptying of a reservoir Propulsion of a boat Launch of a rocket Pipe link Reaction force on a bent pipeline Thrust of a turboreactor Open systems in steady-state operation Stack of a thermal power plant Central heating plant of a building Inating the tube of a tire Supercharging system of a Diesel engine Radial compressor Inlet di_user of a turboreactor Pitot tube Flow in a channel of constant section Flow in a simple nozzle Flow in a Laval nozzle Curtis turbine Single- or multi-stage compression Expansion in a turbine Compression system Prandtl tube Dimensioning of a Laval nozzle Mass ow measurement with an ori_ce Thermodynamic properties of matter State function of a perfect gas Experiment of Gay-Lussac-Joule Joule-Thomson expansion Irreversible expansion of a perfect gas Reversible expansions of a perfect gas Work relative to an isothermal expansion Isochoric heating of water Equations of state Fusion by compression Calori_c measurements Ejector Joule-Thomson expansion of water (in liquid phase) Kinetic theory of gases Earth atmosphere Equilibrium of a balloon Isobaric heating and partial vaporisation of water Isochoric heating and isobaric cooling of a perfect gas Heat of vaporisation Mixture of ideal or perfect gases Characteristics of a town gas Compression of a mixture of nitrogen and of argon Heating and compression of combustion gas Mixture of gas owing in a thermal energy transmitter (heat exchanger) Mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide, in a hermetic enclosure Fabrication of synthetic air Expansions and mixing of gases Change of the concentrations of a mixture of nitrogen and of carbon dioxide Mixing of air and of methane, in steady-state operation Characteristics of a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen Characteristics of a gas of a blast furnace Compression of a mixture of ethane and air Change of the composition and compression of a mixture of ethane and propane Introduction of nitrogen in a reservoir of hydrogen Conditioning of fumes for drying Mixtures of a gas with a condensable substance Mixture of two mixtures Wet cooling tower Humidi_cation of the air of a room Condensation on a wall Paraisothermal compressor Drying of a product Air conditioning of an indoor swimming pool Air conditioning of an o_ce in summer State of the air in a room Characteristics of atmospheric air Cooling of air by humidi_cation Cold room Air conditioning of an o_ce in winter Thermodynamic processes and diagrams Adiabatic expansion of an ideal gas Emptying of a compressed air tank Feeding a start-up turbine Expansion of steam in a turbine Phase change of water Displacement of a piston by expansion of a gas Processes relative to the expansion of helium Theoretical cycle of a hot air engine Theoretical cycle of a Diesel engine Typical thermodynamic processes Condensation of a refrigerant. Phase change of carbon dioxide Production of compressed air Processes during a cycle Simple examples of application of the First and Second Laws Process of conversion from mechanical energy to internal energy (experiment of Joule) Expansion without transfer of mechanical energy (experiment of Gay-Lussac-Joule Expansion with transfer of mechanical energy Energy conversion processes Evolution of a heterogeneous system Heat transfer between two bodies Energy and exergy analyses (thermomechanical processes) Reheater of a nuclear power plant Cold room of a refrigeration plant Condenser of a steam power plant Open and closed feedwater reheaters High pressure turbine of the power plant of Leibstadt Paraisothermal compressor of a refrigeration plant Cooled compressor Liquid air production plant Cost of energy relative to a cogeneration plant Ejector Expansion without work transfer (Experiment of Gay-Lussac-Joule) Flow in an ori_ce Heat transfer between two parts Isochoric mixture of two gases Mixing of several gases, in steady-state conditions Isochoric heating Isobaric heating Heating under steady-state conditions Thermal energy storage Combustion Combustion of a light oil Incomplete combustion of heavy oil Combustion of natural gas Dewpoint of combustion gases Combustion chamber of a thermal power plant Industrial steam boiler Cooling and diusion of a plume of combustion gas in the atmosphere Gasoline engine Incomplete combustion Turboreactor of a airplane Liquid fuel for a steam boiler Bomb calorimeter Inuence of the reference conditions on the heating value Characteristics of a liquid fuel Combustion of hexane Combustion chamber of a gas plant Thermal losses of a combustion chamber Examples of application Combustion chamber Steam boiler Internal combustion engine Thermodynamic cycles Beau-de-Rochas or Otto cycle Stirling cycle Ericsson's pseudo-cycle Cycle of a hot air engine Simple Diesel cycle Brayton cycle Rankine cycle Turboreactor cycle Reversed Brayton cycle Carnot cycle Improved Diesel cycle Statoreactor cycle Superposed thermopump cycles Reversed pseudo-Stirling cycle Reversed pseudo-Ericsson cycle Comparative study of theoretical power cycles Comparative study of theoretical thermopump cycles Comparative study of theoretical frigopump cycles Study of theoretical cogeneration cycles Applications: Examples Atmospheric cooling of a condenser Industrial open cycle gas turbine Gas-steam combined cycle plant Closed cycle gas turbine, with two shaft lines System of compression thermopump (heating heat pump system) Compression frigopump system (cooling heat-pump system) Liquid helium production plant Turbocompression frigopump system Simple steam power plant Steam cycle with reheat Steam power plant, with extraction Steam power plant, in quasi-steady-state operation Cogeneration steam power plant Open cycle gas turbine Thermopump plant with a semi-hermetic compressor Frigopump system with subcooler Linear thermodynamics of irreversible phenomena Source of entropy in a bar Thermocouple Thermoelectric generator Thermoelectric module Thermoelectric thermopump

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