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15 November 2015
Theory of art; Industrial: Commercial Art & Design
The stages of the creative process-from unlearning to beginning again-seen through examples from the practice of artists, architects, poets, inventors, scientists, and others.

Although each instance of creativity is singular and specific, Kyna Leski tells us, the creative process is universal. Artists, architects, poets, inventors, scientists, and others all navigate the same stages of the process in order to discover something that does not yet exist. All of us must work our way through the empty page, the blank screen, writer's block, confusion, chaos, and doubt. In this book, Leski draws from her observations and experiences as a teacher, student, maker, writer, and architect to describe the workings of the creative process.

Leski sees the creative process as being like a storm; it slowly begins to gather and take form until it overtakes us-if we are willing to let it. It is dynamic, continually in motion; it starts, stops, rages and abates, ebbs and flows. In illustrations that accompany each chapter, she maps the arc of the creative process by tracing the path of water droplets traveling the stages of a storm.

Leski describes unlearning, ridding ourselves of preconceptions; only when we realize what we don't know can we pose the problem that we need to solve. We gather evidence-with notebook jottings, research, the collection of objects-propelling the process. We perceive and conceive; we look ahead without knowing where we are going; we make connections. We pause, retreat, and stop, only to start again. To illustrate these stages of the process, Leski draws on examples of creative practice that range from Paul Klee to Steve Jobs, from the discovery of continental drift to the design of Antoni Gaudi's Sagrada Familia.

Creativity, Leski tells us, is a path with no beginning or end; it is ongoing. This revelatory view of the creative process will be an essential guide for anyone engaged in creative discovery.

The Creative Process Unlearning Problem Making Gathering and Tracking Propelling Perceiving and Conceiving Seeing Ahead Connecting Pausing Continuing
By:   Kyna Leski (Rhode Island School of Design)
Foreword by:   John Maeda (Global Head Computational Design and Inclusion Automattic Inc.)
Series edited by:   John Maeda (Global Head Computational Design and Inclusion Automattic Inc.)
Imprint:   MIT PRESS
Country of Publication:   United States
Edition:   1
Dimensions:   Height: 203mm,  Width: 137mm,  Spine: 19mm
Weight:   363g
ISBN:   9780262029940
ISBN 10:   0262029944
Series:   Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life
Pages:   216
Publication Date:   15 November 2015
Recommended Age:   From 18
Audience:   Professional and scholarly ,  Undergraduate
Format:   Hardback
Publisher's Status:   Unspecified

Kyna Leski is Professor in the Department of Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design and a Founding Principal of 3six0 Architecture.

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