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The Nation of Plants

A Radical Manifesto for Humans

Stefano Mancuso Gregory Conti



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31 January 2023
As plants see it, humans are not the masters of the Earth but only one of its most unpleasant and irksome residents. They have been on the planet for only about 300,000 years ago (nothing compared to the three billon years of plant evolution), yet have changed the conditions of the planet so drastically as to make it a dangerous place for their own survival. It's time for the plants to offer advice.

In this playful, philosophical manifesto, Stefano Mancuso, expert on plant intelligence, presents a new constitution on which to build our future as beings respectful of the Earth and its inhabitants. These eight articles - the fundamental pillars on which plant life is based - must henceforth regulate all living beings.

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Stefano Mancuso is a leading authority in plant neurobiology, which explores signalling and communication at all levels of biological organization. He teaches at the University of Florence and has been ranked 'world changer' by the New Yorker. His works, including The Revolutionary Genius of Plants and The Incredible Journey of Plants, are widely translated all over the world.

Reviews for The Nation of Plants: A Radical Manifesto for Humans

Praise for The Nation of Plants: This artfully crafted exposition delightfully delves into the lives of plants by presenting the eight pillars on which those lives are built. * Newsweek * Mancuso writes playfully; as manifestos go, he knows, his is deeply weird...But this is peculiarity with a purpose. The conceit, an impassioned argument from collectivized flora that cites both atmospheric emissions and anthropocenic despair, forces readers to ask elemental questions. Who-and what-deserves moral consideration when the fate of one species is so often the fate of another? Mancuso's plants, in the end, make some very good points -- Megan Garber * The Atlantic * A renowned scientist delivers a simple yet urgent call to action on behalf of Earth's multitude of plants...[a] powerful book...Mancuso concludes his elegant and cogent argument with straightforward advice accessible to anyone...Insightful and arresting, this book offers an achievable road map to a more radiant future * Kirkus Reviews * A marvellously inventive spur to imagination. Plants have many lessons to offer us about thriving and resilience, and these are wonderfully elucidated in this deep green journey -- David George Haskell, author of the Pulitzer Prize finalist The Forest Unseen and John Burroughs Medal recipient for The Songs of Trees Stefano Mancuso's The Nation of Plants is brilliant and delightful. A perfect little gem of a book -- Sonia Shah, author of The Next Great Migration: The Beauty and Terror of Life on the Move A fantastic and necessary read for any plant enthusiast or environmental activist, The Nation of Plants is not merely a missive on the perils of climate change. Rather, the book begins from the whimsical perspective of plants, then weaves scientific fact with historical examples in a moving and inspiring call to action. Apart from the initial address, Mancuso's concrete approach is far from fantastical. The Nation of Plants is moving and informative, balancing a love for all things botanical with a passion for listening to and considering the needs of our plant brethren. -- Jessica Roux, author of Floriography: An Illustrated Guide to the Victorian Language of Flowers In his new book, The Nation of Plants, Stefano Mancuso expresses his awe for plants by asking a unique question: What if our Constitution were rewritten by plants? What would be the fundamental laws if the Earth were governed by plants rather than people? Mancuso answers this question by masterfully and thoughtfully linking the stories of people, plants, and plant science. A must-read for anyone who is interested in the historical interactions between people and plants -- Valerie Trouet, author of Tree Story: The History of the World Written in Rings In this insightful and pithy tract, Stefano Mancuso convincingly argues that the route to fighting climate change and mass extinction, and to living sustainably on this Earth, begins with a floral point of view. This is the constitution we need -- Zach St. George, author of The Journeys of Trees: A Story about Forests, People, and the Future The Nation of Plants unveils the long-term relationship between plants and people and explores the rights of all living things. It is a call for cooperation in a world facing persistent environmental degradation. It is a call for our mutual survival -- Lauren E. Oakes, author of In Search of the Canary Tree In this brief book, Stefano Mancuso offers what may be the most original solution to the troubling age of humans. What if it were plants, rather than humans, who wrote a constitution for Earthly survival? Mancuso's innovative manifesto is a set of principles for living according to the botanical world. He imagines a new political order based not on the survival of the fittest, but rather on life in community, mutual aid, freedom from borders, and sovereignty for all living beings. In this engaging read, the plant philosopher pushes readers to see how much our survival depends on the well-being of the Nation of Plants-and gives us a radical guide to living according to the rules of life's unsung heroes -- Elizabeth Hennessy, author of On the Backs of Tortoises: Darwin, the Galapagos, and the Fate of an Evolutionary Eden Mancuso [is] a gifted writer, with an engaging story-telling approach ... [The Nation of Plants has] many important ideas and food for thought * For Better Science *

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