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The Listeners: U-boat Hunters During the Great War

Roy R. Manstan



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Wesleyan University Press
04 September 2018
History; Maritime history
Roy R. Manstan's new book documents the rise of German submarines in World War I and the Allies' successful response of tracking them with innovative listening devices-precursors to modern sonar. The Listeners: U-boat Hunters During the Great War details the struggle to find a solution to the unanticipated efficiency of the German U-boat as an undersea predator. Success or failure was in the hands and minds of the scientists and naval personnel at the Naval Experimental Station in New London, Connecticut. Through the use of archival materials, personal papers, and memoirs The Listeners takes readers into the world of the civilian scientists and engineers and naval personnel who were directly involved with the development and use of submarine detection technology during the war.
By:   Roy R. Manstan
Imprint:   Wesleyan University Press
Country of Publication:   United States
Dimensions:   Height: 241mm,  Width: 178mm, 
ISBN:   9780819578358
ISBN 10:   0819578355
Series:   Garnet Books
Pages:   352
Publication Date:   04 September 2018
Audience:   Professional and scholarly ,  Undergraduate
Format:   Hardback
Publisher's Status:   Active
Preface Introduction PART ONE 1914-1916 Chapter 1 Predator and Prey Chapter 2 The Firth of Forth Chapter 3 Sighs of a Lovesick Mermaid Chapter 4 Hunting Submarines from Shore Chapter 5 A Game of Hide and Seek Chapter 6 Lusitania Chapter 7 America Awakens Chapter 8 Preparing for the Inevitable PART TWO 1917 Chapter 9 America Enters the War Chapter 10 Crossing the Atlantic Chapter 11 The First Tentative Steps Chapter 12 Physics Pure and Simple Chapter 13 A Sound Detector of Exceeding Delicacy Chapter 14 From the Laboratory to Sea Chapter 15 Matters of Life and Death Chapter 16 A Probable First Kill PART THREE 1918 Chapter 17 Coldest Winter on Record Chapter 18 The Naval Reserve Flying Corps Chapter 19 Listeners in the Sky Chapter 20 The Crazy American-U-boats Beware Chapter 21 Invisible Light and Other Magic Chapter 22 U-boats Westward to America Chapter 23 America Eastward to the War Chapter 24 Listeners at the Front and Armistice Epilogue Notes Bibliography Index Acknowledgements Author Bio

Reviews for The Listeners: U-boat Hunters During the Great War

The biologist Peter Klopfer once defined predation as a race in which the finish line is alternately moved ahead of predator and prey. Human warfare is the same. Development and deployment of a new weapon is eventually met by equally original methods of neutralizing it, causing the finish line to advance in stepwise fashion. Roy R. Manstan's new book, The Listeners: U-Boat Hunters During The Great War, documents the rise of German submarines in World War I and the Allies' successful efforts to track them by equipping surface ships with novel electronic listening devices. Manstan, who spent a thirty-year career as a civilian engineer involved in cutting-edge SONAR research, tells his story with rare clarity, thoroughness, verve, and an insider's knowledge few other Naval historians could match. His work sets the bar high in this area of undersea technology and will likely remain the gold standard for years to come. --Stephen Spotte, PhD, author of The Smoking Horse: A Memoir in Pieces and My Watery Self: Memoirs of a Marine Scientist

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