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The Eternal Darkness

A Personal History of Deep-Sea Exploration

Robert D. Ballard William Hively Robert D. Ballard



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Princeton University Pres
01 February 2017
Until a few decades ago, the ocean depths were almost as mysterious and inaccessible as outer space. Oceans cover two-thirds of the earth's surface with an average depth of more than two miles--yet humans had never ventured more than a few hundred feet below the waves. One of the great scientific and archaeological feats of our time has been finally to cast light on the eternal darkness of the deep sea. This is the story of that achievement, told by the man who has done more than any other to make it possible: Robert Ballard. Ballard discovered the wreck of the Titanic. He led the teams that discovered hydrothermal vents and black smokers --cracks in the ocean floor where springs of superheated water support some of the strangest life-forms on the planet. He was a diver on the team that explored the mid-Atlantic ridge for the first time, confirming the theory of plate tectonics. Today, using a nuclear submarine from the U.S. Navy, he's exploring the ancient trade routes of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea for the remains of historic vessels and their cargo. In this book, he combines science, history, spectacular illustrations, and first-hand stories from his own expeditions in a uniquely personal account of how twentieth-century explorers have pushed back the frontiers of technology to take us into the midst of a world we could once only guess at. Ballard begins in 1930 with William Beebe and Otis Barton, pioneers of the ocean depths who made the world's first deep-sea dives in a cramped steel sphere. He introduces us to Auguste and Jacques Piccard, whose Bathyscaph descended in 1960 to the lowest point on the ocean floor. He reviews the celebrated advances made by Jacques Cousteau. He describes his own major discoveries--from sea-floor spreading to black smokers--as well as his technical breakthroughs, including the development of remote-operated underwater vehicles and the revolutionary search techniques that led to the discovery and exploration of the Titanic, the Nazi battleship Bismarck, ancient trading vessels, and other great ships. Readers will come away with a richer understanding of history, earth science, biology, and marine technology--and a new appreciation for the remarkable men and women who have explored some of the most remote and fascinating places on the planet.
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Preface to the 2017 Edition vii Acknowledgments xv Introduction 3 I Depth 1 A Simple Tethered Sphere 13 2 Bathyscaphs Race to the Bottom 33 3 The Tragic Dawn of the Modern Deep Submersible 58 II Discovery 4 Scientists Begin Exploring the Deep 93 5 The Midocean Ridge:Womb of the Earth 117 6 Hydrothermal Vents: Exotic Oases 157 7 Black Smokers: Recipe for a Salty Ocean 187 III Detachment 8 A Tethered Eyeball Races to Find the Titanic 217 9 Recovering Our Past by Remote Control 255 10 Should Humans Continue to Dive? Two Paradigms 299 A Note on Sources 313 Further Reading 315 Index 375

Robert D. Ballard, PhD, is President of Ocean Exploration Trust, director of the Center for Ocean Exploration, professor of oceanography at the Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island, Graduate School of Oceanography and the author of several bestselling books.

Reviews for The Eternal Darkness: A Personal History of Deep-Sea Exploration

Winner of the Commonwealth Award for Science and Invention, Sigma Xi Honorable Mention for the 2000 Association of American Publishers Award for Best Professional/Scholarly Book in Geography and Earth Sciences Recipient of the Commonwealth Award for Science and Invention, Sigma Xi Honorable Mention for the 2000 Award for Best Professional/Scholarly Book in Geography and Earth Sciences, Association of American Publishers A straightforward look at a complicated business that shows again not just that exploration is worth doing but that even at home here on earth it is far from over. --Michael Parfit, New York Times Book Review An excellent book... It is impossible to put down. --Richard Shelton, Times Literary Supplement The man who found the Titanic, discovered black smokers on the sea floor, and first ventured into the mid-Atlantic ridge tells the story of deep-sea exploration... Scores of photographs highlight the steadily absorbing text; together, words and pictures present a vital and authoritative general history of humanity's adventures deep beneath the waves. --Publishers Weekly Drawing from the expertise gained during his more than one hundred trips into the abyss, Ballard highlights historical and scientific events that he and Hively weave into a series of scintillating tales. --Loretta DiPietro, Scientific American Cool technology meets personal obsession in this history that's also a memoir by the discoverer of the wreck of the Titanic. Break out the bathospheres, the minisubs and the ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicles); it's time to take the plunge and see what's Down There. --Washington Post Book World This book takes the reader into the deep-sea realm along the discovery paths of famous deep-sea explorers as chronicled by the preeminent explorer of our time. Ballard's book will leave readers enlightened and concerned about the expanding role the oceans are playing as the future evolves. --Choice Pitched to the lay reader, Ballard's The Eternal Darkness is engaging, sometimes thrilling and always authentic... Ballard was also involved in the 1985 discovery of the Titanic, and his account of the sleuthing that went into the hunt makes for terrific reading. --Dennis Drabelle, Washington Post Book World An informative and interesting book written with authority on a fascinating subject. --Daniel Lenihan, Naval History A remarkable story of science and adventure, as fascinating as the exploration of space and the landing on the moon. --American Way (Airline Magazine) The Eternal Darkness is a highly readable book... I am always on the lookout for books that will motivate and enthuse potential and present students. The Eternal Darkness will become a firm favourite on that list, as Ballard shows what can be achieved by hard work, determination and unbounded enthusiasm. --Paul Tyler, New Scientist Doing science is exciting! This is the main message of Ballard's fascinating combination memoir and history of deep ocean science. --Library Journal Titanic discoverer Ballard ... handily summarizes a technology unfamiliar to many readers. Ballard has published popular books about his recovery of other famous sunken ships besides the movie's namesake, which adds cachet to this more scholarly work. --Booklist Dr. Ballard is a passionate advocate of deep-sea exploration, pointing out that all such expeditions so far undertaken have probably surveyed less than 1 percent of the sea floor... One can hardly disagree with Dr. Ballard's proposal that we should expand that 1 percent. --Phoebe-Lou Adams, Atlantic Monthly

  • Commended for Association of American Publishers Award for Best Professional/Scholarly Book in Geography and Earth Sciences 2000 (United States)
  • Winner of Commonwealth Award for Science and Invention, Sigma Xi 2001 (UK)

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