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Academic Press Inc
05 January 2017
Tropical agriculture: practice & techniques
The Competitiveness of Tropical Agriculture: A Guide to Competitive Potential with Case Studies describes and synthesizes existing methodologies for evaluating competitiveness in agriculture, introduces extensions and refinements, and provides a novel approach based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

As exports of tropical fruit, nuts, and other high-value crops have been growing very rapidly from developing countries, but often encounter serious obstacles in their value chains, this book demonstrates how national agricultural policy is oftentimes not guided by considerations of inherent competitiveness.

In addition, the book presents case studies that illustrate the application of these approaches using quantitative frameworks. A concluding chapter introduces policy considerations for competitiveness from work in Jordan, Colombia, Estonia, Peru, and elsewhere, also discussing the role of specific policies in raising competitiveness sustainably and its role in reducing rural poverty.
Part I. Concepts, Issues, and Policy 1. The Context and Scope of the Book 2. Introduction Part II. Methodologies for Evaluating Competitiveness 3. International Trade and Prices as Measures of Competitiveness 4. Price-Quality Tradeoffs and Multitrack Evaluations of Competitiveness 5. Track 1 Methodology: Cost-Price Measures of Competitiveness 6. Track 2 Methodology: Value Chains and Quality Criteria Part III. Case Studies in the Competitiveness of Tropical Agriculture 7. Colombia: A Strategic Assessment of National Crop Competitiveness 8. Rwanda: Competitiveness by Quality Criteria, Track 2 9. El Salvador: Crop Competitiveness and Factor Intensities 10. Colombia: Crop Competitiveness by Region Evaluated via Tracks 1 and 2 Part IV. Concluding Remarks 11. Assessing Agricultural Competitiveness and Its Determinants 12. Competitiveness in a Development Perspective

Research Professor of Agricultural Economics and Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture, Texas A&M University

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