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Spiritual Science: Why Science Needs Spirituality to Make Sense of the World

Steve Taylor



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Watkins Publishing
01 November 2018
Popular science; Mind, Body, Spirit; Mind, Body, Spirit: thought & practice
It is often assumed that there are two ways of interpreting the world- a rational scientific way, or an irrational religious way. Spiritual Science offers a third alternative- a spiritual view of reality that transcends both conventional science and religion, and answers many of the riddles that neither can explain. The standard model of science has had little success in explaining such areas as human consciousness, the connection between the mind and the body, altruism and 'anomalous' phenomena such as near-death experiences, psi phenomena (such as telepathy) and spiritual experiences. But from a 'panspiritist' point of view - which sees spirit or consciousness as a fundamental essence of reality - it is possible to make sense of all these things.

Steve Taylor puts forward the evidence for a spiritual view of reality, drawing on the insights of philosophers, physicists, mystics, as well as spiritual traditions and indigenous cultures. He systematically shows how a 'panspiritist' view can explain many puzzling aspects of science and the world, including evolution and the origins of life, and a wide range of other phenomena such as quantum physics, the placebo effect, precognition and neuroplasticity.

Spiritual Science offers a new vision of the world that is compatible with both modern science and ancient spiritual teachings. It provides a more accurate and holistic account of reality than conventional science or religion, integrating a wide range of phenomena that are excluded from both. After showing how the materialist worldview demeans the world and human life, Spiritual Science offers a brighter alternative - a vision of the world as sacred and interconnected, and of human life as meaningful and purposeful.

Spiritual Science explains how the standard materialist model of reality developed, and turned into a belief system. This belief system can only function by denying (or explaining away) a whole range of phenomena that are part of human experience. It is possible to be scientific without adopting this belief system - in fact, it is much more rational to do so.
By:   Steve Taylor
Imprint:   Watkins Publishing
Country of Publication:   United Kingdom
Edition:   New edition
Dimensions:   Height: 216mm,  Width: 135mm, 
Weight:   367g
ISBN:   9781786781581
ISBN 10:   1786781581
Pages:   272
Publication Date:   01 November 2018
Audience:   General/trade ,  ELT Advanced
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active

Steve Taylor is a senior lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University, and the author of several best-selling books on psychology and spirituality. For the last six years he has been included in Watkins Mind, Body, Spirit magazine's list of the '100 most spiritually influential living people.' His books includeWaking From Sleep, The Fall, Out of the Darkness, Back to Sanity,and his latest bookThe Leap (published by Eckhart Tolle).His books have been published in 19 languages, while his articles and essays have been published in over 40 academic journals, magazines and newspapers, including Philosophy Now, Tikkun, The Daily Express, The Journal of Humanistic Psychology and others. He regularly appears in the media in the UK, and has recently been featured on BBCRadio 5, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC World TV, and BBC World Service radio.

Reviews for Spiritual Science: Why Science Needs Spirituality to Make Sense of the World

With elegance and lucidity, Steve Taylor explains why spiritual science is the only hope for humanity. A science based on the superstition of matter as fundamental reality could lead to our extinction but a science grounded in the understanding of consciousness as a fundamental reality - as described by this book - could be our saving grace. --Deepak Chopra, MD Chopra Foundation Materialism is dead. It just doesn't know it. Spiritual Science shows the mechanistic worldview is pass and that the science that once seemed to support it has well and truly moved on. Steve Taylor's book is a very readable and inspiring guide to where we are heading as a culture. --Gary Lachman Lost Knowledge of the Imagination As I read this book, I kept sighing with relief. At long last, a thoughtful and accessible treatment of the false divide between science and spirituality. By exploring a series of puzzles, Taylor shows how the pieces of our world fit together, if we are willing to take a breath and look at it anew. --Dr Julia Mossbridge, author of Transcendent Mind and The Premonition Code In this important book, Steve Taylor convincingly argues that the materialist paradigm has run its course and that the evidence from anomalous experiences must be acknowledged. Taylor shows how a panspiritist approach not only eloquently explains anomalous phenomena but can lead to exciting possibilities for the evolution of humankind and the planet. These issues affect each one of us; it is time we all sat up and took note. --Dr. Penny Sartori, author of The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences This is the best book on the mind-body problem I have yet to read. If you care about the plight of the human condition, and ever wondered about the mysteries of the human mind...not to be missed. --Michael Grosso, PH.D author of The Man Who Could Fly In his acknowledgments Steve Taylor generously describes himself as being inspired to write a popular version of our book Irreducible Mind. In fact he has accomplished much more than this. In a highly readable account of some of the issues and rogue phenomena we discuss in our book, he also takes on difficult new topics such as altruism and evolution, making crystal clear why our struggling postmodern civilization so urgently needs an expanded scientific worldview compatible with human spirituality. --Edward F. and Emily W. Kelly, lead authors of Irreducible Mind

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