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Small Spaces

Sarah Epstein



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Walker Books
01 April 2018
Children's & Educational; Thrillers (Children's&YA)
We don't pick and choose what to be afraid of. Our fears pick us.

Tash Carmody has been traumatised since childhood, when she witnessed her gruesome imaginary friend Sparrow lure young Mallory Fisher away from a carnival. At the time nobody believed Tash, and she has since come to accept that Sparrow wasn't real. Now fifteen and mute, Mallory's never spoken about the week she went missing. As disturbing memories resurface, Tash starts to see Sparrow again. And she realises Mallory is the key to unlocking the truth about a dark secret connecting them. Does Sparrow exist after all? Or is Tash more dangerous to others than she thinks?
By:   Sarah Epstein
Imprint:   Walker Books
Country of Publication:   Australia
Dimensions:   Height: 209mm,  Width: 136mm,  Spine: 28mm
Weight:   394g
ISBN:   9781921977381
ISBN 10:   1921977388
Publication Date:   01 April 2018
Recommended Age:   From 14 to 18 years
Audience:   Children/juvenile ,  English as a second language
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active

Reviews for Small Spaces

riddled with twists and turns... I give 'Small Spaces' ten bookbolts out of ten. -- Jazzy Reviews * Children's Books Daily * Small Spaces is a book for brave readers. But those who dare will be deeply rewarded... Sarah Epstein is a masterful author, adept at the art of the red herring and the plot twist. Every time I thought I had the book all worked out, she tipped everything on its head. * Just Kids Lit * I do love a decent thriller, and Small Spaces definitely delivers on the suspense front. The pacing is ideal, I zoomed through in a couple of sittings. Epstein uses narrative devices like flashbacks, transcripts and an unreliable narrator and it all really, really works. * The Golden Adventures * Small Spaces is such a riveting, scary story, I was worried that I would still be reading when night fell. I was still reading ... but had to keep going even though I knew I would be terrified. Congratulations on your stunning thriller, Sarah. * Paperbark Words * Small Spaces is truly gripping, has compelling connections between characters, will play on your mind... and might make you check under the bed before you go to sleep. * Carly Mitchell * A story that kept me hanging right to the end, awake at night and absolutely gob smacked in the end. * READ3RZ RE-VU * This featured a decent plot, easy to read writing and really intriguing characters. I'd recommend this to anyone who's a fan of thrillers. * Sarah Jane * This is a stunner of a read, drawing the reader into having to decipher truth and lies. * Read Plus * Small Spaces is the remarkable debut novel of Australian author Sarah Epstein. It is incredibly well written, fast-paced and just the right amount of creepy. * Gilly Reads * Sarah Epstein has created a brilliant and unforgettable mystery/psychological thriller. Its superbly designed storyline and characters will have readers glued to their seats, turning pages until the last word. * Kids' Book Review * Featured - YouTube Review -- Sam Barnes Featured - Interview * Kids' Book Review * Featured - News -- Liz McShane If you want to be creeped out of your mind by a clever YA novel get on it! * Bookish Bron * If you want a good psychological thriller, pick up Small Spaces by Sarah Epstein. Shake it before you read it...just to get the bad juju out but it's still going to stare at you in the shadows, knock on your door at 3am and keep you tossing and turning because you're too afraid to go get that glass of water you'll be craving all night. * Boffin Books * This featured a decent plot, easy to read writing and really intriguing characters. I'd recommend this to anyone who's a fan of thrillers. -- Sarah Jane Small Spaces is one of my new favourite thrillers! A+ characters who had me invested within mere pages and the type of creeptastic imaginary friend that will make you ban yourself from imaginary games forever! Such fun! * Paper Fury * If you love a book that's going to keep you on the edge of your seat, flipping the pages vigorously, desperate for answers, then I definitely recommend picking up SMALL SPACES. It's fast paced and a quick read, and will have you questioning every tiny detail! * Always & Forever Reading * Small Spaces is a clever, highly entertaining read and an impressive debut from a thoughtful writer who knows how to weave contemporary concerns of mental illness through a story with stampede intensity. * Better Reading * I just loved how this book kept me on the edge of my seat * Written Word Worlds * Small Spaces is definitely a book you want to read, even if you don't know it yet because you won't be able to put it down or stop your fascination and questions until you've devoured that final page. * The Bookish Kirra * Small Spaces is a compelling, unpredictable and consuming debut. Phenomenal. * Diva Book Nerd * Small Spaces is such a riveting, scary story, I was worried that I would still be reading when night fell. * Boomerang Books * Can see it now.. all the readers and the all nighters reading this book! -- Reread3rz_revu This is a twisted thriller that had me guessing until the very end. * Swords and Roses * Epstein has a keen eye for family dynamics and the small moments of disillusionment with adults that occur throughout childhood. The story is similarly thoughtful about the emotional toll of women whose stories aren't believed. * Books+Publishing * This first novel is a psychological thriller for high school students and young adults that will have you spellbound from start to finish. The finish will have you panting for breath and screaming at the characters to get a bloody grip. It is frightening. * Bob's Books * Epstein's portentous narrative is high-wire taunt and just as nerve wracking. * Boomerang Books * Small Spaces is a remarkable debut psychological thriller by Aussie author Sarah Epstein. The story will give you shivers and is full of twists and turns which you must decide are real or all made up in the character's head. * The Fictional Realm * Small Spaces is an incredible debut. Not only is it deliciously creepy, its twists and turns keep you guessing all the way through. I'd recommend enlisting the company of a stuffed animal if you're reading this one past bedtime. -- Emily Mead * Looney Literate *

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