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Sex and the Failed Absolute

Slavoj Zizek



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01 September 2019
Philosophy; Philosophy: metaphysics & ontology; Social & political philosophy; Psychoanalytical theory (Freudian psychology); Marxism & Communism
In the most rigorous articulation of his philosophical system to date, Slavoj Zizek provides nothing short of a new definition of dialectical materialism.

In forging this new materialism, Zizek critiques and challenges not only the work of Alain Badiou, Robert Brandom, Joan Copjec, Quentin Meillassoux, and Julia Kristeva (to name but a few), but everything from popular science and quantum mechanics to sexual difference and analytic philosophy. Alongside striking images of the Moebius strip, the cross-cap, and the Klein bottle, Zizek brings alive the Hegelian triad of being-essence-notion. Radical new readings of Hegel, and Kant, sit side by side with characteristically lively commentaries on film, politics, and culture.

Here is Zizek at his interrogative best.
By:   Slavoj Zizek
Imprint:   Verso
Country of Publication:   United Kingdom
Dimensions:   Height: 216mm,  Width: 138mm, 
Weight:   728g
ISBN:   9781350043787
ISBN 10:   1350043788
Pages:   496
Publication Date:   01 September 2019
Audience:   General/trade ,  Professional and scholarly ,  ELT Advanced ,  Undergraduate
Format:   Hardback
Publisher's Status:   Active
INTRODUCTION: THE UNORIENTABLE SURFACE OF DIALECTICAL MATERIALISM THEOREM I: THE PARALLAX OF ONTOLOGY Modalities of the Absolute-Reality and Its Transcendental Supplement - Varieties of the Transcendental in Western Marxism - The Margin of Radical Uncertainty COROLLARY 1: INTELLECTUAL INTUITION AND INTELLECTUS ARCHETYPUS: REFLEXIVITY IN KANT AND HEGEL Intellectual Intuition from Kant to Hegel-From Intellectus Ectypus to Intellectus Archetypus SCHOLIUM 1.1: BUDDHA, KANT, HUSSERL SCHOLIUM 1.2: HEGEL'S PARALLAX SCHOLIUM 1.3: THE DEATH OF TRUTH THEOREM II: SEX AS OUR BRUSH WITH THE ABSOLUTE Antinomies of Pure Sexuation-Sexual Parallax and Knowledge-The Sexed Subject - Plants, Animals, Humans, Posthumans COROLLARY 2: SINUOSITIES OF SEXUALIZED TIME Days of the Living Dead - Cracks in Circular Time SCHOLIUM 2.1: SCHEMATISM IN KANT, HEGEL... AND SEX SCHOLIUM 2.2: MARX, BRECHT, AND SEXUAL CONTRACTS SCHOLIUM 2.3: THE HEGELIAN REPETITION SCHOLIUM 2.4: SEVEN DEADLY SINS THEOREM III: THE THREE UNORIENTABLES Moebius Strip, or, the Convolutions of Concrete Universality-The Inner Eight -(((Suture Redoubled)))-Cross-Capping Class Struggle-From Cross-Cap to Klein Bottle-A Snout in Plato's Cave COROLLARY 3: THE RETARDED GOD OF QUANTUM ONTOLOGY The Implications of Quantum Gravity-The Two Vacuums: From Less than Nothing to Nothing - Is the Collapse of a Quantum Wave Like a Throw of Dice? SCHOLIUM 3.1: THE ETHICAL MOEBIUS STRIP SCHOLIUM 3.2: THE DARK TOWER OF SUTURE SCHOLIUM 3.3: SUTURE AND HEGEMONY SCHOLIUM 3.4: THE WORLD WITH(OUT) A SNOUT SCHOLIUM 3.5: TOWARDS A QUANTUM PLATONISM THEOREM IV: THE PERSISTENCE OF ABSTRACTION Madness, Sex, War- How to Do Words with Things-The Inhuman View - The All-Too-Close In-Itself COROLLARY 4: IBI RHODUS IBI SALTUS! The Protestant Freedom-Jumping Here and Jumping There-Four Ethical Gestures SCHOLIUM 4.1: LANGUAGE, LALANGUE SCHOLIUM 4.2 - PROKOFIEV'S TRAVELS SCHOLIUM 4.3: BECKETT AS THE WRITER OF ABSTRACTION

Slavoj Zizek is one of the world's leading contemporary cultural critics and a hugely prolific author. He is Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, international director of the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, UK, and Visiting Professor at the New School for Social Research, New York, USA.

Reviews for Sex and the Failed Absolute

Sex and the Failed Absolute is to Zizek's corpus what Malevich's Black Square was to his artistic oeuvre. In this watershed book, interweaving the odd couple of quantum physics and sexuality, Zizek offers readers the distilled essence of a new dialectical materialism. This reinvents the very foundations of Zizekian ontology -- Adrian Johnston, Professor and Chair of Philosophy, University of New Mexico, U.S.A Few thinkers illustrate the contradictions of contemporary capitalism better than Slavoj Zizek. -- John Gray, New York Review of Books Like Socrates on steroids ... breathtakingly perceptive. The most formidably brilliant exponent of psychoanalysis, indeed of cultural theory in general, to have emerged in many decades -- Terry Eagleton The excitable fluency, ursine congeniality and gleeful readiness to provoke and offend all feed the sense of authentic sponanaeity and energy that has made Zizek somethig like European philosophy's punk icon, packing out auditoriums around the world. -- Josh Cohen, New Statesman A gifted speaker-tumultuous, emphatic, direct-he writes as he speaks. -- Jonathan Ree, Guardian The most dangerous philosopher in the West -- Adam Kirsch, New Republic Zizek leaves no social or cultural phenomenon untheorized, and is master of the counterintuitive observation -- New Yorker a relentless iconoclast, a restless wordsmith, an inventive thinker with a hatred of received wisdom, an underminer of conventionally acknowledged truths. -- Bookforum

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