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Salafism in Jordan

Political Islam in a Quietist Community

Joas Wagemakers (Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands)



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Cambridge University Press
11 July 2018
Islam; Religious & theocratic ideologies
Since the events of 9/11, Salafism in the Middle East has often been perceived as fixed, rigid and even violent, but this assumption overlooks the quietist ideology that characterises many Salafi movements. Through an exploration of Salafism in Jordan, Joas Wagemakers presents the diversity among quietist Salafis on a range of ideological and political issues, particularly their relationship with the state. He expounds a detailed analysis of Salafism as a whole, whilst also showing how and why quietist Salafism in Jordan - through ideological tendencies, foreign developments, internal conflicts, regime involvement, theological challenges and regional turmoil - transformed from an independent movement into a politically domesticated one. Essential for graduate students and academic researchers interested in Middle Eastern politics and Salafism, this major contribution to the study of Salafism debunks stereotypes and offers insight into the development of a trend that still remains a mystery to many.
By:   Joas Wagemakers (Universiteit Utrecht The Netherlands)
Imprint:   Cambridge University Press
Country of Publication:   United Kingdom
Dimensions:   Height: 230mm,  Width: 153mm,  Spine: 20mm
Weight:   440g
ISBN:   9781316615256
ISBN 10:   1316615251
Pages:   312
Publication Date:   11 July 2018
Audience:   Professional and scholarly ,  Undergraduate
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active
Preface; Acknowledgements; Glossary; Notes on transliteration, names and dates; Part I. Ideology: 1. Global Salafi ideology; 2. Quietist Salafi ideology in Jordan; Part II. History: 3. The transnational history of Salafism in Jordan; 4. Fitna: quietist Salafi infighting in Jordan; 5. Quietist Salafism in Jordan after 9/11; Part III. Contestation: 6. Jihadi-Salafis join the fray; 7. The challenge of political Salafism.

Joas Wagemakers is an Assistant Professor of Islamic and Arabic Studies at Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands. His research focuses mainly on Salafism and particularly Salafi ideology; the Muslim Brotherhood; citizenship, women's rights and rights of the Shi'a in Saudi Arabia; and Hamas. He has published many chapters and articles in these fields as well as several books, including: A Quietist Jihadi: The Ideology and Influence of Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi (Cambridge, 2012), Salafisme (2014, co-authored with Martijn de Koning and Carmen Becker) and Islam in verandering: Vroomheid en vertier onder moslims binnen en buiten Nederland (2015, co-edited with Martijn de Koning).

Reviews for Salafism in Jordan: Political Islam in a Quietist Community

'A comprehensive and in-depth study about Salafism. Through the Jordanian paradigm, Joas Wagemakers' book goes as deep as possible in understanding the dynamics of 'Salafism' as a whole - its inner debates, its main theological and political issues, the histories of those who embody its main expression. It is a much-needed contribution to the understanding of a world-wide phenomenon, raising the issue of differences and commonalities between 'quietist' and 'jihadi' Salafism - and the possible crossovers between the two.' Bernard Rougier, Sorbonne Paris III University 'This is an excellent book. It is by far more than a history of quietist Salafism in Jordan. The first chapter is, in fact, the best introduction to Salafism to be found anywhere. This book confirms that Joas Wagemakers is by now the world's best expert on the topic. He covers all the aspects of Salafism and deepens our knowledge of the subject, not only by going into much greater detail [on] what Salafism is and its historical background ... [but] he is unsurpassed in analyzing the nuances between the different currents of Salafism, the quietists, the politicos and the jihadi-Salafis.' Roel Meijer, Radboud University Nijmegen 'Wagemakers is a sure guide through the labyrinth of Jordanian Salafi networks. This book provides a wealth of information and shows how events, both local and regional, have shaped the attitudes of quietist Salafis and their relationship to the state. Wagemakers adds depth and nuance to our understanding of Salafism in Jordan.' Henri Lauziere, Northwestern University, Illinois

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