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Smoking and Reproduction (1984): An Annotated Bibliography

Ernest L Abel



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CRC Press
28 January 2019
The annotated bibliography that follows summarizes some of the more important studies that have been published concerning smoking and its effects on the fetus along with reports of the various efforts that have been undertaken to reduce the impact of smoking during pregnancy. The material has been divided into topics to guide the reader and cross-references are included at the end of each section. An Author Index is also included to guide the reader to relevant publications when only an author's name is known. The following comments constitute an overall summary of the literature.
By:   Ernest L Abel
Imprint:   CRC Press
Country of Publication:   United Kingdom
Dimensions:   Height: 254mm,  Width: 178mm, 
Weight:   454g
ISBN:   9781138561885
ISBN 10:   1138561886
Series:   CRC Press Revivals
Pages:   160
Publication Date:   28 January 2019
Audience:   Professional and scholarly ,  Undergraduate
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active
Introduction 1.a Male Sexuality: Studies in Humans 1.b Male Sexuality: Studies in Animals 2.a Female Sexuality: Studies in Animals 3.a Fertility in Males: Studies in Humans 3.b Fertility in Males: Studies in Animals 4.a Fertility in Female: Menstruation 4.b Fertility in Female: Estrus Cycle in Animals 4.c Fertility in Female: Menopause 5.a Epidemiology of Smoking During Pregnancy 6.a Abortion: Studies in Women 6.b Abortion: Studies in Animals 7.a Distribution of Nicotine to Embryo and Fetus 8.a Effects of Fetal Cardiovascular Function: Studies in Humans 8.b Effects of Fetal Cardiovascular Function: Studies in Animals 9.a Maternal and Fetal Breathing and Fetal Movement 10.a Preterm Birth 11.a Teratogenicity: Studies in Humans 11.b Teratogenicity: Studies in Animals 12.a Birthweight: Studies in Humans 12.b Birthweight: Studies in Animals 13.a Perintal Mortality in Humans and Animals 14.a Apgar Scores 15.a Secretion into Milk, Milk Production and Breast Feeding: Studies in Humans 15.b Secretion into Milk, Milk Production and Breast Feeding: Studies in Animals 16.a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Studies in Humans 16.b Sudden Inafnt Death Syndrome: Studies in Animals 17.a Long-Term Effects: Childhood Respiratory Disorder 17.b Long-Term Effects: Growth Retardation 17.c Long-Term Effects: Eye Problems 17.d Long-Term Effects: Cognitive Impairment and Other Behavioral Disorders 17.e Long-Term Effects: Immunity 17.f Long-Term Effects: Cancer 18.a Mechanisms of Action: Nutrition 18.b Mechanisms of Action: Hypoxia 18.c Mechanisms of Action: Thiocyanate 18.d Mechanisms of Action: Blood Cells and Other Constituents 18.e Mechanisms of Action: Blood Flow and Volume 18. f Mechanismsof Action: Umbilical Arterial Damage 18.g Mechanisms of Action: Placental Damage 18.h Mechanisms of Action: Abruptio Placenta and Placenta Previa 18.i Mechanisms of Action: Placental Size and Physiology 18.j Mechanisms of Action: Placental Transport 18.k Mechanisms of Action: Other Complications of Pregnancy 18.l Mechanisms of Action: Chromosomal Anomalies 18.m Mechanisms of Action: Miscellaneous Effects 19.a Paternally Mediated Effects 20.a Education and Prevention 21.a Education and Prevention 21.a General Review Author Index

Ernest L. Abel, Ph.D., is acting Deputy Director at the Research Institute on Alcoholism, New York, State Division of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, Buffalo, N.Y.

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