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Just one piece from Professor Puzzle's brain-busting STEM puzzle range!

Guaranteed to give your brain a work out, this set contains four different wooden puzzles:

Science: Anti-Gravity Puzzle

Will you be able to work out how to remove the rocket from inside the cup without moving or touching the cup? No hands allowed!

Technology: Robot Transformer

Convert the cube into a robot. Will you be able to figure out the process to turn him back into a cube?

Engineering: Ball Bearing Test

Can you work out how to make the ball bearings sit at opposite ends of the puzzle?

Mathematics: Number Challenge

Will you be able to make every row add up to 10? Arrange the numbers 1-4 so that every horizontal and vertical row, and the two corner-to-corner diagonals rows equal 10.

By:   Puzzle
ISBN:   PRO200772
Format:   Other merchandise
Publisher's Status:   Active

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