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Putin's Playbook

Russia'S Secret Plan to Defeat America

Rebekah Koffler



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29 March 2022
The 'Russian collusion' hoax not only poisoned American politics but also sowed confusion about the real Russian threat to the United States. President Vladimir Putin wasn't colluding with the Trump campaign, but as a former U.S. intelligence specialist makes clear in this eye-opening book, the judo-loving ex-KGB agent most certainly has a plan to defeat the United States. Born and raised in the Soviet Union, Rebekah Koffler came to America as a young woman. After 9/11, she joined the Defense Intelligence Agency, devoting her career to protecting her new country. Now she reveals in chilling detail Putin's long-range plan - his 'playbook' - to weaken and subdue the United States, preparing for the war that he believes is inevitable. With the insight of a native, Koffler explains how Russians, formed by centuries of wartorn history, understand the world and their national destiny. The collapse of the Soviet empire, which Putin experienced as a vulnerable KGB agent in East Germany, was a catastrophic humiliation. Seeing himself as the modern 'Czar Vladimir' of a unique Slavic nation at war with the West, he is determined to restore Russia to its place as a great power. Koffler's analysis is enriched by her deeply personal account of her life in the Soviet Union. Devoted to her adopted homeland but concerned about the complacency of her fellow citizens, she appreciates American freedoms as only a survivor of totalitarianism can. An opportunity to view ourselves and the world through the eyes of our adversary, Putin's Playbook is a rare and compelling testimony that we ignore at our peril.
 Putin's Playbook: Russia's Secret Plan to Defeat America

Country of Publication:   Australia
ISBN:   9781922810007
ISBN 10:   1922810002
Pages:   464
Publication Date:  
Audience:   General/trade ,  ELT Advanced
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active

Rebekah Koffler is a Russian-born U.S. intelligence expert. Working with the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency's National Clandestine Service, she has led 'red' teams during wargames and briefed the Pentagon, the White House, and NATO on Russian affairs. U.S. military commanders have called her a 'national asset', and she received the National Intelligence Professional Award. Now an independent consultant, Rebekah has been prominently featured across Fox News, The Hill, The Daily Caller, The Washington Times, and in numerous other publications. She lives near Washington, D.C., with her husband, the journalist Keith Koffler, and their children.

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