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Press Here! Face Workouts for Beginners

Pressure Techniques to Tone and Define Naturally

Nadira V Persaud



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Fair Winds Press
18 February 2020
Series: Press Here!
Face Workouts for Beginners (Press Here!) offers age-defying results through a series of easy-to-follow pressure and massage techniques, which can be used as part of your daily skincare regime. Benefits of facial workouts are more than aesthetics; a daily workout can have remarkable results in the way you feel. You'll be encouraged to focus on the feeling of each movement to identify problem areas or muscle tension in the face which can display deep lines, sagging skin, and an overall tired appearance. Through the power of touch and focused breathing, these simple routines will help you feel more energized, de-stress, and maintain a toned and firm facial structure without the use of specialized equipment, whether you want to see a transformation immediately or over time. The Press Here! series offers contemporary takes on traditional hands-on healing practices for a new generation of practitioners. These introductory guides feature easy-to-access organization, clear instructions, and beautiful illustrations of each technique. Other Press Here! topics include massage, reiki, reflexology, and acupressure.
By:   Nadira V Persaud
Imprint:   Fair Winds Press
Country of Publication:   United States
Dimensions:   Height: 216mm,  Width: 165mm, 
ISBN:   9781592339426
ISBN 10:   1592339425
Series:   Press Here!
Pages:   128
Publication Date:   18 February 2020
Audience:   General/trade ,  ELT Advanced
Format:   Hardback
Publisher's Status:   Active
INTRODUCTION This chapter introduces the practice and discusses where it began, the basis for the treatments, and the known benefits.CHAPTER ONE: HOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR WORKOUTS Explains how to leave inhibitions behind while practicing the workouts. This chapter also includes breath awareness. * Environment and settingstanding, sitting, good light * Propsmirror * Equipmentrich moisturizer or facial oil with note on how to apply (warm into palms of hands, inhale scent, andpress on). For eye workout: eye cream or eye serum strictly around eyes only Focused breathing to relax Inhibitionscontorted facial expressions and being aware of each movement and areas articulated or manipulatedCHAPTER TWO: FULL FACEWARM UP AND WAKE UP! This chapter has the first sequence of exercises for the entire face with an emphasis on warming up muscles and improving circulation. These sequences include some non-contact exercises to reawakenan ideal daily morning routine. There is an additional note on the ideal environment to perform these in. 5 deep breaths to get in the zone Roll shoulders backloosen shoulders, helps posture Neck stretch both sides Full face motionmuscle relaxer and release Full face circulationjaw muscle releaser, mouth activated Contortion, tongue outmaking sounds/vibrations, activate throat/mouth/jaw/neck Sweep eyesreduce fluid retention Full face releaserbreathe, expand chest and cheeks/mouth to release tension Cheek massagegrasp hands over face, use thenar/mount of Venus to circulate Forehead massage to circulate Nasal pressure pointrelease tension and fluid retention Inner eye pressure pointrelease tension and fluid retention Eyebrowpress, hold technique to release tension and reenergize Foreheadpress, hold technique to release tension and reenergize Hair/headpull hair to wake up scalp, release tension, and reenergize Head massagefingers circulating scalp, can help blood flow and hair growthCHAPTER THREE: JAW, EARS, NECK, AND CHEST MANEUVERS Manipulation and pressure techniques provide an immediate release of muscular tension, therefore, more focused breathing is required with eyes closed. These neck and chest motions increase circulation to reenergize and aid dispersion, that is, move toxins and improve skins texture, including tightening and reducing breakouts. This chapter also highlights common tense and tender areas. Includes jaw conditions such as lock jaw and teeth grinding. * 5 deep breaths * Roll shoulders back * Jaw jointactive, hook shape with fingers, press, and hold on joint * Jaw jointfollow as before, then open and close mouth slowly * Jaw jointunder lobes, press and hold to release tension * Jawlinepinch/slow release technique to release tension, fluid, improve quality of skin * Jawlineslow thumb press under jawline, activates neck, releases tension, fluids and transforms jawline overtime by reducing sagging * Jawlinepress and hold technique, emphasise the breath, learn how to release tender areas * Chinknuckling technique in small circular motions from center to release tension * Chinfinger grip, press to release * Neckone movement, pressure from nape of neck down to collarbone * Neckone movement, pressure behind ears down neck * Neckhands to sweep upward * Collarbone detox techniquemassage collarbone Earstug/pull to release tension, learn how to massage inner ear Earsscrunch ears to release tension and activate blood flow Earspressure points along ear Contortion, neck backmove jaw, intensely training jaw and under neck to tighten Contortion, neck backas before, slowly moving jaw up and down 4 secs up/4 secs downCHAPTER FOUR: MOUTH IN MOTION This chapter offers efficient techniques, externally and internally, to help prevent symptoms like sagging, down-turned mouth, and trauma lines. The reader will be guided through traditional and unconventional methods to apply pressure in areas unlikely ever activated or manipulated and must be administered no more than once a week. 5 deep breaths Warm up lipsblow through mouth to vibrate Inflated cheekshold to activate, targets trauma lines Sucked in cheeksworking progress to achieve full sucked in cheeks evenly Push tongue into cheekspressure activates difficult zones (good post-recovery post-trauma) Finger between lipspierce lips, move finger in and out with mouth muscles Push tongue into lower liptargets sad resting face and sagging Press edge of lips, relaxed, try to smile by resisting, 5 times Smile, press lip edge, try to pierce lips together, 5 times Biting lips insidesensation, plump lip effectCHAPTER FIVE: SCULPTED CHEEKS This intense workout guides readers through dynamic, slow, and steady motions to offer optimum results. The reader is instructed to use a rich moisturizer or facial oil. There will be notes on being able to breathe through some discomfort. Warning: must not experience immense pain or shooting painmust seek medical advice if this occurs. * 5 deep breaths * Pressure points at nasal passagepress and hold technique * Pressure under and along cheekboneswarm up cheekbones with fingers, repeat 5 times * Pressure under and along cheekbonesknuckle adding pressure gradually, repeat 5 times * Press and hold under and along cheekboneshold for 5 seconds and breathe * Press and hold under cheekbones downwardworks from nasal passage to ear, hollow of cheek * Press and hold under cheekbones downward as beforemouth opens on each move, hollow of cheek * Full fist/knuckles into cheekbonesguidance on holding breathing and pressure with instructions to stretchmouth open. * Motion thumbs upward from chin to under cheekbone and holdwork along cheekbones * Intense finger presspress and hold 10 seconds, hollow near jaw joint (not recommended post dental treatment)CHAPTER SIX: FIRM FRONTAL The reader is instructed to use facial oil to allow smooth motions and use brows as a guide. This series delivers relief to frontal bossing and can soften frown lines. There are notes on how to practice avoiding frown lines. Includes a reminder about no pressure being applied to temples. Warning: must not experience immense ongoing discomfort or shooting pain. Seek medical advice if head pain occurs. * 5 deep breaths * Pitter patter forehead * Massage gently on temples Massage upwardalternating upward sweeps Massage centerone motion, between brows up Press inner browsmall circular motion with pressure Index fingers pray on inner browmove up slowly to hairline (can be one motion around forehead back to start) Forehead verticalknuckles glide in upward stroke from inner brow up to hairline, work along to end of brow Forehead horizontalwith knuckles glide along brows from inner to end, move upward to final point at hairline Frown linesknuckles in between brows onlyslow linear upward motion Frown linescircular motion with knuckle in between brows.CHAPTER SEVEN: OPTIC VERVE This chapter contains the most minimal workout, yet most effective techniques to revive and depuff the orbital area, as well as improved strengthening to help prevent hooded eyes. With eyes being the most delicate part of the face, the reader is advised to use a gentle touch with an eye cream or eye serum on very specific areas. There are notes to explain that these workouts must be performed in front of a mirror to ensure contact is made with accuracy. * Pitter patter over closed eyes * Massage over eyelids (closed eyes)small movements * Orbital massagerthumb and forefinger placed around eyebones, gentle pressure, slow massage * Tap around eyesmotion is gently clockwise, the anti-clockwise as warm up * Inner eye pressure point (see Chapter 1) * Push up, press and hold brows with movementstrengthening brow (note not to frown) * Knuckle under browknuckle strokes to pronounce contours * Pull outer eye (one at a time)index finger circulate outer orbital area (avoid hollows, not for those with extremesagging around eyes) * Pull outer eye (one at a time)index finger gentle outward sweep (avoid hollows, not for those with extremesagging around eyes)CHAPTER EIGHT: SKIN ILLUMINATION WORKBOOK The reader will experience an uplifting feeling, as well as a noticeable radiant complexion with the pinch and hold technique and are advised to use facial oil with a like-able scent and focused breathing as each pinch offers intense release and each hold lasts 5 seconds. There are notes on the accuracy of each zone. * 5 deep breaths with cupping over face, inhale. Relaxing technique * One continuous motionfrom cupping, glide over cheeks, forehead, nose, cheeks, ears * Neck to chinmassage (both hands alternating) upward 5 times * Collarbone pressclosed fingers circulate chest along collarbone (lots of pressure) * Cross hands over chin, sweep along jaw to flush toxins 5 times * Index fingers align nose (thumbs under chin) with pressure sweep along cheeks * Pinch jawpinch and hold techniquehold each area along jaw, start at chinhold 5 secstoward ear * Tapping eyesreawaken and improve circulation * Pinch sides of mouthfollow up to nose * Pinch from side of nosealong apples of cheeks to ear * Pinch under cheekbones from nose to ear * Relaxinhale facial oil scent, cupping, then press palms on cheeks circulate * Relaxpress palms over brows * Relaxpress heal of palms on forehead, circulate * Pitter patter fingers over face * Repeat CHAPTER NINE: TWO-MINUTE GLOW AND LIFT This is a quick routine to revive skin and circulation. They are a fast and effective way to relieve tension, pressure, and headaches and are ideal for a work break.Two-minute Glow and Lift express workout (cross reference techniques from Chapter 3, 5, 7, and 8) Deep breaths into continuous massage routine with facial oil as per Chapter 8 Jawlinepressure with thumbs along jawline Cross hands over chin, sweep along jaw to flush toxins Index fingers align nose (thumbs under chin) with pressure sweep along cheeks Earsscrunch, screw up ears Pressure under and along cheekbones, once Pinch under cheekbones from nose to ear Knuckle under and along brows Tap around eyes to finishSpeedy De-stress Workout (cross reference Chapters 3, 4, and 6). Aimed to be performed anywhere in a short time without the use of oils. 5 deep breaths Roll shoulder back Grab and pinch shoulder to soothe Temple massage Tapping eyeswake up and improve circulation Neckone movement, pressure from nape of neck down to collarbone Neck stretch both sides Inflated cheekshold to activate, targets trauma lines Sucked in cheeksworking progress to achieve full sucked in cheeks evenly Frown linesknuckles in between brows onlysmall linear upward motion Frown linesCircular motion with knuckle in between brows.INDEX AND CREDITS

International make-up artist Nadira V Persaud offers a unique holistic approach to beauty. While building an enviable portfolio of work in TV, advertising, fashion, and beauty, for clients such as Vogue, GQ, Agent Provocateur, and Dolce and Gabana, Nadira has gained recognition for her beauty brand consultancy, as well as being a contributor to top glossy and industry magazines and online platforms. She lives in London, England.

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