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Marcel Dekker Inc
25 October 2004
Electrochemistry & magnetochemistry
The study of electrochemistry is pertinent to a wide variety of fields, including bioenergetics, environmental sciences, and engineering sciences. In addition, electrochemistry plays a fundamental role in specific applications as diverse as the conversion and storage of energy and the sequencing of DNA.

Intended both as a basic course for undergraduate students and as a reference work for graduates and researchers, Analytical and Physical Electrochemistry covers two fundamental aspects of electrochemistry: electrochemistry in solution and interfacial electrochemistry. By bringing these two subjects together into a single volume, the author clearly establishes the links between the physical foundation and the analytical applications of electrochemistry.

The philosophy of Analytical and Physical Electrochemistry has been to publish all the mathematical derivations in detail, allowing you, if you so desire, to follow the calculations that lead to the main results. With this rigorous approach, the author has provided a book of reference constructed from first principles. In this respect, the nomenclature and standards of the IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) are observed.
By:   Hubert H. Girault (Lab of Electrochemistry Lausanne Switzerland)
Imprint:   Marcel Dekker Inc
Country of Publication:   United States
Dimensions:   Height: 279mm,  Width: 216mm,  Spine: 30mm
Weight:   930g
ISBN:   9780824753573
ISBN 10:   0824753577
Pages:   431
Publication Date:   25 October 2004
Audience:   College/higher education ,  Primary
Format:   Hardback
Publisher's Status:   Active
Preface Preface to the Original French Version ELECTROCHEMICAL POTENTIAL Electrochemical Potential of Ions Electrochemical Potential of Electrons ELECTROCHEMICAL EQUILIBRIA Redox Reactions at Metallic Electrodes Cells and Accumulators Pourbaix Diagrams Electrochemical Equilibria at the Interface Between Two Electrolytes Analytical Applications to Potentiometry Ion Exchange Membranes Appendix: The Respiratory Chain ELECTROLYTE SOLUTIONS Liquids Thermodynamic Aspects of Solvation Structural Aspects of Ionic Solvation Ion-Ion Interactions Ion Pairs Computational Methods Appendix TRANSPORT IN SOLUTION Transport in Electrolyte Solutions Conductivity of Electrolyte Solutions Influence of Concentration on Conductivity Dielectric Friction Thermodynamics of Irreversible Systems Statistical Aspects of Diffusion Appendix: Elements of Fluid Mechanics ELECTRIFIED INTERFACES Interfacial Tension Interfacial Thermodynamics Thermodynamics of Electrified Interfaces Spatial Distribution of Polarization Charges Structure of Electrochemical Interfaces ELECTROKINETIC PHENOMENA AND ELECTROCHEMICAL SEPARATION METHODS Electrokinetic Phenomena Capillary Electrophoresis Electrophoretic Methods of Analytical Separation Electrophoretic Separation of Biopolymers Ion Chromatography Industrial Methods of Electrochemical Separation STEADY STATE AMPEROMETRY Electrochemical Kinetics Current Controlled by the Kinetics of the Redox Reactions Reversible Systems: Current Limited by Diffusion Electrodes with a Diffusion Layer of Controlled Thickness Quasi-Reversible Systems: Current Limited by Kinetics and Diffusion Irreversible Systems: Current Limited by Kinetics and Diffusion Quasi-Reversible Systems: Current Limited by Diffusion, Migration, and Kinetics Experimental Aspects of Amperometry PULSE VOLTAMMETRY Chronoamperometry Following a Potential Step Polarography Square Wave Voltammetry Stripping Voltammetry Thin Layer Voltammetry Amperometric Detectors for Chromatography ELECTROCHEMICAL IMPEDANCE Transfer Function Elementary Circuits Impedance of an Electrochemical System AC Voltammetry CYCLIC VOLTAMMETRY Electrochemically Reversible Reactions with Semi-Infinite Linear Diffusion Influence of the Kinetics EC Reactions Electron Transfer at Liquid/Liquid Interfaces Assisted Ion Transfer at Liquid/Liquid Interfaces Surface Reactions Hemi-Spherical Diffusion Voltabsorptometry Semi-Integration ANNEX A: VECTOR ANALYSIS Coordinate Systems Circulation of the Field Vector The Vector Gradient Flux of the Field Vector The Green-Ostrogradski Theorem ANNEX B: WORK FUNCTIONS AND STANDARD REDOX POTENTIALS SYMBOLS INDEX

Reviews for Analytical and Physical Electrochemistry

[A]n innovative textbook [T]his new edition gathers the physical bases of electroanalytical techniques, including electrophoretic methods, in a single volume. The strength of the book is its excellent illustrative presentation, which includes 272 figures and schematic diagrams. This book covers both fundamental and current aspects of analytical and physical electrochemistry. It is suitable for use in a basic undergraduate course and as an advanced reference for graduate students, researchers, and electrochemical engineers. This book should serve as a popular reference for both the English and French communities of electrochemistry. - Analytical Chemistry

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