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Gross Anatomy Dissector

Carlos A. Suarez-Quinn


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Oxford University Press Inc
24 February 2012
Medicine; Anatomy
Note: Purchase of the Online Guided Gross Anatomy Dissector provides the user with a one-year online subscription. The study of gross anatomy presents unique challenges: students confront a daunting volume of new and complex information within time constraints for proving their mastery and faculty are charged with delivering high-quality courses in decreased curricular hours. Where can they turn for help? The Online Guided Gross Anatomy Dissector is an innovative learning tool that addresses the needs of both students and faculty, with proven success. The Suarez Dissector makes possible the teaching of all anatomy, head-to-toe, in a rigorous yet approachable manner. Several features make it a favorite among students and faculty alike: *Over 2,000 original photographs of cadavers (superficial to deep) present a visual in-lab dissection guide, eliminating the need for reading lengthy how to dissect descriptions and maximizing dissecting efficiency. *41 dissection videos enable students to envision the dissection ahead of time, making them better prepared for the laboratory. *327 interactive, multi-labeled flash cards are included--at no additional charge--for the students to test and reinforce their knowledge of the material. *Its streamlined, modular nature allows faculty to assign the Suarez Dissector as the exclusive laboratory tutorial, or to pick and choose individual sections for self-directed learning of gross anatomy. *Its portability makes it ideal for reviewing anatomy from home, from the library, from the cafe--anywhere accessible to the Internet. The anatomy is presented precisely as a first-year student encounters it, dissects it, and is assessed on it. Concise, interactive dissection instructions promote student initiative to dissect, resulting in more efficient use of time in the laboratories. Interactive, Multi-Labeled Flash Cards Increase Retention Included, at no additional charge, are 327 interactive, multi-labeled flash cards. Using images from the Dissector, Dr. Suarez-Quian has created interactive identification exercises that review the location of important nerves, organs, vessels, muscles, bones, and tissues. Without additional expense, students can prep for course, SHELF, and Board exams. The exercises are located at the end of each module so students can easily navigate between quizzing themselves and referring back to the original material.
By:   Carlos A. Suarez-Quinn
Imprint:   Oxford University Press Inc
Country of Publication:   United States
Dimensions:   Height: 229mm,  Width: 152mm,  Spine: 2mm
Weight:   34g
ISBN:   9780878936052
ISBN 10:   087893605X
Publication Date:   24 February 2012
Audience:   College/higher education ,  Primary
Format:   Other merchandise
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CARLOS A. SUAREZ-QUIAN, Ph.D. Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology at the Georgetown University Medical Center, USA, where he has researched and taught gross anatomy since 1987. Dr. Suarez-Quian has directed the first-year Gross Anatomy course in the School of Medicine for the past 10 years, and also teaches the fourth-year elective in Clinical Gross Anatomy. He studies the role of androgens in spermatogenesis, and has published over 60 peer-reviewed papers in his field of study. Dr. Suarez-Quian has received numerous teaching awards, including the Golden Apple and the Geza Illes Award in Gross Anatomy and the Kaiser-Permanente Teaching Award granted by his faculty peers. In May 2008, he was inducted into the MAGIS Society of Master Teachers, the highest award Georgetown bestows on a faculty member at the Medical School.

Reviews for Gross Anatomy Dissector

'Dr. Suarez's electronic dissector helped me immensely when I was away from the lab at Georgetown. It was a great way to review the anatomical structures at home, at a friend's house, at a coffee shop--anywhere, at any time of the day. The pictures were incredibly clear and well-labeled, and the Suarez Dissector progressed in such an organized fashion that I felt as if I were following a live dissection. I would recommend it highly for all students to use as a tool to review their dissections away from the lab, as well as a way to test themselves on the structures at home.' - Georgina Ferzli, Second-Year Medical Student, SUNY Downstate Medical School 'Thank you so much for giving me access to your anatomy website! I really appreciate the login information as well as the tips! I ended with 90% on my musculoskeletal practical! ! I received a 40/40 on the last practical and used your program to review! Thank you!' - Sara Hampton, First-Year Medical Student, Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine 'I used the Suarez Dissector to learn thoracic, GI, and pelvis gross anatomy as a Master's student. I felt as prepared as the medical students for the gross anatomy exams and my scores proved it. I've now had the opportunity to dissect as a first-year medical student and still use the Suarez Dissector as my guide because it is so thorough and easy to follow. The ease of use makes it my go-to source for a quick guide to gross anatomy. Thinking ahead to my clinical years I'm relieved that brushing up on my anatomy prior to working a case will no longer require me to waste time going to the library--it will all be there at my fingertips.' - Arjun Pendharkar, First-Year Class President, Georgetown University School of Medicine 'Using the Suarez Dissector to learn anatomy is fantastic. Sure, textbooks are helpful, but the colored illustrations offer nothing in the way of their true appearance in the body. The Dissector helped me to appreciate anatomy, layer by layer, through clearly labeled high-def pictures of a real human body. It's undoubtedly the best study aid I used to help me learn anatomy without having to step foot in the cadaver lab.' - Nick Lekic, First-Year Medical Student, Georgetown University School of Medicine 'I couldn't believe it, and still can't. I learned anatomy on my laptop! I was a member of the first class to use the Suarez Dissector as a graduate student. Tackling anatomy alongside medical students was not a simple feat; yet, the Dissector was always there when I needed to study, and has remained an invaluable asset to my learning. I am now a second-year medical student. I knew a lot starting my dissections in the anatomy lab and always returned to the Dissector to study. Yes, dissection is interesting. I love it and plan to do it again in preparation for becoming a surgeon. Still, I never envied other medical students forced to study exclusively on cadavers; rather, I was always the object of envy by having the ability to flip open my laptop and quickly and easily access all the information I could ever have needed to pass my exams with honors. I know that when studying for Step 1 comes along, I will again turn to the Dissector to study gross anatomy, leaving me extra time to tackle other subjects.' - Vinny DiMaggio, Second-Year Class President, Georgetown University School of Medicine 'I had no idea how easy Dr. Suarez made gross anatomy for us by writing his Dissector. I am now in my third-year clinical rotations and wishing I still had access to it. We are sometimes given only 20--30 minutes to review anatomy in preparation for a case in the OR. As one can imagine, there is no time to hit the library, find a book, and obtain the necessary information. It would be great if I could, once again, go online and study the anatomy in the Suarez Dissector before being subjected to questioning by the attendings. I think my colleagues would agree when I say that there are certain things an anatomy book cannot capture that the Suarez Dissector does. ' - Amanda Trotter, Third-Year Medical Student, Georgetown University School of Medicine

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