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China Soft
01 January 2012
Languages & ESL; Chinese - Texts; Chinese - Teachers' Resources; Chinese - Languages
Series: Ni Hao

Ni Hao 5 is a further advanced level to Ni Hao 4 and is the fifth and final stage in the series. It is suited to senior high school students in grade 12.


In this level Pinyin is no longer used on new characters. Students are encouraged to use their knowledge of the Chinese language to decipher words and meanings to prepare them for reading real life material.


Ni Hao 5 includes wider range of vocabulary, phrases and popular expressions to allow students to hold descriptive and detailed conversations, express their opinions on topical issues and communicate articulately in a range of common situations.


Topics include

o        to study or work, pressures, fractions
o        special skills, future careers
o        making decisions, asking opinions, considering options
o        living at home, renting
o        city life, country life
o        aspirations for the future, hobbies
o        geographical locations, area, population, surroundings
o        historical events and attractions
o        family circumstances, common goals
o        Chinese paintings, calligraphy, taichi, fengshui, Beijing opera
o        family reunion, different views
o        love and marriage
o        Tang poems


Textbook and Workbook sample PDFs

Student Textbook
Student Workbook


Audio CDs

As it is vital to have clear sound, all Ni Hao series audio CDs are professionally recorded and spoken by professional announcers to achieve the highest quality for students to clearly hear the material.


The audio CDs are designed to be used by the teacher in the classroom and by students at home. They include all the language sections in the textbook and the listening comprehension sections in the workbook.


The sections; "Conversation", "Learn the sentences" and "New word and expressions" have a time space for student repetition.


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By:   Fredlein Shumang & Fredlein Paul
Imprint:   China Soft
ISBN:   9781876739706
ISBN 10:   1876739703
Series:   Ni Hao
Publication Date:   01 January 2012
Language:   Chinese
Format:   CD-ROM
Publisher's Status:   Active

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