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Auerbach Publishers Inc.
18 October 2001
Internet guides & online services; Maintenance & repairs; Computer networking & communications; Network management
What is the business model for making money on the Internet and how does it function? The answer to this question will determine the shape of the Internet over the near term. As the Internet business model continues to evolve, so will Internet management. And with the demise of the Internet greatly exaggerated, it will continue to be a driving force for business in the future. Keeping you up-to-date with the latest thinking in this field, New Directions in Internet Management gives you an encyclopedia of Internet management know-how. Most Internet-related books present in-depth coverage of one particular technology or application. Not this one. It provides you with a strategic and tactical view of the entire Internet landscape, what the technologies and applications are, how they work together, and how to plan for them. You get advice from battle-scarred experts on everything from choosing the right Web database to finding a reliable Web consultant, from security to performance management. Detailed and instructive case studies, examples, and hundreds illustrations supplement the coverage. Focusing exclusively on the management aspects of Internet development and maintenance, New Directions in Internet Management shows you how to leverage Internet technology while abiding by time-honored business practices.
Edited by:   Sanjiv Purba (Infomaxium Inc. North York Ontario Canada)
Imprint:   Auerbach Publishers Inc.
Country of Publication:   United Kingdom
Edition:   2nd edition
Dimensions:   Height: 235mm,  Width: 156mm,  Spine: 53mm
Weight:   1.297kg
ISBN:   9780849311604
ISBN 10:   0849311608
Series:   Best Practices
Pages:   824
Publication Date:   18 October 2001
Audience:   Professional and scholarly ,  Professional and scholarly ,  General/trade ,  Undergraduate ,  Further / Higher Education
Format:   Hardback
Publisher's Status:   Active
Introduction INTERNET TRENDS Turning E-Business Barriers into Strengths, Dave Schuette The Superhighway: Information Infrastructure Initiatives, K.G. Knightson Application Service Providers: A New CIO Option, L. Allen The Management Service Provider Option, J. Butler K-Commerce: Knowledge-Based Commerce Architecture with Convergence of E-Commerce and Knowledge Management, R. Kocharekar STRATEGIC AND BUSINESS ISSUES Return on Internet Investment: Measuring the Success of Online Business Solutions, J. Seasholtz Using the Internet to Improve Competitive Position and Reduce Costs, H. Tibbetts Web and Java Risk Issues, L.L. Soe and F. Gallegos Managing Risk in Electronic Commerce, C.A. Siegel Single Sign-On for the Enterprise, J.R. Vacca INTERNET INFRASTRUCTURE FROM THE GROUND UP Developing E-Business Architecture, S. Padmanabharao Understanding the Internet Protocol: The IP in TCP/IP, G. Held Expanding Internet Support with IPv6, G. Held Implementing Voice over IP, G. Held Bridging Strategies for LAN Internets, N.J. Muller Choosing and Equipping an Internet Server, N.J. Muller Gracefully Transitioning from SNA to IP: Why, How, and When? A. Guruge SYSTEM INTEGRATION Web-to-Host Connectivity Tools in Information Systems, N. Bajgoric Real-Life Case Studies of Web-to-Host Integration, A. Guruge Integrating Information Systems into the World Wide Web, C.-M. Chiu, M. Bieber, C.-F. Lin, and S.-Y. Sun Integrating the Web and Enterprisewide Business Systems, C.-Y. Lin Integrated Reporting Architecture, W. Thomas Publishing Host Data Using 3270-to-HTML Conversion, C. Colomb INTERNET VARIATIONS AND APPLICATIONS Implementing and Supporting Extranets, P.Q. Maier Challenges of Intranet Implementation, N.J. Muller Application Servers: The Next Wave in Corporate Intranets and Internet Access, L.M. Lindgren Web Site Design and Performance for Intranets, R.L. Kliem Managing Risk in an Intranet Environment, R.L. Kliem WIRELESS AND MOBILE SOLUTIONS: EXPANDING THE INTERNET INFRASTRUCTURE Wireless Communications for Voice and Data, A. Llana, Jr. Wireless Data Networking, N.J. Muller Wireless Technology Impacts the Enterprise Network, A. Llana, Jr. Mobile Database Interoperability: Architecture and Functionality, A. Si Does WAP Fill the Gap? C. Colomb WEB SITE MANAGEMENT Web Site Design for Managers, L.L. Soe Web Content Management, C. Banyay Internet Site Development in a Bandwidth-Hungry World: An Enterprise Dilemma, D. Gonneau Selecting a Web Server Connection Rate, G. Held MANAGING INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET Creating Internet Server Documents with HTML, G. Held Java Enabled Data Warehousing, F. Neufeld A Guide to Web-Enabled Data Warehouses, M. Ayala-Bush and W. Kuketz Bridging Legacy Data with XML, F. Cullen Publishing Database Information on the World Wide Web, J.A. Larson and C.L. Larson Web-Enabling Image and Sound Objects in Database Tables, J.M. Myerson Database Management and the Internet: Developments and Challenges, B. Thuraisingham INTERNET SECURITY Security and the Internet, G. Held Internet Security Architecture, C.A. Siegel Mitigating E-Business Security Risks: Public Key Infrastructures in the Real World, D.C. Merrill and E. Feigenbaum Getting Started with PKI, H. DeMaio Digital Signatures in Relational Database Applications, M. Prevost A Primer on Cracking: Part 1, E. Skoudis A Primer on Cracking: Part 2, E. Skoudis Protecting Data and Systems from Internet Viruses, T. Reid Types of Firewalls, E.E. Schultz Assessing and Combating the Sniffer Threats, E.E. Schultz OPERATIONS AND POST IMPLEMENTATION CONSIDERATIONS Supporting a Web Site, G. Held Web Server Monitoring, P. Welter Web Traffic Analysis: Analyzing What Is Happening on Your Site, M. McClure Guaranteeing Internet Service Levels: TCP Rate Control, B. Packer and P. Thomas MSPs: Monitoring and Managing E-Commerce, Y. Shah Using Intelligent Agents to Maximize the Benefits of the World Wide Web, B.J. Haley and Kelly Mega. Hilmer Auditing a Corporate Web Site, M.G. Irving Appendices Appendix A: Internet Development Resources About the Editor Index

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