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Models and Applications of Chaos Theory in Modern Sciences

Elhadj Zeraoulia (University of Tebessa, Algeria)



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Science Publishers,U.S.
01 September 2011
This book presents a select group of papers that provide a comprehensive view of the models and applications of chaos theory in medicine, biology, ecology, economy, electronics, mechanical, and the human sciences. Covering both the experimental and theoretical aspects of the subject, it examines a range of current topics of interest. It considers the problems arising in the study of discrete and continuous time chaotic dynamical systems modeling the several phenomena in nature and society--highlighting powerful techniques being developed to meet these challenges that stem from the area of nonlinear dynamical systems theory.
By:   Elhadj Zeraoulia (University of Tebessa Algeria)
Imprint:   Science Publishers,U.S.
Country of Publication:   United States
Dimensions:   Height: 254mm,  Width: 178mm,  Spine: 46mm
Weight:   1.474kg
ISBN:   9781578087228
ISBN 10:   1578087228
Pages:   742
Publication Date:   01 September 2011
Audience:   College/higher education ,  Primary
Format:   Hardback
Publisher's Status:   Active
MODELS AND APPLICATIONS OF CHAOS THEORY IN MEDICINE A Chaotic View of Behavior Change: A Quantum Leap for Health Promotion: K. Resnicow and R. Vaughan Crisis and Chaos in Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity: T. Baranowski Memory in Astrocytes: A Hypothesis: R.M. Caudle Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos in a Fractional-Order HIV Model: H. Ye and Y. Ding Research on the Relation of EEG Signal Chaos Characteristics with High-Level Intelligence Activity of Human Brain: X.Y. Wang, M. Juan, G.L.Tan and L.X. Zou Nonlinear Filtering of Oscillatory Measurements in Cardiovascular Applications: R.Vepa Temporal Redistribution of Plantar Pressure Points in the Healthy and Diabetics: A Time Series Analysis of the Neuro-Capillary Chaos: D.V. Oberoi, C. Pradhan, C.J. Kumar and S.C. D'Souza MODELS AND APPLICATIONS OF CHAOS THEORY IN BIOLOGY An Astrobiological Thought on Sustainable Life: T. Naganuma Matrix Frequency Analysis of Oryza Sativa (Japonica Cultivar-Group) Complete Genomes: K. Manikandakumar, S.M. Kumaran and R. Srikumar * The Capabilities of Chaos and Complexity: D.L. Abel MODELS AND APPLICATIONS OF CHAOS THEORY IN ECOLOGY A Unified Approach of Catastrophic Events: S. Nikolopoulos, P. Kapiris, K. Karamanos and K. Eftaxias Evolutionary Geomorphology: Thresholds and Nonlinearity in Landform Response to Environmental Change: J.D. Phillips MODELS AND APPLICATIONS OF CHAOS THEORY IN ECONOMICS Physics and the Foundations of Economic Science: Comments in Memory of Ilya Prigogine: Richard H. Day Neumannian Economy in Multi-Agent Approach Investigation of Stability and Instability in Economic Growth: Katalin Martinas Theoretical Aspects of the Economic Transition: Case of Romania: Cezar Scarlat and Eugen I. Scarlat Complex Dynamics in a Nonlinear Cobweb Model For Real Estate Market: Junhai Ma and Lingling Mu Chaos Models in Economics: Sorin Vlad, Paul Pascu and Nicolae Morariu Complex Dynamics of an Adnascent-type Game Model: Baogui Xin, Junhai Ma and Qin Gao A Production-Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items with Production Disruptions: Yong He and Ju He Nonlinear Noise Estimation in International Stock Markets: Coarse-Grained Entropy Method: Yong Fang MODELS AND APPLICATIONS OF CHAOS THEORY IN ELECTRONICS Simple Chaotic Oscillator: From Mathematical Model to Practical Experiment: J. Petrzela, Z. Kolka and S. Hanus A Robust Chaos-Based True Random Number Generator Embedded in Reconfigurable Switched-Capacitor Hardware: M. Drutarovsky and P. Galajda Conservative Chaos Generators with CCII+ Based on Mathematical Model of Nonlinear Oscillator: J. Petrzela and J. Slezak MODELS AND APPLICATIONS OF CHAOS THEORY IN THE HUMAN SCIENCES Ancient and Current Chaos Theories: G. Gunduz Complex Freedom: D. Penjak An Understanding of Language Development Models-Pidginization from the Perspective of Chaos Theory: G. Zhao Chaos and Natural Language Processing: M. Crisan Discrete Phase-Locked Loop Systems and Spreadsheets: S. Abramovich, E. Kudryashova, G.A. Leonov and S. Sugden Modeling Complex Spatial Dynamics of Two-Population Interaction in Urbanization Process: Y. Chen and F. Xu Characterizing Growth and Form of Fractal Cities with Allometric Scaling Exponents: Y. Chen Estimating the Distribution of Dynamic Invariants: Illustrated with an Application to Human Photo-Plethysmographic Time Series: M. Small Asymmetry, Symmetry and Beauty: H. Sabelli, A. Lawandow and A.R. Kopra Nonlinear Dynamics in Psychology: S.J. Guastello MODELS AND APPLICATIONS OF CHAOS THEORY IN THE MECHANICAL SCIENCES Chemical Reactivity Dynamics and Quantum Chaos in Highly Excited Hydrogen Atoms in an External Field: A Quantum Potential Approach: P.K. Chattaraj and B. Maiti Regular and Chaotic Motion of a Bush-Shaft System with Tribological Processes: J. Awrejcewicz and Y. Pyryev Relaxed Plasma Equilibria and Entropy-Related Plasma Self-Organiza Principles: R.L.Dewar, M.J. Hole, M. MeGann, R. Mills and S.R. Hodson Generalized Complexity and Classical-Quantum Transition: A.M. Kowalski, A. Plastino and M. Casas A New Mechanical Model for Particle Transport by Surface Waves and Applications: M. Ragulskis, E. Sakyte, J.M. Seoane and M.A.F. Sanjuan Chaotic Behavior of the Biharmonic Dynamics System: V.S. Aslanov Modeling, Chaotic Behavior and Control of Dissipation Properties of Hysteretic Systems: J. Awrejcewicz and L. Dzyubak Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos of Microcantilever-Based TM-AFMs with Squeeze Film Damping Effects: W.M. Zhang , G. Meng, J.B. Zhou and J.Y. Chen Mathematical Identification of Homogenisation Processes in Argon Stirred Ladle: K. Michalek and K. Gryc Analysis of a Nonlinear Aeroelastic System with Parametric Uncertainties Using Polynomial Chaos Expansion: A. Desai and S. Sarkar Chaos Synchronization Criteria and Costs of Sinusoidally Coupled Horizontal Patform Systems: J. Cai, X. Wu and S. Chen

Dr. Elhadj Zeraoulia, Department of Mathematics, University of Tebessa, Algeria

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