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Progress in Mine Safety Science and Engineering II

Xueqiu He Hani Mitri Baisheng Nie Yunhai Wang


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CRC Press
11 February 2014
As societies continue to grow and develop, the demand for energy has increased worldwide. In China, coal is still one of the principal energy resources and it is expected that more coal mining projects are needed in the future. As mining operations continue to increase their production rates and discover more ore reserves, mine safety issues have become more urgent. Even more than in the past there is a greater need to understand these issues better. Progress in Mine Safety Science and Engineering II discusses mine safety techniques and technologies, methods and approaches, as well as problems and issues. The contributions cover a wide range of topics: * Coal mine safety * Metal and non-metal mine safety * Mine product testing technology and safety symbol management * Mine rescue tools and techniques * Mine safety management and standardization * Mine safety science and theory * Occupational health and safety in mines * Petroleum and natural gas exploitation Progress in Mine Safety Science and Engineering II will be invaluable to academics and engineers interested or involved in mine safety issues.
Edited by:   Xueqiu He, Hani Mitri, Baisheng Nie, Yunhai Wang, Ting X. Ren
Imprint:   CRC Press
Country of Publication:   United Kingdom
Dimensions:   Height: 246mm,  Width: 174mm,  Spine: 23mm
Weight:   703g
ISBN:   9781138001220
ISBN 10:   1138001228
Pages:   320
Publication Date:   11 February 2014
Audience:   College/higher education ,  Further / Higher Education
Format:   Mixed media product
Publisher's Status:   Active
1 Coal mine safety Study on integrated fire-fighting technology of fully-mechanized caving mining of the deeply inclined combustible thick seam H. Wu, C. Xu, S. Yuan, H. Yao & Z. Zheng The research on disturbed effects of polyurethane material's expansion pressure upon mine disaster prevention G. Zou, F. Zhang & Y. Song Research on the application of monitoring techniques of micro-seismic to water inrush forecast in Wutongzhuang Coal Mines Y. Bai & J. Wang Study on the safety advancing speed of aquifer-protective mining working face in the shallow thick coal seam Y. Liu The design of rapid prediction system on coal seam gas content Y.T. Liu, J. Liu, S.Q. Ma & W. Di Research and application of technique of injecting liquid CO2 in goaf of Shigang coal mine to preventing fire X.L. Tong, Z.A. Huang, Y.H. Zhang, Y.F. Zhang & X.T. Wang Research on wind tunnel reducing ventilation resistance J.G. Zhang Research on the application of controllable circulatory ventilation in the mine J.G. Zhang Research on terminal mining support technology of the hard stratified roof in the fully mechanized coal face L. Chen, G.Q. Hao, P. Liu & Sh.Ch. Peng Comparative experimental study on dynamic mechanical properties of anthracite and limestone Y.C. Miao & Y.K. Fu Research on the burst triggering mechanism under the coupling action of higher stress and gas pressure L. Qi, X. Chen, G. Cheng & Y. Cheng Characteristics of electromagnetic signals obtained during blasting rupture of coal in excavating workface C. Wang, C. Li, J. Wang, P. Hu, Y. Cui & X. Xu Detection method and abnormal characteristics analysis of TEM in coal mine Q.H. Liang Calculation of the natural wind pressure of mine based on working-condition adjusted of mine main fan L. Chen Study on new hydraulic support and technology of top-coal caving at the ends of fully-mechanized working face Y. Liu Study of reliability of on-line monitoring system for mine hoist braking system H.B. Qiao, K. Liu, Y.L. Wang & H. Yu Study on the prediction model of gas emission for coal beds based on the EMD and BP-ANN L.N. Zhang, D.C. Lin & J. An Electromagnetic method in detecting water hazards in coal mining face X. Shi & Y. Hou Evaluation and applicability study on prediction methods of water inflow in mines H.Q. Lian, X.X. Xia, B. Xu & H. Xu The application research of mine gas and the fire-reversed stove gas mixing G. Meng & H. Guo Technology of controlling upper corner gas by pneumatic fan with vortex zone replacement X.X. Chen, W.G. Jin, L. Gong & H.T. Li The prospecting technology for water enrichment of water-inrush geological structure in mine W. Yang Determination of mine ventilation resistance and analysis on ventilation systems in the No. 4 mine of Pingdingshan Coal Field Y. Hu, Y.F. Weng & L. Zhang Design of mine monitoring system based on ZigBee and CAN D. Liu, J. Wu & H. Liang Development and application of gel foam materials for fire prevention and extinguishing Z. Xie, T. Luan & Y. Zhang The research on water inrush from overburden and early warning technology according to electrical characteristics in Qidong mine Y. Zhang & H. Huang Study of key technology for gob-side entry retaining in high gas coal face J. Xing, P. Dang, Z. Li & W. Li Fractured zone roof grouting reinforcement technique Z.W. Zhu & C. Wang Method of choosing optimal features used to Intrusion Detection System in coal mine disaster warning internet of things based on Immunity Algorithm J.W. Zhao, Y. Hu, L.M. Sun, S.C. Yu, J.L. Huang, X.J. Wang & H. Guo Non-Darcy seepage and stopped floor water inrush prevention J. Wu & S. Yin The study on the principle of the compound perforating technology to improve rate of gas extraction J.D. Xu & X. Yang Method of detecting in coal mine disaster warning internet of things based on SVM intruders optimized by Genetic Algorithm C.L. Wang, L.M. Sun, S.C. Yu, J.L. Huang, X.J. Wang & H. Guo Experimental study on the impact of complex surfactant in coal-water contact angle L. Jin, N. Jiang & S. Chen Research on method of automatic recognition of coal mine water inrush sources based on Immune Algorithm and Back Propagation Neural Network S.C. Yu, L.M. Sun, J.L. Huang, X.J. Wang & H. Guo Gas drainage technology of inner interlocked low tail laneway in extraordinarily high gas working face Q. Ye, Z.Z. Jia, H.Z. Wang & Y. Pi Research on airflow catastrophic of side branches induced by gas pressure in upward ventilation A. Zhou, K. Wang, Z. Wu & Y. Jiang Experimental study of horizontal strata deep rock roadway crack propagation and strength criteria M.C. He, Y.Y. Peng, F. Zhao, Y.B. Wang, Y. Zhang, Y.Q. Sun & W.L. Gong Research on the performance of foam agent used for mine fire prevention Z.J. Tian, X.L. Zhang, R.Y. Zhou & Q. Ye Research on efficient dust suppression measure in full-mechanized mining face G.J. Yi, M.X. Jia, J.H. Wang & S.M. Wang Risk analysis of 18 kinds of coal spontaneous combustion at Huanghua port J.S. Zhang, S.M. Wang, X.L. Zhang & H.Q. Xiong An LCA-based health damage evaluation method for coal mine dust R. Tong, Y. Zhai & X. Li The controlling techniques on floor heave of large cross section mining roadway with complicated surrounding rock Q.F. Zhao, Y.H. Wang, Y.D. Liu, H.T. Li, J.J. Shi & L.Y. Shi Study on the inhibitor rate evaluation by thermal analysis method C. Xu, Z. Zheng, S. Yuan, H. Yao & H. Wu Determination of goaf three zones scope in Pang Zhuang mine and fire prevention technology Z. Xie & K. Wang Active pressure determination under the condition of rapid determination of gas pressure S. Yang, G. Cheng & L. Qi Study on effect of gas adsorptive constant under electro magnetic fields exerted L. Zhang, X. He, J. Yue & E. Wang Hazard prediction and prevention of rock burst in island working face S.S. Guo Research on technology of paste-like filling mining under villages Y. Dong, Y.C. Huang, L.C. Shao, K. Wang & Z.J. Duan Study of rockbolts nondestructive detecting based on improved immune Danger Theory X. Sun, Y. Zhao, J. Cheng & X. Sun Experimental study on fireproofing performance of active explosion suppression system Y.Y. Wang, J.F. Wang, Y.L. Zhang, J.M. Wu & S. Liu Influence of concentration distribution on gas explosion shockwave in tunnels J. Chen, L. Pang & Q. Ma The application of the relaxative operator theory to predict the emission volume of gas in coal mine L. Tan, Y. Xue & H. Ju Outburst prevention technology and effects of hydraulic flushing with effects of pressure relief and increasing permeability W. Meng & B. Li Experimental research on major properties of the sealant to control toxic and harmful gases leakage in coal mine J. Li, F. Song & H. Kang A new borehole arrangement for draining the methane in mining induced fractured zone and the utilization of the drained methane in Yangquan Nanzhuang Coal Mine D. Zhang, J. Zang, Y. Jiang & K. Wang The empirical analysis of ARIMA multiplicative seasonal model to forecast the total number of coal mine accidents L. Liu, H. Yao & L. Tan Monitor and control node in coal production safety based on LonWorks Fieldbus T. Zhang Study on subsidence reducing technique by continuously filling grouts into stope overburden bed-separation along the dip X. Fan, X. Fan, P. Wang, L. Zhou, Z. Wang & J. Zhao Optimization of roadway layout and its effect analysis for lower protective seam in fully mechanized caving mining Z. Chang, Q. Hui, Y. Li, Z. Wang & J. Zhao Safety evaluation model and application for purification device of sour natural gas based on risk J. Yi, M. Zong & W.H. Wang Coal mine comprehensive safety information management system based on the cloud computing S.Y. Liu & T.Y. Xiong Treatment methods of coal mining subsidence area at South Lake in Tangshan city, Hebei province C. Xu, Y. Chen & Z. Li TBM tunneling in squeezing ground: Problems and solutions H.S. Ma, J. Wang & L.J. Yin On the best escape route with multiple optimization objectives during mine fire time W.M. Gai, Y.F. Deng, J. Li, Y. Du & B. Cao Mine sewage control system using PLC technology J. Jiang & X. Zhang A brief analysis of electromagnetic interference caused by the electrical and electronic equipments in the underground coal mine safety monitoring system X. Hu, J. Wang, X. Li & F. Ding The desorption laws and diffusion model of coal gas in different particle size C. Wang, S. Li, J. Liu, Y. Qin & Z. Shen Research on heat damage control and combined technology of waste heat utilization J. Ma Research on mine refrigeration of large mines with large mining depth Y. Niu & J. Wang Application feasibility study of single based station CORS in deformation monitoring of mine slope Q.B. Wei, W. Li, L.B. Gao, C. Wang & Q.L. Li Study on building permanent underground refuge chamber in Dayangquan Coal Mine T. Zhang, L. Jin, N. Gao & X. Huang Study on distribution law of lead abutment pressure in fully mechanized caving face with large mining height F.L. He, Z.Y. Liu, T.D. Li, S.R. Xie, H.K. Wu & Z. Wei The explosion-proof design of Abandoned Mine Detection Robot L. Lei, B. Zhu & R. Jia Study on the regulation of water hazards and prevention work in Yima Coalfield S.Y. Li, Z.Q. Ma, M.L. Ren & X.L. Zhang The safety technology of head rope replacement in large friction hoisting mine M.J. Dong & F.Y. Jia Kinetics study on anthracite coal oxidation at low temperature by thermal analysis X.X. Zhong, G.L. Dou, Y. Chen & D.M. Wang Research on thermal stability of new-style foamed gel S. Yu, H. Zhao, X. Chen & G. Meng The application research of K shortest path algorithm in avoiding mine disaster F. Wang, H.G. Guo & G.J. Lu Study on goaf spontaneous combustion prediction simulation of gas-drainage in spontaneously flammable and thick coal seam Z. Zheng, Q. Zhang, C. Xu, C. Ma, H. Yao & H. Wu A study of GM (1, 1) residual correction model in gas concentration prediction of heading face B. Wu, Z. Liu, Y. Zhou & P. Lou Study on barrier door of gas explosion with foam ceramics as the main body J.H. Sun, Z. Qu, H.Y. Fan & C.R. Wei Prediction of coal and gas outbursts with random forests Y. Lin, X. Lu & J. Fan Goaf frictional ignition and its control measures in underground coal mines G. Wang, T.X. Ren & C. Cook The water hazards caused by burst of overburden strata separation and the control strategies J.M. Wang & H. Huang Research on multivariate hierarchical analysis and evaluation on rock burst hazard Z. Yu, F. Jiang, Q. Zhu & J. Li Study on stability of thick-hard key stratum based on numerical simulation in longwall mining Z. Yu, F. Jiang, Q. Zhu & S. Zhu Research on the free radical affecting methane outburst within coal under the electromagnetic radiation M. Shang-Quan & F. Jing Study on safety monitoring system of mine machine W. Zhao, S.M. Wang & S. Qiao 2 Metal and nonmetal mine safety Numerical investigation of three-point bending fracture test on granite H.J. Wang, D.A. Liu, J.R. Niu, Z.D. Cui & F. Zhao Potash exploration overview and safety considerations in Canada J. Han, L. Piche & P. Geo Experimental study on high temperature shear strength parameter of salt rock K. Fang, Y.P. Li, W.W. Bi & J.P. Wu 3 Mine product testing technology and safety symbol management Fast verification method of mining mechanical anemometers based on wind speed equivalent weight W.Y. Ni & W.M. Gai Development of a new kind of safety helmet of underground miner for emergent hedge X.M. Liu, Y.K. Gao, Z.A. Huang, Y.H. Zhang, Y.F. Zhang & Q. Zhao The research of dynamometer for anchor cable in mine tunnel based on the industrial Ethernet X. Li, X. Li, H. Feng & J. Liu Research on safety lead-acid battery charger in coal mine Q.Z. Zhang & M.Y. Xu Studies on the large capacity mine lithium ion battery intelligent charger Z. Quan-Zhu, S. Xiao-Lei, D. Yong-Hong & M. Hong-Mei The structural optimization and numerical simulation of wet centrifugal precipitator in fully mechanized heading face H.F. Yao & P.J. Hu Literature-based study of warning sign and of its effectiveness C. Ma, S. Jia & Y. Zhang Study on special protective clothing of coal mine J. Yao & D. Tian 4 Mine rescue tools and techniques How to improve the psychological quality of mine rescue commanders and fighters Q.Z. Li Assessment of Emergency Preparedness Effects of work safety in Xinjiang autonomous region of China based on weighted Rank Sum Ratio W. Zhang, F. Kong & T. Jiang Application of reverse circulation DTH hammer in mine rescue drilling F. Kong & X. Lai Study on chemical oxygen source in underground emergency refuge system S. Wang, L. Jin, S. Liu & Z. Zhang A probe into the working procedures of crisis public relations in mine disasters X. Shao, H. Xu & J. Tang Mine rescue training programs and research H. Xie & T. Yan An completeness evaluation method of community emergency response plan G. Ren Analytical and improvement research on emergent evacuation system of terminals based on behavioral mode characteristics H.X. Hao 5 Mine safety management and standardization Forecasting of coal mine CBM productivity based on wavelet transform H.Q. Zhou & B. Cheng Discuss on safety training of coal enterprises Q. Du & B. Kou Study on problems of safety culture construction in coal mine and the countermeasures Y. Zhao & Y. Wang Game model and analysis of market-based refined safety management in a coal mine enterprise Y. Weng Analysis on the factors' characteristics of coal miners' safety behavior based on trajectory crossing R. Ni Human behavior classification and application in the field of work safety Y. Zhang & L. Pan Study on coal mine hazard information management system based on PDCA X. Zou, H. Guan, Z. Yu, Z. Guo & Z. Zhao Application of optimized decision-making system in coal mine hidden dangers information management S.Y. Liu, M. Zhu & L. Peng Systems thinking theory in the safety production management system construction H. Liu & X.L. Wang Research on the safety prevention measures of mine water disaster in Shaqu coal mine of Liulin region X.H. Wang, Y.B. Wang, J.H. Cheng, J.J. Fan, H.J. Xu, X. Zhang & Z.W. Liu Application of the combination forecasting method in coal mine accidents forecasting J. Li & Y. Ning A statistical analysis of coal gas explosion accidents in China Y. Cui, B. Xie, J. Cao & C. Wang Construction way on the team safety culture in coal mine D. Tian, J. Yao & H. Xu Research of distributed monitoring and management system of mine ventilation X.L. Liu, B. Shen, L.H. Li, S.W. Ren, L. Zhang, K.Q. Cheng & X.Z. Xu Selection of coal mine accident cases for training W. Yang, K. Zhu, S. He, Y. Zhang & S. Gao Research on relationship between coal mine safety input and safety performance based on system dynamics B. Wu & Z.F. Liu Study on information disclosure of especially serious accident B. Wu & Z. Chen Analysis of regularity and occurrence causes of coal-gas dynamic disasters accidents W. Sheng, Z. Sheng, M. Gao & L. Yang Comparative study on the investigation mechanisms for coal mine work safety accidents in China and USA G. Mei & L. Liu Implementation of Kaizen in enterprise HSE management X. Niu, P. Yang & M. Qu Analysis on the reasons and response measures for accidents of dangerous chemicals transport Q. Bu, J. He & X. Tong Coal mine accident human error model construction and team safety management mode analysis J. Chen, Q. Cao & Y. Yang Analysis on ERP implement in coal enterprises based on management mechanism innovation Y. Wang, J. Wang & S. Shao Application of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation for mining idlers' performance Y. Xing Function principle and empirical research of zero accident concept Z.M. Liu, G. Fu & H.B. Pei Analysis and statistics of workers' unsafe acts in coal mine gas explosion W. Yin, G. Fu, P. Gao & C. Yang Study on STOP applied to safety management of coal mine Y. Yao The implications of behavior-based accident causation 2-4 model in the prevention of coal mine roof accident P. Gao, G. Fu & W.T. Yin Research on safety management capability of coal enterprises of strategic orientation H.L. Qi & Y.C. Ning Influence of underground noise to people's unsafe behavior in coal mines G.Y. Cheng, S.J. Chen, J.L. Qi & Y. Cheng A brief analysis on Chinese classical philosophical thoughts and the idea of safety G. Xu & G. Xu Social structural analysis of mine accident F. Lu & Y. Yan Discussion on the management system innovation about safe development of China coal mining industry J. Zhang Grey system theory-based overseas investment risk assessment for mining enterprises J. Han Cause analysis of behavior of the secondary accidents in coal mines and the prevention S. Zhang, G. Fu & S.H. Shi Analysis on relationship of construction accident probability and safety training Z.M. Liu, G. Fu & H.B. Pei 6 Mine safety science and theory Analysis of mine pressure factor of dynamic disasters to coal seam with large dip angle G.Q. Hao & C. Li Mechanical mechanism analysis of forming grouting seepage channel in clay sand medium H. Shi & D. Tian Mechanism study on gas diffusion through coal particles base on mass transmission fundamental Z.L. Wang Cooling parameters fitting analysis in long distance excavation roadway Z. Chu, X. Zhang, J. Ji, Y. Zhang & W. Baoqi Study on acoustic emission and damage during the failure of coal rock Y. Wu, H. Liu & S.M. Zeng Study on numerical simulation for the fracture law of gob-side entry retaining roof J.J. Shi, H.Y. Shi & J.Zh. Guo Numerical simulating research on changing law of humidity in refuge chamber Y.H. Zhang, Q. Zhao, Z.A. Huang, Y.F. Zhang, Y. Tian & Y.K. Gao Medium characteristics and water transmissibility of carbonate strata on Ordovician top in Pingshuo, China Y.M. Qi, H.B. Bai, X.E. Zhao & B. Luo The abutment pressure distribution of extremely thick seam top coal caving longwall panel: A case study H. Nan Research on the fractal characteristics of pore structure of coal particles based on low temperature nitrogen adsorption method L.C. Dai, B.S. Nie & L. Li Research on experiment test system of mechanism of fame propagation for gas and coal dust explosion L. Zhang, L. Liu & J. Xu Numerical simulation of W-type ventilation in goaf of spontaneous combustion and gas migration J.J. Liu, D. Wang & J.L. Gao Numerical simulation study on permeability and humectant properties of coal seam water injection under high water pressure in long drilling hole Y.B. Yu, W.M. Cheng, G. Zhou, L.J. Chen, L. Zhang & G.M. Liu Dimensionless analysis in mathematical model of gas emission in coal particles Y.P. Qin, Y.J. Hao, P. Liu & J. Wang Analytical study of the time varying diffusion law of the gas in the pea coal B. Cheng & H.Q. Zhou Safe and high-efficient mining model in old mining area and resource integration mines H.T. Li, L. Zhang, Y.F. Weng, H.T. Li & J.G. Yang A numerical simulated study on the permeability and the rule of stress distribution on working face X. Song & Z. Xie Study on the optimization of ventilation system in Zhongxing coal mine X. Song & Z. Xie Multifractal characteristics of coalfield faults and gas-geological significance P. Chen, E.Y. Wang, Z.T. Liu & Z.Y. Sun The reasonable narrow coal pillar width along gob research of the deep dynamic pressure conditions Z.W. Zhu & Z.J. Wen The mechanism of coal fatigue failure and its numerical analysis under pulsating water pressure H. Zhu, M. Zhang, J. Shen, B. Lei & G. Jia The law of gas releasing in heating and oxidation process of coal H. Wang, B. Yu, X. Cui, M. Chen & L. Geng A new mathematical model of the relationship between gas desorption index of drill cuttings and gas content K. Shen & H.Q. Zhou Based on simulate test to research the law of CO newly generated when external oxygen involved during the coal breaking process X. Wu, Q. Qi, X. Zhou, Z. Dong, S. Huang & Z. Liu Feasibility of mining under water based on detecting height of water flowing fractured zone B. Gao, Y. Liu & T. Yuan Study on the deformation mechanism of deep soft rock tunnel and its control H. Luan, D. Kong, Z. Wang & W. Sun Theoretic seepage model of water-rock-structural plane considering the hydro-mechanical coupling mechanism K. Man, J. Wang, R. Su, X. Liu, Y. Zhao & B. Zhao Laboratory study and prediction on coal permeability of Qinshui Basin G.Q. Zheng, B.C. Ling, X.Z. Zhu, J. Pan, Z.J. Pan, L.D. Connell & S.H. Tang Impact of air-return lane and gas drainage lane spacing on surrounding rock stress Y.C. Lyu, M. Wang & Y.W. Wang Research on distribution and evolution patterns of abutment pressure in front of the fully-mechanized working face of three-soft coal seam isolated island W.Q. Xu, E.Y. Wang, Z.T. Liu, E.K. Hou, S.J. Wang & Z.S. Deng Study on safety theory of rheology-mutation based on system life cycle X.Q. He & D.Y. Zhao The law of gas accumulation in top-carving area of roadway and its treatment method C. Chen, B. Wu, H. Wang, Y. Ding, X. Cui & Y. Zhu Unsafe act analysis on major and particular major flood accident in coal mine Y. Chun, J. Dong, B. Lu, S. Shi, S. Yuan, P. Gao, Z. Chang, Z. Chen & G. Fu Numerical study of fluid flow and convention heat transfer in sandstone as a porous media W.L. Gong, D. Liu, P.Y. Guo, H. Zhang, Y.B. Wang, Y. Zhang, B.J. Liu & Y.Q. Sun Research on the adaptability large mining height fully-mechanized mining equipment to panel mining of unstable coal seam H.X. Wen, Y.D. Liu & X.T. Meng The study on dynamic early-warning of coal face gas emission based on extension theory B. Lei, B. Wu, Y. Peng & C. Wang Study on mining pressure appearance feature in shallow-buried fully-mechanized longwall face Y.F. Ren Numerical simulation of blasting effects on soft coal under different confining pressure H.Q. Zhu, S.H. Zhu, G.W. Jia & Z.Y. Song The research of high-altitude mine ventilation optimization decision theory based on Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) H. Wang & K. Zhang Study on the stability of roof based on Mathews method in deep mining B. Zhang, C. Wang & L. Wang Burning characteristics of No. 6 coal seam at mine field's two wings in Cuijiazhai mine Y.H. Wang, H.T. Li, Q.F. Zhao, J.J. Ren, S.S. Yang & Z.J. Shu Study on influence of propane for the generating kinetics of multi-component gas hydrate Q. Wu, Q. Wu, B. Zhang & X. Gao Microcirculation of air leakage of gob-side coal pillar in fully-mechanized face H.Q. Zhu, S.H. Zhu, S.L. Feng & G.W. Jia Effect of hydrate crystal type on mechanical properties of gas hydrate-bearing coal Q. Wu, F. Zhu, X. Gao & B. Zhang Numerical study of heat convection caused by two-phase flow confined in underground heat-exchange tunnel W.L. Gong, D. Liu, Y.Q. Wu, Y.Y. Peng, Y. Zhang & B. Liu The research of realizing the mine safety of ascending vessel undertake force by using 2 force stem mechanical characteristics F.Y. Jia & M.J. Dong Research quantitative model of gas pressure gradient and in-situ stress in complex tectonic outburst coal seam D.X. Qin, M.B. Zhang, B.L. Lei, X.Y. Kang & A.Y. Zhu Experimental research on movement law of coal-bed methane including temperature and confining pressure effects Y. Kang, X. Gao & C. Pan Experimental simulation for sorting effect after gas and coal outburst in blind draft B.S. Nie, W.X. Hu, L.L. Yang & J.W. Chen Study on the law of mining-induced fractures field evolution based on similar simulation experiment Y. Wu, B. Wu, M. Hua & Z. Guo Study on abrasivity characteristics of surrounding rock in long inclined-shaft of coal mine by TBM techniques H. Jiang, Y. Jiang & J. Zhang Protected range extension of mining underlying protective seam with long distance T. Yu, J. Sun, P. Lu & H. Guo Study on Weijiadi coal mine geological structure characteristics and gas occurrence regularity S. Shao & J. Zhang Numerical simulation on goaf gas extraction by the ground drilling Z. Ma, J. Zhang, Y. Xie, Q. Feng & J. Dang Study on the similar experimental model and flow field distribution law of stope Y. Qin, S.Q. Yang, C.L. Jiang, J.Y. Lun, G.X. Zhang & J. Niu Uncertainty analysis and evaluation of gas flow measurement P. Lu Coupling model and its application to dynamic failure for hard coal containing gas C. Wei, H. Li & B. Li Experimental investigations on gas emission rules during fully-mechanized developing entries in deep and high-gas coal seams F.B. Liu & Y.S. Wang Application of optical fiber oxygen sensor in coal mines Y. Zhao, Y. Wei, Y. Li, T. Zhang, W. Zhao, L. Lv, T. Liu & C. Wang Variation characteristics of coal and gas outburst accident and its quantitative analysis based on FAHP X.J. Lv, M.H. Geng & X.G. Zhang The causes of sinking columns in North China coal fields and their permeability identification L. Xu & J. Wang Characteristics of in-situ stress field in northern Tianshan Mountain mining areas S.K. Zhao Distribution and genesis of H2S abnormity area in gas of Shigejie Coal Mine L. Lu, X.H. Fu, Y. He & C.L. Jiao State-of-the-art review of pit slope monitoring techniques H. Mitri & I. Vennes Stability analysis on pillar for point-pillar mining of karst water mine S.G. Fu & K.L. Xu Characters and control measures of unsafe operation behaviors in colliery accidents M. Shang-Quan, M. Zheng, X. Li & F. Jing High gas drainage lane design parameter simulation research Z. Wang & H. Li 7 Occupational health and safety in mines SWOT analysis of aging mines' low carbon development H. Ma, H. Lian & H. Zhu Study on the information management mode of occupational hazard supervision H. Bai & Y. Weng Study on factors of asphyxiation & poisoning and its preventive measures in underground mining G. Mei 8 Petroleum and natural gas exploitation Preventive maintenance planning strategy of natural gas pipelines based on risk inspection H.X. Li, W.H. Wang, B.J. Sun & R.Z. Dong Collision behavior mechanism between drill pipe and coal hole wall during gas extraction drilling X. Han, Z. Tie, D. Li, L. Zhang & C. Shi Research on leak accident risk of typical heavy-caliber long-distance natural gas transportation pipeline S. Zhang Safety evaluation model of oil depot based on BP neural network Y. Yang, G. Luo, Y. Gu & C. Zhu 9 Other related topics Protection for the occupational safety right of workers and China's legislative practice F. Lu Analysis on the styles of young miners subculture Y. Fang & X. Tian The industry transformation in resource-exhausted city based on safety science H. Yao Application of the analytic hierarchy process on the tender invitation and evaluation of mine safety equipments Y. Song & L.P. Liu Fault characteristics and the tectonic evolution in Changdi area of the Bohai Bay Basin X. Li, W. Wang, B. Zhang & L. Zhou Regression model analysis on relativity between coal mine output and safety L. Song, L. Yang & C.J. Zhang Construction of mine safety explicit knowledge map W. Wang, W. Dai & Q. Sun The distribution and influencing factors analysis of coal consumption of China based on quantile regression P. Cheng & Y. Kong Coal fines production in different drainage stages and its influence on productivity S. Hou, X. Wang, M. Wu, X. Wang, Z. Jing & A. Zheng Research on the relationship among safety labor division, safety specialization and safety marketization Y. Weng Study on effectiveness of coal mine reorganization systems based on game model Y. Bi & X. Zhang A study on accounting and measurement of resources and environment value in Beijing region P. Bai & Q. Duan Early-warning models of regional work safety risk in Chongqing city and Ningbo city, China-based on partial least squares regression T.H. Jiang & D.Y. Zhao Study on the hydrogeochemistry and isotope characteristics of Ordovician groundwater in Yanzhou coalfield, North China Y. Han, G. Zheng, J. Pan, G. Wang & Z. Li Discussion on application of strength reduction FEM based on bishop method of soil slope W. Yu & J. Cai Experimental study on macro-micro mechanism of the marble during unloading damage process Y. Cong, Z. Wang & L. Zhang Graded classification of mine environment geological problems Q. Chen, W. Sun, Q. Wu & S. Xi Preliminary study on safety audit S.M. Wang, J. Xu & X.F. Liu Author index

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