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Michel Thomas Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary Builder+ CDs

Harold Goodman Michel Thomas Harold Goodman



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John Murray
13 June 2019
Looking for a convenient way to build your Mandarin Chinese vocabulary without drills, books, homework or long lists to memorize?

In this five-hour intermediate level audio course, Michel Thomas Method teacher Harold Goodman introduces over 600 new words and everyday phrases and the tools to allow you to create thousands more through the application of simple rules for building more words for concepts, people, places, adjectives and verbs. Learning alongside two genuine students, you will acquire essential language building blocks which allow you to increase your vocabulary in manageable, enjoyable steps by thinking out answers for yourself. You will learn at your own pace, pausing and repeating where necessary. You'll stick with it, because you'll love it.


Unlike most vocabulary courses which give you lists of words to memorize, the Michel Thomas Method based Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary Course allows you to further extend your vocabulary by unlocking what you already know. The course is designed to take advantage of the logic and patterns of Mandarin so you can exponentially build up your knowledge and understanding of the language.


Whether you have learned from other Michel Thomas Method courses or are simply looking for a new approach to help improve your proficiency, the high-beginner to Intermediate level Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary Course will introduce you to a unique way of acquiring language that will significantly boost your confidence in your ability to speak and understand Chinese. It is a Phase 2 course and should be used after you have completed the Intermediate Mandarin Chinese Course or equivalent.

What's in the Course?

Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary Course includes five audio CDs. The booklet is available to download from
*Note that the course content is the same as the previously entitled Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary Builder+ course, but does not include a CD-ROM.


Reclaim your pockets of free time to learn a new language! Don't be tied to chunky books or your computer, Michel Thomas Method audio courses let you learn whenever and wherever you want, in as little or as much time as you have.

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Imprint:   John Murray
Country of Publication:   United Kingdom
Edition:   Unabridged edition
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: Past - 'have you ever' pattern : 'Something different from, other than' pattern : Only, about the same, the same as..., different then, next, last, few (various colloquial uses), : Verbs (give, show, may, do, strike, make a telephone call, sit, go towards, fly, drive, tell, inform someone, be late, early, arrive, go fast, should, sell, understand via hearing or seeing, pay, to be free, gratis, be rich, to like something, seek, look : 'It's a pity' (very commonly used in spoken Chinese - must know), : Money - types of currency, ways of referring to currency (China, Taiwan, UK, USA, etc.) : Asking how much: large and small quantities. Two patterns. : Counting. From one to a million. The use of wan = 10, 000. The critical words that you must never confuse to express the number two. : Dates: Names of days of week, months, year. How to use the word hao = number. : Time: How to express time. AM, PM. Differences from English. One half. : Children: various ways to refer to : Additional adjectives : How to address strangers : Eating: public, private venues, terms, verbs, nouns (wine, beer etc.), ordering, types of food / drink. Foreign, local. : Future. specific constructs. : Travelling terminology. Aeroplane, car, train, passport, ticket : General nouns (newspaper) : Pattern: From point x, by means of some conveyance, to destination. : Sentence -le pattern. Something changes. A unique Chinese way of expressing the past. Very common and essential to learn. : Pattern: verb de dong : Before, after. Unique Chinese uses. : 'Otherwise' pattern. : Lodging vocabulary: room, bed, chair, floor, etc. : Outside / inside : Very best (superlative) pattern : Boss, person in charge. : Everything, nothing, every specific thing, so on, etc. : Two types of 'or'. Introducing huo zhe. : Mei ban fa = there's nothing to be done (ie. It's hopeless) Very common Chinese expression. : Ban fa = a method or process of doing something. Many uses. : Already. : Greeting a group vs. one or two people.

Dr Harold Goodman is a physician and surgeon, who had Michel Thomas as his teacher for nearly ten years. During this time Michel Thomas's goal was not to teach Dr Goodman a specific language (though he did instruct him in two of the languages he taught) but to train him to understand his method of teaching - which he then used to teach others, with great success. Dr Goodman teaches and practises in the United States. Michel Thomas (1914-2005) had an amazing life. Born in Poland, he spent his early years in Germany and then in France, where he studied psychology at the Sorbonne in Paris. When war broke out, he fought with the Resistance and suffered imprisonment in labour camps. At the end of the war he joined the US liberation army and later settled in the US where he established his world-famous language school. Languages, being his strength and passion became the focus of the next 50 years of his life that he spent developing a method that he hoped would change the way we teach and learn - so that everyone could succeed. He developed this method 'that works with the brain'. After creating several courses of his own, he passed on his method so that other teachers might use it too.

Reviews for Michel Thomas Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary Builder+ CDs

The thrill is that you're actually figuring it out on your own. You're engaging with another language, not just parroting it... It's an excellent way to start, and leaves the listener thinking, Hey, Ich kann do dis. - New Yorker, Easy, Tiger, Language Lessons on the Road I've used Michel Thomas to get off the starting block for French, Italian and Spanish and I'm always surprised by how much I can say after only a few hours of listening. The Michel Thomas Italian course organises verbs into logical groups which helps you pick them up fast. And perhaps more importantly, it shows you how to use this grammar to build useful sentences. - I experienced the same sort of pleasure that you got from suddenly getting a crossword clue right or cracking a code...the finger-snapping moment of, Oh My God! I've just understood what you've said to me in Spanish or you've just understood me! The nearest thing to painless learning - The Times Works like a dream - Daily Telegraph Michel Thomas is a precious find indeed - The Guardian Five minutes in and you already feel like you're winning - Time Out The most extraordinary learning experience of my life.

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