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Leap 3 / B2 3rd Ed Reading & Writing Student Book & My eLab & eText

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Pearson Education
31 October 2018
Series: Leap
Each chapter includes three authentic reading texts on a contemporary topic, reflecting real academic reading tasks and presenting a variety of styles and points of view. Students refine their knowledge of grammar notions to build accuracy , which they apply in writing tasks, and learn mostly academic vocabulary in focused Vocabulary Build sections. Focuses on skills (listening/speaking) develop students language strategies, which they apply first in the Warm-Up Assignment and then in the Final Assignment. An explicit focus on a critical thinking strategy in each chapter is reinvested through activities that foster reflection, analysing different points of view and synthesis. A models chapter provides students with guidance and examples for writing the different types of texts featured in the chapters.

What's new

Objectives developed with GSE learning goals Focus on Critical Thinking in each chapter and Critical Connections task at the end of the chapter to reinvest content Focus on Accuracy in each chapter to refine student's knowledge of English grammar Listening and Speaking Coursebook includes a video extract in each chapter More emphasis on STEM topics Updated content: 80% new readings and listening texts Improved organisation and content in My eLab

LEAP My eLab offers:

self-graded exercises to reinforce and extend classroom learning and help students succeed additional, flexible content for students and teachers who want to go beyond the coursebook resource documents, testing materials and an easy-to-use gradebook to support teachers
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Imprint:   Pearson Education
Country of Publication:   Canada
Edition:   3rd edition
Dimensions:   Height: 300mm,  Width: 290mm,  Spine: 20mm
Weight:   1.498kg
ISBN:   9782761385688
ISBN 10:   2761385683
Series:   Leap
Publication Date:  
Audience:   College/higher education ,  Primary
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active
CHAPTER 1 * robot futures READING 1 Robot Futures READING 2 Press Release from Aeryon Labs WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Write Short Answers READING 3 Here Come the Robots FINAL ASSIGNMENT Write a Short Answer Test CHAPTER 2 * internationalization of education READING 1 Profile of an International Student WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Write a Short Report READING 2 The Contemporary Landscape of University Internationalization READING 3 The Internationalization of Higher Education FINAL ASSIGNMENT Design a Survey and Write an Extended Report CHAPTER 3 * buying and selling innovative products READING 1 Introduction to Innovation READING 2 The Buyer Decision Process for New Products WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Write a Short Process Essay READING 3 Adoption of Innovation FINAL ASSIGNMENT Write a Longer Process Essay CHAPTER 4 * the social impact of marketing READING 1 What Is Marketing? WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Write a Short Cause and Effect Essay READING 2 Social Criticisms of Marketing READING 3 Culture Jam FINAL ASSIGNMENT Write a Cause and Effect Essay CHAPTER 5 * the science of nutrition READING 1 Understanding Healthy Body Weight WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Write a Short Compare and Contrast Essay READING 2 Of Bananas and Cavemen READING 3 Losing Weight, Gaining Life FINAL ASSIGNMENT Write a Compare and Contrast Essay CHAPTER 6 * digital currencies READING 1 Digital Cash for a Digital Age READING 2 Frequently Asked Questions from the Bitcoin Website WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Paraphrase a Paragraph READING 3 The Rise of Bitcoin FINAL ASSIGNMENT Write a Cause and Effect Essay CHAPTER 7 * the internet of things READING 1 Introduction to the Internet of Things WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Write a Short Summary READING 2 Too Clever for Comfort READING 3 Researchers Hack the Mitsubishi Outlander SUV FINAL ASSIGNMENT Integrate a Summary into a Persuasive Essay CHAPTER 8 * the slow food movement READING 1 In Praise of Slowness: Turning the Tables on Speed READING 2 Restoring Food to Its Central Place WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Write a Short Persuasive Essay READING 3 The Ideology of Slow Food FINAL ASSIGNMENT Write an Extended Persuasive Essay

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