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Leap 2 / B1 2nd Ed Listening & Speaking Student Book & My eLab & eText

Ken Beatty



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Pearson Education
28 October 2019
This product includes the LEAP 2 - Listening and Speaking book and a 12 months access to its My eLab.

LEAP 2 - Listening and Speaking (CEFR Level B1) is a task-based textbook for students preparing for college or university studies in English. Students apply critical-thinking skills as they engage in academic listening and speaking tasks across a range of disciplines. Contemporary listening texts, including audio and video clips, prepare students for the college classroom, with activities that develop vocabulary and listening comprehension. With focuses on listening, speaking, grammar and academic survival skills, LEAP 2 - Listening and Speaking empowers students to thrive in their academic studies.

Features and benefits:

Interesting and academic listening texts Three authentic listening texts per chapter (two audio excerpts and one video excerpt) from a variety of genres including debates, interviews, lectures, podcasts and speeches, mostly Canadian sources, prepare students for the lectures and presentations they will encounter in academic courses. Varied and challenging activities Focus on Listening sections provide opportunities to learn listening skills and strategies, accompanied by well-structured and challenging activities to help students improve their ability to deal with university-level lectures and presentations. Linear and guided speaking tasks Warm-Up and Final Assignments integrate a process approach, as well as a genre approach, to guide students in preparing for and participating in various types of presentations. Focus on Speaking activities develop more specific speaking skills, which students reinvest in the assignments. Academic vocabulary development Key words and vocabulary from the Academic Word List are highlighted in three Vocabulary Build sections in every chapter, giving students ample opportunity to expand their vocabulary.

My eLab includes:

Vocabulary review exercises Additional focuses: skills practice based on material from the book Vocabulary lists by chapter and AWL master list Helpful documents, including Giving Presentations, Parts of Speech, Irregular Verbs List Audio and video clips for textbook listenings
Imprint:   Pearson Education
Country of Publication:   Canada
Edition:   2nd edition
Weight:   480g
ISBN:   9782761396677
ISBN 10:   2761396677
Publication Date:  
Audience:   College/higher education ,  Primary
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active
CHAPTER 1 * THINKING BUSINESS LISTENING 1 Ben Silbermann at Start-Up School LISTENING 2 Fifty-Four Hours: Start-Up Weekend WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Work in a Group to Create an Idea for an Application LISTENING 3 Start-Up and Slay FINAL ASSIGNMENT Give a Presentation and Take Notes CHAPTER 2 * A NEW WORLD OF WORK LISTENING 1 Don't Follow Your Passion LISTENING 2 Students Create Their Own Dream Jobs WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Describe Your Perfect Job LISTENING 3 Crowdworkers FINAL ASSIGNMENT Give a Compare and Contrast Presentation with a Partner CHAPTER 3 * PEOPLE IN MOTION LISTENING 1 Autonomous Cars and the Future of Cities LISTENING 2 Plugging In: The Future of Electric Cars WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Conduct an Oral Survey LISTENING 3 Future Electric FINAL ASSIGNMENT Prepare and Present an Oral Survey CHAPTER 4 * THE BUSINESS OF SPACE LISTENING 1 Science and Science Fiction with Andy Weir LISTENING 2 A Brief History of Space Exploration WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Introduce an Example of Cause and Effect LISTENING 3 The First Moon Tourist (video) FINAL ASSIGNMENT Give an Academic Presentation CHAPTER 5 * INVENTING THE FUTURE LISTENING 1 3D Printing (video) LISTENING 2 3D Printing: Making the Future WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Develop Product Proposals LISTENING 3 Printing the Edible CHAPTER 6 * ENGINEERING THE FUTURE LISTENING 1 Activity Trackers and Apps LISTENING 2 Our Better Selves WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Summarize an Interview LISTENING 3 The Future of Human Enhancements FINAL ASSIGNMENT Summarize a Lecture and Participate in a Group Discussion CHAPTER 7 * NEW WAYS TO LEARN LISTENING 1 Gamification LISTENING 2 New Models for Education WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Give a Process Presentation LISTENING 3 Three Approaches to Education FINAL ASSIGNMENT Explain a Process in a Seminar CHAPTER 8 * FINDING JUSTICE LISTENING 1 Technocreep LISTENING 2 Debate: Parallel Cases from under the Pear-Tree WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Construct an Argument for a Debate LISTENING 3 Human Rights FINAL ASSIGNMENT Participate in a Debate

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