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Leap 1 / A2 Listening & Speaking Student Book

Ken Beatty



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Pearson Education
30 March 2017
Series: Leap
LEAP 1 Listening and Speaking includes three listening texts per chapter, one of which is an authentic video. Students practise high-frequency vocabulary and learn academic words through focused vocabulary tasks. They review grammar notions that they apply in speaking tasks. Listening and speaking focuses introduce students to strategies in a step-by-step fashion that students apply in warm-up and final assignments. A critical thinking focus helps students reflect and synthesise ideas.

Access to MyLab and eText allows students to consolidate what they learn in class. MyLab provides students with extra online resources and practice in reading, writing and listening. All activities are self-graded, allowing students to get instant feedback and to track their personal progress. Teachers have access to a gradebook to view students' results and progress.
Imprint:   Pearson Education
Country of Publication:   Canada
ISBN:   9782761383462
ISBN 10:   276138346X
Series:   Leap
Publication Date:  
Audience:   ELT/ESL ,  Postgraduate, Research & Scholarly
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active
1 What will you learn ? LISTENING 1 An Interview about Goals LISTENING 2 Enjoy the Journey WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Introduce Yourself to a Partner LISTENING 3 How to Learn Anything FINAL ASSIGNMENT Introduce a Classmate 2 The joy of inventing LISTENING 1 High Flying Dreams LISTENING 2 The Useless Machine WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Explain an Invention to a Partner LISTENING 3 Canadian Develops Futuristic Hoverboard FINAL ASSIGNMENT Discuss an Invention with a Partner 3 The sharing economy LISTENING 1 Conditions and Benefits of the Modern Sharing Economy LISTENING 2 Two Case Studies: Zipcar and Airbnb WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Examine a Sharing Economy Business LISTENING 3 AskforTask CEO Interview FINAL ASSIGNMENT Present a Sharing Economy Business 4 Your dream job LISTENING 1 Some Jobs Aren't Worth the Costs LISTENING 2 A Job in Space Debate WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Describe Your Dream Job LISTENING 3 Chris Hadfield, Hero Astronaut FINAL ASSIGNMENT Compare Two Jobs 5 Where will you live ? LISTENING 1 Give Me a Micro House ! LISTENING 2 It's Time to Rethink Our Homes WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Present Your Opinion LISTENING 3 Buildings That Breathe: Doris Sung's Living Architecture FINAL ASSIGNMENT Discuss Your Opinion 6 Earth, your home LISTENING 1 What about Water ? LISTENING 2 Three Ways to Look at the World WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Prepare a Set of Instructions LISTENING 3 The World View of Wade Davis FINAL ASSIGNMENT Discuss Instructions 7 Be a perfect human LISTENING 1 Learning from Savants LISTENING 2 Human Physical Limits WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Talk about a Habit FINAL ASSIGNMENT Discuss a New Habit 8 The sixth extinction LISTENING 1 The Roads to Extinction LISTENING 2 Dinosaurs Around Us WARM-UP ASSIGNMENT Discuss an Extinction Event LISTENING 3 The Sixth Extinction FINAL ASSIGNMENT Share Ideas in a Panel Discussion PRONUNCIATION GUIDE

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