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Jerboas: Mammals of Russia and Adjacent Regions

Georgy I. Shenbrot V. E. Sokolov V. G. Heptner Don E. Wilson



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Science Publishers,U.S.
01 January 2008
Zoology: Mammals
This book is devoted to the description of the systematics and biology of forest mice and jerboas. It describes detailed morphological characteristics and includes keys for the identification of the families, genera and species. Detailed maps of distribution of species are compiled. Data on the biology is according to the set plan (population, habitat, feeding, daily and seasonal activity, behavior, reproduction, parasites and competitors, etc.). This book primarily focuses species found in Russia, Ukraine, Caucasus, Russian Central Asia and Transcaucasia. Brief coverage of species outside these regions is also included. The book is intended for mammalogists, systematists, ecologists, and zoogeographers.
By:   Georgy I. Shenbrot, V. E. Sokolov, V. G. Heptner
Volume editor:   Don E. Wilson
Imprint:   Science Publishers,U.S.
Country of Publication:   United States
Dimensions:   Height: 229mm,  Width: 152mm,  Spine: 53mm
Weight:   1.383kg
ISBN:   9781578085316
ISBN 10:   1578085314
Series:   Mammals of Russia and Adjacent Regions
Pages:   786
Publication Date:   01 January 2008
Audience:   Professional and scholarly ,  Undergraduate
Format:   Hardback
Publisher's Status:   Active
SUPERFAMILY OF DIPODOID RODENTS; Key for Identification of Families of the Superfamily Dipodoidea; Family of Birch Mice; Genus of Birch Mouse Sicista Gray, 1827; Key for Identification of Species of the Genus Sicista; Group of Unicolor Birch Mice of the Caucasus; Family of Three-Toed and Pygmy Jerboa Dipodidae Fischer, 1817; Key for Identification of Genera of the Family Dipodidae of Fauna of Russia, Ukraine, Caucasus, Kazakhstan and Russian Central Asia; Subfamily of Pygmy Jerboas; Genus of Five-Toed Dwarf Jerboas; Genus of Three-Toed Pygmy Jerboas; Key for Identification of Species of the Genus Salpingotus of the Fauna of Russian Central Asia and Kazakhstan; Subfamily of Comb-Toed Jerboas; Genus of Comb-Toed Jerboas; Subfamily of Three-Toed Jerboas; Genus of Hairy-Footed Jerboas; Genus of Thick-Tailed Three-Toed Jerboas; Genus of African Desert Jerboas; Genus of Desert Jerboas, Eremodipus; Family of Five-Toed Jerboas; Key to the Identification of Genera; Genus of Earth Hares, Allactaga; Key to the Species of the Genus Allactaga; Genus of Turanian Jerboas, Allactodipus; Genus of Fat-Tailed Jerboas, Pygeretmus; Key to the Species of the Genus Pygeretmus.

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