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Introduction to Biological Physics for the Health and Life Sciences

Kirsten Franklin Paul Muir Terry Scott Paul Yates



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John Wiley & Sons Inc
12 April 2019
A thoroughly updated and extended new edition of this well-regarded introduction to the basic concepts of biological physics for students in the health and life sciences.

Designed to provide a solid foundation in physics for students following health science courses, the text is divided into six sections: Mechanics, Solids and Fluids, Thermodynamics, Electricity and DC Circuits, Optics, and Radiation and Health. Filled with illustrative examples, Introduction to Biological Physics for the Health and Life Sciences, Second Edition features a wealth of concepts, diagrams, ideas and challenges, carefully selected to reference the biomedical sciences. Resources within the text include interspersed problems, objectives to guide learning, and descriptions of key concepts and equations, as well as further practice problems.


Optical Instruments Advanced Geometric Optics Thermodynamic Processes Heat Engines and Entropy Thermodynamic Potentials This comprehensive text offers an important resource for health and life science majors with little background in mathematics or physics. It is also an excellent reference for anyone wishing to gain a broad background in the subject.

Topics covered include:

Kinematics Force and Newton's Laws of Motion Energy Waves Sound and Hearing Elasticity Fluid Dynamics Temperature and the Zeroth Law Ideal Gases Phase and Temperature Change Water Vapour Thermodynamics and the Body Static Electricity Electric Force and Field Capacitance Direct Currents and DC Circuits The Eye and Vision Optical Instruments Atoms and Atomic Physics The Nucleus and Nuclear Physics Ionising Radiation Medical imaging Magnetism and MRI Instructor's support material available through companion website,
By:   Kirsten Franklin, Paul Muir, Terry Scott, Paul Yates
Imprint:   John Wiley & Sons Inc
Country of Publication:   United States
Edition:   2nd Edition
Dimensions:   Height: 305mm,  Width: 211mm,  Spine: 28mm
Weight:   1.656kg
ISBN:   9781118934500
ISBN 10:   1118934504
Pages:   600
Publication Date:   12 April 2019
Audience:   Professional and scholarly ,  Undergraduate
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active
I Mechanics 1 Chapter 1 Kinematics 3 Chapter 2 Force and Newton's Laws of Motion 17 Chapter 3 Motion in a Circle 31 Chapter 4 Statics 37 Chapter 5 Energy 47 Chapter 6 Momentum 61 Chapter 7 Simple Harmonic Motion 69 Chapter 8 Waves 79 Chapter 9 Sound and Hearing 91 II Solids and Fluids 107 Chapter 10 Elasticity: Stress and Strain 109 Chapter 11 Pressure 119 Chapter 12 Buoyancy 133 Chapter 13 Surface Tension and Capillarity 141 Chapter 14 Fluid Dynamics of Non-viscous Fluids 149 Chapter 15 Fluid Dynamics of Viscous Fluids 159 Chapter 16 Molecular Transport Phenomena 165 III Thermodynamics 171 Chapter 17 Temperature and the Zeroth Law 173 Chapter 18 Ideal Gases 185 Chapter 19 Phase and Temperature Change 199 Chapter 20 Water Vapour and the Atmosphere 213 Chapter 21 Heat Transfer 227 Chapter 22 Thermodynamics and the Body 239 Chapter 23 Thermodynamic Processes in Ideal Gases 249 Chapter 24 Heat Engines and Entropy 263 Chapter 25 Energy Availability and Thermodynamic Potentials 279 IV Electricity and DC Circuits 293 Chapter 26 Static Electricity 295 Chapter 27 Electric Force and Electric Field 301 Chapter 28 Electrical Potential and Energy 311 Chapter 29 Capacitance 323 Chapter 30 Direct Currents and DC Circuits 333 Chapter 31 Time Behaviour of RC Circuits 351 V Optics 359 Chapter 32 The Nature of Light 361 Chapter 33 Geometric Optics 375 Chapter 34 The Eye and Vision 393 Chapter 35 Wave Optics 411 Chapter 36 Advanced Geometric Optics 429 Chapter 37 Optical Instruments 449 Chapter 38 Atoms and Atomic Physics 463 Chapter 39 The Nucleus and Nuclear Physics 475 Chapter 40 Production of Ionising Radiation 485 Chapter 41 Interactions of Ionising Radiation 499 Chapter 42 Biological Effects of Ionising Radiation 509 Chapter 43 Medical Imaging 519 Chapter 44 Magnetism and MRI 525 Appendices 550 Appendix A Physical Constants 551 Appendix B Basic Maths and Science Skills 553 Appendix C Answers to Odd Numbered Problems 565 Selected Further Reading 576 Index 579

Dr Terry F. Scott, Department of Physics, University of Otago, New Zealand Research interests include many body theory, Bose Einstein condensation and Physics Education. Assisted by: Kirsten Franklin, Paul Muir, Lara Wilcocks, Paul Yates and The Staff of the Department of Physics, University of Otago, New Zealand.

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