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Functional Plant Genomics

J F Morot-Gaudry P Lea J.F. Briat



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Science Publishers,U.S.
06 January 2007
The openings offered by functional genomics reconciles organism biology and molecular biology, in order to define an integrative biology that should allow new insights about how a phenotype is built up from a genotype in interaction with its environment. This book covers a wide area of concepts and methods in genomics. This range from international genome sequencing projects to invaluable bioinformatics tools, analytical methods of gene expression, including final metabolic products, and their specific tissue to cellular compartmentalization. This new knowledge enables readers to understand the integration of basic physiological functions, and developmental programs. Also, the establishment of tight relationships between genomics, and genetics and plant breeding reveals synergies for exploiting molecular markers, for analysing genetic variation, or for studying quantitative traits. The integration that is now feasible by these new approaches also effects ecophysiology, and opens up new perspectives for the us
By:   J F Morot-Gaudry, P Lea, J.F. Briat
Imprint:   Science Publishers,U.S.
Country of Publication:   United States
Dimensions:   Height: 234mm,  Width: 156mm, 
Weight:   1.474kg
ISBN:   9781578085064
ISBN 10:   1578085063
Pages:   738
Publication Date:   06 January 2007
Audience:   Professional and scholarly ,  Undergraduate
Format:   Hardback
Publisher's Status:   Active
Foreword by Michel Caboche Foreword by A Charcosset Preface Structural Genomics and in silico Analysis 1. Physical Structure of the Plant Nuclear Genome M. Delseny, M. Echeverria, E. Lasserre 2. The Sequencing of Plant Nuclear Genomes N. Choisne, S. Samain, N. Demange, G. Orjeda, L. Michelet, E. Pelletier, M. Salanoubat, J. Weissenbach, F. Quetier 3. Introduction to Bioinformatics H. Chiapello, F. Rodolphe 4. Databases in Biology H. Chiapello 5. Gene Prediction P. Nicolas, H. Chiapello 6. Detecting Protein Function from Genome Sequences J.F. Gibrat, A. Marin 7. Large-scale Protein Sequence Comparisons J.L. Risler, S. Pasek, P. Brezellec, A. Louis Functional Genomics: From Sequence to Function in Plants 8. Gene Transfer to Plants Y. Chupeau, M.R. Davey 9. Mutant Libraries: A High-throughput Arabidopsis Reverse Genetics System F. Granier, D. Bouchez 10. DNA Microarrays in Plants P. Doumas, Y. Al-Ghazi, C. Rothan, S. Robin 11. Statistical Design and the Analysis of Gene Expression Determined by Independent Component Analysis A. Riva, A.S. Carpentier, B. Torresani, A. Henaut 12. Proteomics M. Zivy, J. Joyard, M. Rossignol 13. Tracking Gene Expression in Plant Cells: Microscopy and Associated Bio-imaging Techniques S. Brown, S. Bolte, B. Satiat-Jeunemaitre 14. Tracking Gene Expression in Plant Cells: New Probes for Functional Genomics S. Bolte, Y. Boutte, S. Kluge, S. Brown, B. Satiat-Jeunemaitre 15. Metabolomics A. Krapp, J.F. Morot-Gaudry, S. Boutet, G. Bergot, C. Lelarge, J.L. Prioul, G. Noctor 16. Metabolic Fingerprinting and Profiling by Proton NMR A. Moing, C. Deborde, D. Rolin 17. Methods for the Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Metabolic Fluxes M. Dieuaide-Noubhani, A.P. Alonso, C. Roby, P. Raymond 18. The Structure of Metabolic Networks or (Almost) All that is Known about the Simplest Metabolic Network Jean-Pierre Mazat Plant Models in Genomics 19. The Model Species, Arabidopsis thaliana X. Johnson, D. Bouchez 20. Rice: A Model Plant for Cereal Genomics M. Delseny 21. The Model Medicago truncatula: from Plant-Microbe Symbioses to Crop Legume Breeding Boosted by Cross-Legume Genomics E.P. Journet, P. Gamas 22. Tomato: A Model Plant for Solanaceae Genomics R. Stevens, M. Bouzayen, M. Causse, C. Etienne, C. Rothan 23. Genomics as a Road for Grapevine Improvement A.F. Adam-Blondon, C. Romieu, A. Bouquet 24. Sugarcane: A Tropical Crop with a Highly Complex Genome J.Y. Hoarau, G. Souza, A. D' Hont, M. Menossi, L. Rossini Pinto, A. Pereira de Souza, L. Grivet, C.F. Martins Menck, E. Cesar Ulian, M. Vincentz Genomics, Genetic Variability and Plant Breeding 25. Molecular Markers and High-throughput Genotype Analysis M. Falque, S. Santoni 26. Transposable Elements and the Analysis of Plant Biodiversity S.M. Tam, C. Mhiri, M.-A. Grandbastien 27. Analysis of Complex Characters into Elementary Components through the Use of Molecular Quantitative Genetics in Arabidopsis thaliana O. Loudet, F. Daniel-Vedele 28. Characterization of Major Genes and QTLs by a Candidate Gene Approach R. Stevens, S. Munos, M. Causse, A. Bendahmane, V. Lefebvre 29. Molecular Evolution and Validation of Candidate Gene D. Manicacci, J.B. Veyrieras, A. Charcosset 30. Genomics and Plant Breeding: Maize and Wheat B. Hirel, J. Le Gouis, M. Bernard, P. Perez, M. Falque, F. Quetier, J. Joets, P. Montalent, P. Rogowsky, A. Murigneux, A. Charcosset Genomics and Technology 31. From Genomics to Self-assembly V. Planchot, S.G. Ring, A.J. MacDougall, M. Axelos, Y. Popineau, P. Colonna 32. Metabolic Fingerprinting and Profiling by MID-FT-IR (Middle-Fourier Transformed-InfraRed) G. Mouille and J.N. Johansen Glossary C. Meyer, J.F. Morot-Gaudry List of Contributors

Morot-Gaudry, J F ; Lea, P; Briat, J.F.

Reviews for Functional Plant Genomics

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