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Enhancing the Efficiency of Nitrogen Utilization in Plants

Sham S. Goyal (Univ Of California @ Davis, Davis, CA, USA) Rudolf Tischner Aarjit Basra



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Food Products Press,U.S.
04 June 2009
The latest advancements and innovations in regulating the nitrogen levels in your crops Enhancing the Efficiency of Nitrogen Utilization in Plants examines current research to present an overview of inorganic nitrogen uptake and metabolism in plant life and crop production. This comprehensive resource is divided into sections for quick and easy reference, focusing on physiology and adaptive mechanisms, molecular genetics, and applied aspects. The world's leading experts in agronomy, crop science, and plant physiology analyze the most effective methods and management practices to ensure maximum plant growth and production. Enhancing the Efficiency of Nitrogen Utilization in Plants develops links between basic and applied research and practical crop production. This unique book addresses a wide range of topics that relate to nitrogen use efficiency, and to plant and crop responses to applications of nitrogen via fertilizers, including nitrogen acquisition and reduction; crop rotation; molecular approaches, genetics, and markers; balanced fertilization and controlled-release fertilizers; nitrogen decline, supply, and demand; crop breeding; radiation use; nutrient deficiency and toxicity; nitrate induction and signaling; nitrogen transport; and nitrogen use at the leaf and canopy level . Enhancing the Efficiency of Nitrogen Utilization in Plants examines: plant responses to changes in the supply of the two inorganic nitrogen sources of nitrate and ammonium root system control mechanisms of nitrogen uptake nitrate uptake and reduction in higher and lower plants how nitrogen affects biomass production in a canopy nitrogen's effects on radiation interception and radiation use efficiency senescence and photosynthesis the regulation of nitrogen and carbon metabolisms by sugars and nitrogen metabolites integrated nitrogen fertilization the use of legumes for soil improvement root system control mechanisms fertility and crop nutrient demand chemical and biological processes that influence nitrogen transformation or loss the use of simulation models to measure water and nutrient transport in soils and much moreEnhancing the Efficiency of Nitrogen Utilization in Plants is an invaluable classroom aid for academics working in plant physiology and agronomy, and an essential professional resource for researchers working in plant and crop production.
By:   Sham S. Goyal (Univ Of California @ Davis Davis CA USA), Rudolf Tischner, Aarjit Basra
Imprint:   Food Products Press,U.S.
Country of Publication:   United Kingdom
Dimensions:   Height: 214mm,  Width: 154mm,  Spine: 32mm
Weight:   726g
ISBN:   9781560221418
ISBN 10:   1560221410
Pages:   489
Publication Date:   04 June 2009
Audience:   Professional and scholarly ,  Undergraduate
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active
Foreword (Rattan Lal) PHYSIOLOGY AND ADAPTIVE MECHANISMS Plant Nitrogen Transport and Its Regulation in Changing Soil Environments (Dev T. Britto and Herbert J. Kronzucker) Root System Characteristics and Control of Nitrogen Uptake (Hormoz BassiriRad) Nitrate Uptake and Reduction in Plants (Rudolph Tischner) Nitrogen Use at the Leaf and Canopy Level: A Framework to Improve Crop N Use Efficiency (M. Fernanda Dreccer) Regulation of C/N Interaction in Model Plant Species (Anne Krapp and Hoia-Nam Truong) MOLECULAR GENETICS Application of Molecular Markers in Breeding for Nitrogen Use Efficiency (Hesham A. Agrama) From Agronomy and Ecophysiology to Molecular Genetics for Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Crops (Bertrand Hirel and Gilles Lemaire) APPLIED ASPECTS Integrated Nitrogen Fertilization for Intensive and Sustainable Agriculture (Upendra Singh) Rhizobial Inoculants for Legume Crops (Newton Z. Lupwayi, George W. Clayton, and Wendell A. Rice) Nitrogen Nutrition and Use in Horticultural Crops (Jacques Le Bot and Stephane Adamowicz) Nitrogen and Irrigation Management Practices to Improve Nitrogen Uptake Efficiency and Minimize Leaching Losses (A. K. Alva, S. Paramasivam, A. Fares, J. A. Delgado, D. Mattos, Jr., and K. Sajwan) Numerical Modeling to Study the Fate of Nitrogen in Cropping Systems and Best Management Case Studies (J. A. Delgado, A. K. Alva, A. Fares, S. Paramasivam, D. Mattos, Jr., and K. Sajwan) Index Reference Notes Included

Univ Of California @ Davis, Davis, CA, USA

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