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Emperors Garden Coaster Rug Set of Four

MouseRugs by FiberLok


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The “Emperor’s Garden” rug inspiring this design is an exquisite example of a type of design known as the “Peking” style which gained status and popularity during the latter decades of the 19th century. This was a time when China opened its vast workforce, in the form of large weaving “factories," to the Western world. A trademark of this style, which reached its zenith of popularity during the 1940s, is its use of pictorial elements, such as pagodas, vases, and realistically drawn flowers, birds and butterflies.

Made in the USA

Coaster Rug dimensions - approximate finished size: 8.9 x 14 cm (including fringe) and 0.4 cm thick.


By:   MouseRugs by FiberLok
ISBN:   680638500440
Format:   Other merchandise
Publisher's Status:   Active

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