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Ecko Rising (#1 Ecko)

Danie Ware



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Titan Books
26 April 2016
Science fiction; Fantasy; Magic; Parallel Worlds; Science Fantasy
Ecko is an unlikely saviour: a savage, gleefully cynical rebel/assassin, he operates out of hi-tech London, making his own rules in a repressed and subdued society. When the biggest job of his life goes horribly wrong, Ecko awakes in a world he doesn t recognise: a world without tech, weapons, cams, cables anything that makes sense to him. Can this be his own creation, a virtual Rorschach designed just for him, or is it something much more? Ecko finds himself immersed in a world just as troubled as his own, striving to conquer his deepest fears and save it from extinction. If Ecko can win through, then he might just learn to care or break the program and get home.
By:   Danie Ware
Imprint:   Titan Books
Country of Publication:   United States
Dimensions:   Height: 175mm,  Width: 107mm,  Spine: 41mm
Weight:   272g
ISBN:   9781785650819
ISBN 10:   1785650815
Series:   Ecko
Publication Date:   26 April 2016
Audience:   General/trade ,  ELT Advanced
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active

Reviews for Ecko Rising (#1 Ecko)

With action aplenty, this sf/fantasy mash-up is a thrilling, genre-defying roller coaster ride. - Library Journal As publicist and events manager for England's legendary Forbidden Planet, debut author Ware has a deep knowledge of science fiction and fantasy, and she hurls it all into this engrossing but sometimes derivative mix of high-tech street fighting and epic quest. In a dystopian future London, the population has been systematically reduced to plugged-in cogs, blissed out on Pilgrim Inc.'s brand of SSRI. Enter Ecko, a wickedly entertaining antihero. He's a genetically and mechanically modified superhuman sociopath with a host of unusual abilities. On a mission for a vaguely outlined rebellion, Ecko leaps from a building and wakes up in a teleporting tavern in a medieval fantasy realm, where he reluctantly joins forces with Roderick the Bard to do battle with the elementalist Maugrim and prevent the resuscitation of a demon. Is this all a Virtual Rorschach test designed by Ecko's creator to bring him into line? Several scenes in which Ecko is not present hint otherwise. The page-turning narrative leads to a cliffhanger ending that bodes well for planned sequels. (June) - Publishers Weekly An incredible read, with completely unexpected twists and turns. - Geek Syndicate Ingenius...The story itself is engaging and totally unique, a plot that pushes the boundaries not for the sake of it but clearly to offer something different. - SF Book It s like The Matrix meets Game of Thrones, and it s immense fun... a novel that reads like the work of a seasoned professional but boasts a first timer's vigour. - Financial Times Dani Ware s debut novel is like no fantasy - or indeed sci-fi - epic you ve ever read before. - SFX Magazine An epic page turner with an ending that will leave your crying out for more. - The Tattooed Book 'An incredible debut' - SF Site 'Staggeringly impressive in both its richness and detail' - Alternative Magazine Online 'Ware writes with an eloquence that is not often encountered in genre fiction' - BFS 'An incredible, confident debut' - Dave Brendon's Weblog With fast and furious action and more than a smattering of sex, violence, gore and swearing this is the kind of novel where you hang onto your seat, and enjoy the ride. - High Fantasy Addict Danie Ware's Ecko Rising is distinctive and entertaining. Ecko is a creative and engaging anti-hero and his mashed-up cyberpunk and fantasy world holds the promise of an exciting new series. - Mind of the Geek Ecko Rising is truly the epitome of the expression, a little something for everyone. It has science fiction roots, a fantasy trunk, some romance branches, and a sprinkling of humor leaves to round things out. After finishing the book, I'm still a little dumbfounded as to how Ware managed to create two worlds so vivid and so different, and put them in the same story. - Pop Culture Nexus There's nothing I love more than finding a book that pushes the boundaries, especially when it gives new meaning to the word imagination , and Ecko Rising is one of those books. - Killer Aphrodite trust me, you're gonna want to grab a copy. - My Bookish Ways Ecko Rising is fast-paced, creative, and has enough going on to capture just about anyone's interest. This reader is on board for round two. - Paper Droids Ecko Rising is the debut novel of Danie Ware but reads more like that of a veteran storyteller with engaging characters and a polished storyline. - Dread Central Hollywood should take a look at this book, this would make a great sci-fi fantasy movie. - Retrenders 'Ecko is one of the most fascinating characters in scifi literature' - Wear Pink Wednesdays The sci-fi debut of the year begins like a cyberpunk thriller, before performing a sharp U-turn to become a rollicking high-fantasy adventure. Ware writes fearlessly and with great self-assurance, and her hero Ecko, cybernetically augmented but as crude and cynical as they come, is a magnificent creation. - Financial Times (London) If you're looking for some great genre-bending reading, I can't recommend Ecko Rising by Danie Ware enough. It seamlessly blends traditional cyberpunk story elements with elements of fantasy and leaves you wanting more! - Blogcritics ECKO RISING is a definite win for me and I highly recommend giving it a look. ECKO RISING is written very well and flows like a roaring river. Ware has a subtle writing style that lulls the reader into a false sense of security but then whips them straight into the story without warning. This allows for complete immersion into Ecko's world(s) and therefore an enjoyable reading experience. - Shattered Ravings

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