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Dragonflies & Damselfies: A natural history
— —
Dennis Paulson
Dragonflies & Damselfies: A natural history by Dennis Paulson at Abbey's Bookshop,

Dragonflies & Damselfies: A natural history

Dennis Paulson



Mathematics & Sciences;
Insects (entomology);
Wildlife: butterflies, other insects & spiders


224 pages

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Dragonflies are often called birdwatchers' insects. They are large, brightly coloured, active in the daytime, and with complex and interesting behavior. Like butterflies, they appeal even to people who don't think highly of insects in general. They have been with us since the dinosaurs lived, and they continue to flourish. Their ancestors were the biggest insects ever, and they still impress us with their size - the largest is bigger than a small hummingbird. There are over 6,000 species of Odonata known at present, and you need only to visit any wetland on a warm summer day to be enthralled by their bright colors and fascinating behavior.

By:   Dennis Paulson
Imprint:   Ivy
Country of Publication:   United Kingdom
Dimensions:   Height: 240mm,  Width: 210mm, 
ISBN:   9781782405634
ISBN 10:   1782405631
Pages:   224
Publication Date:   April 2019
Audience:   General/trade ,  ELT Advanced
Format:   Hardback
Publisher's Status:   Active

Introduction About This Book Chapter One What is a Dragonfly? Dragonfly Classification/The Evolution of Dragonflies/Dragonfly Size/Dragonfly Anatomy/Dragonfly Habitats/The Daily Cycle/Thermoregulation/Coloration Ancient Greenling Desert Shadowdamsel Dancing Jewel Red-tipped Ashtail Ruby Dancer Damseldragon Two-striped Forceptail Sarracenia Spiketail Seaside Dragonlet Filigree Skimmer Chapter Two Adaptations For Life: Capturing Prey and Avoiding Predators Dragonfly Flight/Dragonfly Vision/Foraging Behavior/Diet/Dragonfly Predators/Dragonfly Parasites Horned Twigtail Ebony Jewelwing Blue Bareleg Variable Cora Little Wisp Giant Petaltail Flag-tailed Spinyleg Splendid Cruiser Four-spotted Skimmer Jewel Flutterer Chapter Three Reproduction Territoriality/Rendezvous Sites/Courtship/Mating/Sperm Competition/Mate Guarding/Oviposition Mountain Malachite American Rubyspot Black Velvetwing Phoenix Citrine Forktail Common Green Darner Dragonhunter Common Shutwing Common Archtail Club-tailed Skimmer Chapter Four The Life Cycle The Nymph/Nymphs in Surprising Places/Metamorphosis and Emergence/Seasonality/Dispersal and Migration/Longevity Great Spreadwing Green Metalwing Ochraceous Gossamerwing Great Cascader Scarlet Kauai Damsel Black Emperor Common Tigertail Common Baskettail Scarlet Dwarf Large Woodskimmer Chapter Five Dragonflies and People Dragonfly Research/Teaching About Dragonflies/Threats to Dragonflies and Conservation/Ecosystem Services/Dragonflies in the Literature Blue Ringtail Glittering Demoiselle Red-and-black Flatwing Powdered Wiretail Blue-winged Helicopter Dark-saddled Darner Corkscrew Hooktail Hine's Emerald Lucia Widow Greenbolt Chapter Six Dragonfly Diversity Around The World Drivers of Diversity/Phylogeny/The Families of Dragonflies Common Winter Damsel Magenta-flecked Jewel Arrowhead Rockmaster Blue Featherleg Crimson Threadtail Waterfall Redspot Spectacular Skycruiser Eastern Pondhawk Wandering Glider Common Blue-wing Glossary Further Resources Index Picture Credits Acknowledgments

Dennis Paulson is an international expert on dragonflies, having written the major field guides to North American species and more than 50 scientific papers on the group. With a PhD degree from the University of Miami, he has watched and photographed his favorite animals on all the continents. Now retired from his position as Director of the Slater Museum of Natural History at the University of Puget Sound, he continues to spend his time in teaching and research.

Richly illustrated, this is a great introductory guide to the biology of dragonflies and damselflies. * Natural History Book Services *

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