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Democracy Incorporated

Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism - New Edition

Sheldon S. Wolin Chris Hedges



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Princeton University Press
06 November 2017
Democracy is struggling in America--by now this statement is almost cliche. But what if the country is no longer a democracy at all? In Democracy Incorporated, Sheldon Wolin considers the unthinkable: has America unwittingly morphed into a new and strange kind of political hybrid, one where economic and state powers are conjoined and virtually unbr
By:   Sheldon S. Wolin
Introduction by:   Chris Hedges
Imprint:   Princeton University Press
Country of Publication:   United States
Edition:   Revised edition
Dimensions:   Height: 235mm,  Width: 152mm, 
Weight:   454g
ISBN:   9780691178486
ISBN 10:   0691178488
Pages:   376
Publication Date:   06 November 2017
Audience:   College/higher education ,  Professional and scholarly ,  Primary ,  Undergraduate
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active
Preface to the First Paperback Edition ix Preface xvii Acknowledgments xxv Introduction to the 2017 Edition Chris Hedges xxvii preview 1 1 Myth in the Making 4 2 Totalitarianism's Inversion: Beginnings of the Imaginary of a Permanent Global War 15 3 Totalitarianism's Inversion, Democracy's Perversion 41 4 The New World of Terror 69 5 The Utopian Theory of Superpower: The Official Version 82 6 The Dynamics of Transformation 95 7 The Dynamics of the Archaic 114 8 The Politics of Superpower: Managed Democracy 131 9 Intellectual Elites against Democracy 159 10 Domestic Politics in the Era of Superpower and Empire 184 11 Inverted Totalitarianism: Antecedents and Precedents 211 12 Demotic Moments 238 13 Democracy's Prospects: Looking Backwards 259 Notes 293 Index 339

Sheldon S. Wolin (1922-2015) was professor emeritus of politics at Princeton University. His books include Politics and Vision and Tocqueville between Two Worlds (both Princeton).

Reviews for Democracy Incorporated: Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism - New Edition

Winner of a 2008 Lannan Notable Book Award, Lannan Foundation [A] comprehensive diagnosis of our failings as a democratic polity by one of our most seasoned and respected political philosophers... Democracy Incorporated is a devastating critique of the contemporary government of the United States--including what has happened to it in recent years and what must be done if it is not to disappear into history along with its classic totalitarian predecessors. --Chalmers Johnson, Truthdig [Democracy Incorporated provides] a rare, chilling analysis of intellectual critics of democracy. If democracy means more than occasional elections and protection of those rights that are compatible with economic and political elites' interests, Wolin's analysis of our democratic predicament is shocking, solid, and fundamentally correct. --C. P. Waligorski, Choice Sheldon Wolin has produced an ambitious and broad-ranging book that examines the current state of democracy in America... Wolin argues that the unquestioned faith in the virtues of free market capitalism has dramatically narrowed the range of policy options that are on the table when debate turns to resolving the US's ills...[T]his is a trenchant and powerful volume. --Alex Waddan, International Affairs Of the many books I've read or skimmed in the past seven years that attempted to get inside the social and political debacles of the present, none has had the chilling clarity and historical discernment of Sheldon S. Wolin's Democracy Incorporated. Building on his fifty years as a political theorist and proponent of radical democracy, Wolin here extends his concern with the extinguishing of the political and its replacement by fraudulent simulations of democratic process. --Jonathan Crary, Artforum [W]e need to understand the deep roots of our present troubles ourselves and Wolin's book is an excellent beginning. --Toby Grace, Out in Jersey Democracy Incorporated acts as an antidote to unconstrained corporate power and an elitist obsession and should be widely read by all those who cherish democracy and civil liberty. --Shih-Yu Chou, Political Studies Review [Wolin] provides a rich narrative of the struggle of elites and the demos from ancient Greece through the writing of the U.S. Constitution and into the present, and the corporate-managed politics that has emerged will survive no matter which party holds Congress or the presidency. --Coleman Fannin, Journal of Church and State Despite being written shortly before both the financial crisis and the Obama victory, the main lineaments of his analysis are still alarmingly cogent. --Tom Angier, Marx & Philosophy Review of Books

  • Winner of 2008 Lannan Notable Book Award, Lannan Foundation 2008

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