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Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion, Volume 4

Kash L. Mittal



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CRC Press
02 December 2019
Physical chemistry
This volume chronicles the proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion held in Philadelphia, PA, June 2004.

The world of wettability is very wide and it plays a crucial role in many and varied technological areas ranging from microfluidics to biomedical to agriculture to welding.

This volume contains a total of 31 papers covering many ramifications of contact angle, wettability and adhesion. All manuscripts were rigorously peer-reviewed and revised, and properly edited before inclusion in this book.

The topics covered include: fundamental aspects of contact line region; evaporative behavior of sessile drops; various factors influencing contact angle measurements; different kinds of contact angles; various ways to measure contact angles; contact angle hysteresis; contact angle measurements on various materials (smooth, rough, porous, heterogeneous); effect of electric field on contact angle (electrowetting); wetting and spreading on heterogeneous surfaces; factors influencing wetting/spreading phenomena; determination of solid surface free energy via contact angle measurements; application of AFM in determining solid surface tension at the nano-scale; ultralyophobic surfaces; surface modification and wettability; multiphase flow dynamics in porous media; thin film coatings for textile materials; bio-fouling resistant coatings; relationships between wetting and adhesion; and relevance/importance of wetting and surface energetics in technological applications, including cleaning of flooring materials, kinetics of oil removal from coating materials, cell adhesion, and mold compound- metal adhesion in semiconductor packaging.
Edited by:   Kash L. Mittal
Imprint:   CRC Press
Country of Publication:   United Kingdom
Dimensions:   Height: 245mm,  Width: 170mm, 
Weight:   1.002kg
ISBN:   9780367446321
ISBN 10:   0367446324
Pages:   542
Publication Date:   02 December 2019
Audience:   College/higher education ,  Primary
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active
Part 1: General Papers 1. Study of contact angles, contact line dynamics and interfacial liquid slip by a mean-field free-energy lattice Boltzmann model 2. Contact line motion: Hydrodynamical or molecular process? 3. The detailed structure of a perturbed wetting triple line on modified PTFE 4. A simple geometrical model to predict evaporative behavior of spherical sessile droplets on impermeable surfaces Part 2: Contact Angle Measurements/Determination and Solid Surface Free Energy 5. About the possibility of experimentally measuring an equilibrium contact angle and its theoretical and practical consequences 6. The static contact angle hysteresis and Young's equilibrium contact angle 7. Wettability of porous materials, I: The use of Wilhelmy experiment: The cases of stone, wood and non-woven fabric 8. Wettability of porous materials, II: Can we obtain the contact angle from the Washburn equation? 9. Contact-angle measurements of sessile drops deformed by a DC electric field 10. Dynamic contact angle of a droplet spreading on heterogeneous surfaces 11. Wetting on chemically heterogeneous surfaces: Pseudo-spherical approximation for sessile drops 12. Can contact angle measurements be used to predict soiling and cleaning of plastic flooring materials? 13. Surface free energy of solids: A comparison of models 14. Determination of solid surface tension at the nano-scale using atomic force microscopy Part 3: Wettability and Its Modification 15. Study of surface charge properties of minerals and surface-modified substrates by wettability measurements 16. Study of electrically-induced wetting on silicon single-crystal substrates 17. Criteria for ultralyophobic surfaces 18. Highly hydrophobic textile surfaces obtained by thin-layer deposition 19. Wettability of surface-modified keratin fibers 20. Ammonia plasma-simulating treatments and their impact on wettability of PET fabrics 21. Study of the effect of acidic species on wettability alteration of calcite surfaces by measur

Mittal, Kash L.

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