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Communications in Africa, 1880-1939 (set)

David Sunderland



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Pickering & Chatto (Publishers) Ltd
01 February 2012
African history; Colonialism & imperialism; Transport industries; Postal & telecommunications industries
This collection presents rare documents relating to the development of various forms of communication across Africa by the British, as part of their economic investment in Africa. Railways and waterways are examined.
By:   David Sunderland
Imprint:   Pickering & Chatto (Publishers) Ltd
Country of Publication:   United Kingdom
Dimensions:   Height: 234mm,  Width: 156mm, 
Weight:   4.014kg
ISBN:   9781848930643
ISBN 10:   184893064X
Series:   Britain and Africa
Pages:   2144
Publication Date:   01 February 2012
Audience:   College/higher education ,  Primary
Format:   Hardback
Publisher's Status:   Active
Volume 1: Railways: Proposals Proposals Part 2, Nos 1 and 2. Messrs Fitzgerald and Mercer to Colonial Office (23 June 1879) and Colonial Office to Messrs Fitzgerald and Mercer (11 July 1879); Reports on Inspections Made to Ascertain the Best Lines of Possible Railway Extension in the Colony. No. 1, Possible Extensions of the Western and Midland Systems (1879); Correspondence Having Reference to Construction of Railways in Territory of Bechuanaland (1889); Railway Extension through British Bechuanaland (1890); E L Bentley, Handbook to the Uganda Question and Proposed East Africa Railway (1892); The Railway Extension from Charlestown to Johannesburg (1894); Memorandum on the Question of the Delagoa Bay Railway (1896); F Cardew, Railway Schemes for the Colony of Sierra Leone (1895); The Beira Railway. Report of Proceedings of the Various Meetings held in Salisbury, Rhodesia, on the above Question (1895); Wassau (Gold Coast) Mining Company, Limited, to Colonial Office (1897); C S Betton, 'Prospective Railway Development in British Equatorial Africa' (1902); Informal Conference with Mr F Bedford Glasier, on the Subject of the Lagos Railway (1903); The Right Railway System and the Best Outlets for Nigeria (1906); Report on Transport Policy to Develop the Northern Provinces of Northern Nigeria (1912); Transport in Africa. East African Commission's Recommendations (1925); E Grigg, Memorandum on Railway Development (1926) Volume 2: Railways: Construction Construction Crown Agents to Colonial Office (1897); Sierra Leone (Kwalu) Railway Survey (1899); High Commissioner Sir F Lugard to Mr Chamberlain (1903); Papers Relating to the Construction of Foreign Railways in West Africa (1905); Mr Lyttelton to Governor Egerton (on the Oshogbo Lagos Railway Extension, 1905); Memorandum by Mr Churchill on Railway Construction in Nigeria (1906); F Shelford, Some Features of West African Railways (1912); The Nigerian Railway [1925]; Sir W De Frece, The Failure of Officialdom (1923); F L O' Callaghan, 'Uganda Railway' (1900); F E Emett, 'Some Curiosities of the Uganda Railway' (1901); Memorandum for the Private Enterprise Committee by the Honourable Gideon Murray, Master of Elibank [n.d.]; E H Smith Wright, Railways in Rhodesia. A Few Notes on their Construction and on the Country Through Which They Pass (1904); 'Contract for the Construction of a Railway and Works in the British Central Africa Protectorate, dated 1897' (1925); Central Africa Railway Company Limited and Shire Highlands Railway Nyasaland Limited and the Crown Agents for the Colonies on behalf of the Nyasaland Government: Conditional Agreement (1930); A G Dalton, A Report and Estimate Concerning the Construction and Equipment of a Railway Between Oudtshoorn and Klipplaat Station (1894); G S Owen, Report and Estimate in Connection with Caledon Surveys (1897); Railway Construction: Zoutpansberg District (1909); Tanganyika Territory. Proposed Loan for Railway and Harbour Development (1923-4); Natal Government Railways. Draft Law ... to Raise a Loan for the Construction and Equipment of Certain Railways [n.d.]; Report of the Select Committee on Railway Labourers (1863); A R Seymour, 'Tropical Railways' (c.1925); E R Calthrop, 'Light Railways in the Colonies' (1897-8) Volume 3: Railways: Operation Operation of Lines F D, Report on the Railway System of Southern Rhodesia under the Railways Enquiry Act, 1924 (1925); J H Smith, Report upon the Administration, Organisation and Working of the Natal Government Railways (1903); S Herbert Frankel, Memorandum on Railway and Harbours Working and Finance (1933); F D Hammond, Report on the Sierra Leone Government Railway (1922); F D Hammond, Report on the Railway Systems of Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika (1921); F D Hammond, Report on the Railway System of Tanganyika Territory (1930) Volume 4: Railways: Operation and Economic Impact Operation Opening of the Lagos-Ibadan Railway for Traffic (1901); W W Hoy, State Ownership and Operation of Railways (1919); Governor Sir W MacGregor to Mr Lyttelton (1904); Railway Retrenchment Committee Report and Recommendations (1932); The Birmingham Chamber of Commerce to Colonial Office (1905); The Governor of Uganda to the Secretary of State (1914); H L G Gurney, Report of the Road-Rail Transport Committee (1945); H O Mance, Report on the Co-ordination of Transport in Kenya, Uganda and the Tanganyika Territory (1937); H O Mance, The Railway Systems of West Africa (1913); Anon., 'The Railways of Africa' (November 1927); Anon., 'The Railways of Africa' (December 1927); Anon., 'Some Typical Modern Locomotives and Rolling Stock for African Railways' (November 1911) Impact of Railways R T Williams, The Cape to Cairo Railway from the Point of View of African Development (1922); J W Spiller, Colonial Railways 1928-38: An Economic Review (1941); J W Spiller, 'The Respective Merits of Roads and Railways for Colonial Development' (1935) Volume 5: Other Forms of Communication Roads A S Cripps, How Roads were Made in the Native Reserves of Charter District, Mashonaland 1934-5 (1936); Committee to Enquire into the Costs of Distribution of Imported Goods and Local Products in Southern Rhodesia (1936); H A Campbell, Kenya's Road Policy (1945); R J Van Reenan, The Free State Roads [1916]; Report on the Commission of Roads (Transvaal) (1921); Notes on Road Construction (1933); Replies to Questions of the Private Enterprise Committee by the Governor of Sierra Leone (1923) Canoes and Boats J Stevenson, The Water Highways of the Interior of Africa (1883); Report upon the Grobbelaar's River Irrigation Scheme (1896); Sir W B Griffith to Lord Knutsford (1891) Shipping Crown Agents to Colonial Office (15 September 1908), with Messrs Freeland to Crown Agents enclosure (29 August 1908); H H Clarke, The Shipping Ring and the South African Trade (1898); Report on the Control and Working of Mombasa (Kilindini) Harbour Kenya Colony (1926) Air Transport F Tymms, Prospects of Civil Aviation in East Africa (1929); P E L Gethin, Report on Aviation in the Uganda Protectorate (1936) Personal Communication Agreement Providing for Facilities in Kenya for Air-Service Wireless Communication (1939); Report of the Committee Appointed to Consider the Whole Question of Rural Telephones (1929); Report of the Postmaster-General for the Year 1892 (1893)

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