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Chef Crocos Secret Sound Recipes

Hindi / English

Little Dreamer



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13 November 2023

Dive deep into a whimsical culinary adventure with Chef Croco, where every farm animal contributes a unique ingredient to the melody of two languages!


Do you dream of your children effortlessly having a command of multiple languages? Yet, does the path to bilingualism seem weighted with routine lessons that barely spark their youthful curiosity? Have you longed for a narrative that goes beyond mere storytelling, acting as a bridge between languages, and cultivating a joyous learning experience?


Endowed with linguistic expertise and a nurturing parent of a multilingual household, Littledreamer provides first-hand experiences to the pages of this book. The narrative is not merely a flight of fancy, but born out of first-hand experience in bonding languages. The author, with a rich background of studying abroad and multicultural tales, addresses the common hurdles in making cross-language education a joyous voyage.

Bullet Points:

Adventurous Expedition:

Take off an adventurous expedition with Chef Croco as he befriends animals, unveiling the magic of sounds in a bilingual world. Joyful Learning: Each page unfolds a joyful blend of education and entertainment, igniting curiosity and laughter. Engaging Illustrations: Delight in vibrant illustrations that animate the melody of animal sounds and languages. Parent-Child Bonding: A tale designed to encourage a shared reading experience, strengthening the linguistic bond between you and your kids. Educational Fun: A curious combination of instruction and recreation that makes learning animal sounds and languages a merry quest. Cultural Embrace: Step into a tale that gently opens the doors to cultural richness incorporated in languages, bringing global awareness up. Inspirational Message: Beyond the giggles and animal calls, lies a message of unity, understanding, and the magic of communication.

Call to Action:

If you yearn to transform the learning of languages into a heartwarming, adventurous expedition for your child, scroll up and delve into ""Chef Croco's Bilingual Secret Sound Recipes: A Hindi-English Animal Sound Journey"" today. Uncover the joy of bilingualism through a narrative that sings, laughs, and learns along with you."

Imprint:   Littledreamer
Dimensions:   Height: 216mm,  Width: 216mm,  Spine: 2mm
Weight:   73g
ISBN:   9791198515445
Pages:   22
Publication Date:  
Audience:   Children/juvenile ,  English as a second language
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active

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