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Beyond the Stethoscope: Doctor'S Stories of Reclaiming Hope, Heart and Healing in Medicine

Lucy Mayes



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04 September 2019
Biography; Biography: general; Biography: science, technology & engineering; Medicine; Health & Self-Help
Our health care system is sick. We live in an era of factory style medicine, spiralling costs, complex and chronic conditions, and doctors at the heart of it under pressure as never before. Witnessing worrying burnout in her doctor husband, Lucy Mayes went on a quest to find out what is really going on behind the scenes in medicine. Lucy asked doctors on the front lines how they make meaning in their work, what quality medicine looks like to them, and what their hopes are for the future of medicine. What emerged were consistent messages about elements of practice that the culture and systems of medicine still struggle to understand and support: the power of humanism; compassion; listening; the therapeutic relationship; preventative care; the doctors' own wellbeing journey; and mind-body plus other holistic understandings of health and healing. Beyond the Stethoscope will leave readers shocked, moved and inspired by the struggles, wisdom and insights of those who sit before them in that most ancient and intimate of humanist exchanges: that of the doctor and patient.
By:   Lucy Mayes
Imprint:   Woodslane
Country of Publication:   Australia
ISBN:   9780648182726
ISBN 10:   064818272X
Publication Date:   04 September 2019
Audience:   General/trade ,  ELT Advanced
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active
CONTENTS Foreword - Associate Professor Craig Hassed 19 Introduction 23 1 - Let's talk honestly - Dr Nina Sawicki, General Practitioner, NZ - 43 2 - Don't fix the dead wood - Dr David Reilly, Consultant Physician & Healthcare Reformist, UK - 53 3 - A 65,000-year-long randomised controlled trial, unpublished - Dr Mark Wenitong, Aboriginal Medical Advisor (Aus) 64 4 Excuse me, has the liver got a name? - Dr Elizabeth Lewis, Psychiatrist (Aus) 73 5 The poetry of medicine - Dr Glenn Colquhoun, General Practitioner and Poet (NZ) 87 6 Meaning and medicine - Dr Brian Broom Immunologist, Psychotherapist, Lecturer and Author (NZ) 101 7 A witness and an ally - Dr Katie Moore, Paediatric Oncologist (Aus) 115 8 The best of my knowledge and ability - Dr Tralee Sugrue, General Practitioner and Homeopath (NZ) 129 9 Putting the patient at the centre - Dr Catherine Crock AM, Physician and Founder of The Hush Foundation (Aus) 135 10 To be vulnerable is to be strong - Dr Mark Davis, Psychiatrist (NZ) 149 11 Lifestyle and prevention: The future - Associate Professor Vicki Kotsirilos AM Holistic General Practitioner and Health Leader (Aus) 157 12 Healer, heal thyself - Dr Meaburn Staniland, General Practitioner (NZ) 167 13 Hearts in Healthcare - Dr Robin Youngson, Anaesthetist, Author & Co-founder of Hearts in Healthcare (NZ) 171 14 The joy of being a generalist - Dr Veronica Moule General Practitioner Obstetrician and Homeopath (Aus) 185 15 Open hearted surgeon - Dr Sharad Paul, Surgeon, Author and Teacher 193 16 I'll look after your child - Dr Peter Howe, Paediatric Anaesthetist (Aus) 207 17 Clowning, curiosity and a love of people - Dr John Barton, General Practitioner and Psychotherapist (NZ) 221 18 Islands of rebellion - Islands of empowerment - Professor Vikram Patel, Psychiatrist and International Mental Health Innovator (India & UK) 229 19 Korero - Dr Jenny Simpson, General Practitioner (NZ) 239 20 East meets West - Dr Joan Campbell, General Practitioner and Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner (NZ) 247 21 Time to care - Dr Liz Harding, General Practitioner (NZ) 265 22 Get real and feel - Dr Melvyn Polon, Paediatrician (Aus) 275 23 Crazy socks doc - Dr Geoffrey Toogood, Cardiologist & Doctors' Mental Health Advocate (Aus) 283 24 First do no harm - Dr Robin Kelly, General Practitioner, Acupuncturist & Author (NZ) 291 25 Dancing doctor - Dr Richard Mayes, General Practitioner Obstetrician & Medical Educator (Aus) 303 Contributor Profiles 317 Further Reading 329

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