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AWS Certified Advanced Networking Official Study Guide: Specialty Exam
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Sidhartha Chauhan James Devine
AWS Certified Advanced Networking Official Study Guide: Specialty Exam by Sidhartha Chauhan at Abbey's Bookshop,

AWS Certified Advanced Networking Official Study Guide: Specialty Exam

Sidhartha Chauhan James Devine Alan Halachmi Matt Lehwess


Sybex Inc.,U.S.

Computer certification;
Computer networking & communications


576 pages

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The official study guide for the AWS certification specialty exam The AWS Certified Advanced Networking Official Study Guide - Specialty Exam helps to ensure your preparation for the AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty Exam. Expert review of AWS fundamentals align with the exam objectives, and detailed explanations of key exam topics merge with real-world scenarios to help you build the robust knowledge base you need to succeed on the exam-and in the field as an AWS Certified Networking specialist. Coverage includes the design, implementation, and deployment of cloud-based solutions; core AWS services implementation and knowledge of architectural best practices; AWS service architecture design and maintenance; networking automation; and more. You also get one year of free access to Sybex's online interactive learning environment and study tools, which features flashcards, a glossary, chapter tests, practice exams, and a test bank to help you track your progress and gauge your readiness as exam day grows near.

The AWS credential validates your skills surrounding AWS and hybrid IT network architectures at scale. The exam assumes existing competency with advanced networking tasks, and assesses your ability to apply deep technical knowledge to the design and implementation of AWS services. This book provides comprehensive review and extensive opportunities for practice, so you can polish your skills and approach exam day with confidence.

Study key exam essentials with expert insight Understand how AWS skills translate to real-world solutions Test your knowledge with challenging review questions Access online study tools, chapter tests, practice exams, and more Technical expertise in cloud computing, using AWS, is in high demand, and the AWS certification shows employers that you have the knowledge and skills needed to deliver practical, forward-looking cloud-based solutions. The AWS Certified Advanced Networking Official Study Guide - Specialty Exam helps you learn what you need to take this next big step for your career.

By:   Sidhartha Chauhan, James Devine, Alan Halachmi, Matt Lehwess, Nick Matthews
Imprint:   Sybex Inc.,U.S.
Country of Publication:   United States
Dimensions:   Height: 238mm,  Width: 186mm,  Spine: 28mm
Weight:   944g
ISBN:   9781119439837
ISBN 10:   1119439833
Pages:   576
Publication Date:   February 2018
Audience:   Professional and scholarly ,  Undergraduate
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active

Foreword xxxiii Introduction xxxvii Assessment Test xliv Chapter 1 Introduction to Advanced Networking 1 AWS Global Infrastructure 2 Amazon Virtual Private Cloud 4 AWS Networking Services 7 Summary 9 Resources to Review 9 Exam Essentials 10 Exercise 11 Review Questions 12 Chapter 2 Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) and Networking Fundamentals 15 Introduction to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) 16 Subnets 19 Route Tables 22 IP Addressing 23 Security Groups 26 Network Access Control Lists (ACLs) 29 Internet Gateways 30 Network Address Translation (NAT) Instances and NAT Gateways 31 Egress-Only Internet Gateways (EIGWs) 33 Virtual Private Gateways (VGWs), Customer Gateways, and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) 35 VPC Endpoints 36 VPC Peering 38 Placement Groups 40 Elastic Network Interfaces 41 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Option Sets 42 Amazon Domain Name Service (DNS) Server 43 VPC Flow Logs 43 Summary 45 Resources to Review 48 Exam Essentials 48 Exercises 51 Review Questions 55 Chapter 3 Advanced Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) 57 VPC Endpoints 58 VPC Endpoint Overview 59 Gateway VPC Endpoints 60 Interface VPC Endpoints 64 Transitive Routing 70 IP Addressing Features 74 Summary 77 Exam Essentials 78 Resources to Review 80 Exercises 80 Review Questions 88 Chapter 4 Virtual Private Networks 93 Introduction to Virtual Private Networks 94 Site-to-Site VPN 94 Client-to-Site VPN 112 Design Patterns 114 Summary 117 Exam Essentials 119 Resources to Review 120 Exercises 121 Review Questions 126 Chapter 5 AWS Direct Connect 129 What Is AWS Direct Connect? 130 Physical Connectivity 131 Logical Connectivity 135 Resilient Connectivity 140 Billing 147 Summary 149 Exam Essentials 149 Resources to Review 150 Exercises 150 Review Questions 153 Chapter 6 Domain Name System and Load Balancing 155 Introduction to Domain Name System and Load Balancing 156 Domain Name System 156 Amazon EC2 DNS Service 163 Amazon Route 53 168 Elastic Load Balancing 180 Elastic Load Balancing Concepts 187 Elastic Load Balancer Configuration 189 Summary 193 Exam Essentials 196 Resources to Review 198 Exercises 199 Review Questions 205 Chapter 7 Amazon CloudFront 207 Introduction to Amazon CloudFront 208 Content Delivery Network Overview 208 The AWS CDN: Amazon CloudFront 209 Summary 224 Exam Essentials 224 Resources to Review 225 Exercises 226 Review Questions 230 Chapter 8 Network Security 233 Governance 235 Data Flow Security 238 AWS Security Services 252 Detection and Response 254 Summary 260 Resources to Review 262 Exam Essentials 264 Exercises 266 Review Questions 269 Chapter 9 Network Performance 273 Network Performance Basics 274 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Instance Networking Features 276 Optimizing Performance 279 Example Applications 283 Performance Testing 286 Summary 289 Resources to Review 290 Exam Essentials 290 Exercises 292 Review Questions 299 Chapter 10 Automation 305 Introduction to Network Automation 306 Infrastructure as Code 306 Network Monitoring Tools 325 Summary 331 Exam Essentials 331 Resources to Review 333 Exercises 334 Review Questions 341 Chapter 11 Service Requirements 345 Introduction to Service Requirements 346 The Elastic Network Interface 346 AWS Cloud Services and Their Network Requirements 346 Summary 354 Exam Essentials 355 Resources to Review 356 Exercises 357 Review Questions 360 Chapter 12 Hybrid Architectures 363 Introduction to Hybrid Architectures 364 Application Architectures 365 Access VPC Endpoints and Customer-Hosted Endpoints over AWS Direct Connect 375 Use of Transitive Routing in Hybrid IT 379 Summary 386 Exam Essentials 388 Resources to Review 389 Exercises 389 Review Questions 394 Chapter 13 Network Troubleshooting 397 Introduction to Network Troubleshooting 398 Methodology for Troubleshooting 398 Network Troubleshooting Tools 399 Troubleshooting Common Scenarios 401 Summary 409 Exam Essentials 410 Resources to Review 411 Exercises 412 Review Questions 415 Chapter 14 Billing 419 Billing Overview 420 Summary 428 Exam Essentials 428 Resources to Review 429 Exercises 429 Review Questions 432 Chapter 15 Risk and Compliance 435 It All Begins with Threat Modeling 436 Ownership Model and the Role of Network Management 439 Controlling Access to AWS 439 Encryption Options 442 Network Activity Monitoring 444 Malicious Activity Detection 449 Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment 454 Summary 456 Exam Essentials 457 Resources to Review 458 Exercises 459 Review Questions 464 Chapter 16 Scenarios and Reference Architectures 467 Introduction to Scenarios and Reference Architectures 468 Hybrid Networking Scenario 468 Multi-Location Resiliency 472 Summary 476 Resources to Review 476 Exam Essentials 477 Exercises 478 Review Questions 481 Appendix Answers to Review Questions 485 Chapter 1: Introduction to Advanced Networking 486 Chapter 2: Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) and Networking Fundamentals 487 Chapter 3: Advanced Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) 487 Chapter 4: Virtual Private Networks 489 Chapter 5: AWS Direct Connect 490 Chapter 6: Domain Name System and Load Balancing 490 Chapter 7: Amazon CloudFront 491 Chapter 8: Network Security 492 Chapter 9: Network Performance 493 Chapter 10: Automation 495 Chapter 11: Service Requirements 496 Chapter 12: Hybrid Architectures 497 Chapter 13: Network Troubleshooting 498 Chapter 14: Billing 498 Chapter 15: Risk and Compliance 499 Chapter 16: Scenarios and Reference Architectures 499 Index 501

ABOUT THE AUTHORS Sidhartha Chauhan is a solutions architect with Amazon Web Services (AWS). James Devine is a solutions architect with AWS. Alan Halachmi is a senior manager, solutions architect with AWS. Matt Lehwess is a principal solutions architect with AWS. Nick Matthews is a solutions architect with AWS. Steve Morad is a principal solutions architect with AWS. Steve Seymour is a principal solutions architect with AWS.

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